Ideas and writings on South Asia

University of Virginia History Department
Dissertations and Theses on South Asia
"Indian Women and Violence" -
A Bibliography
September 1996

Sources for Language, Religion and Politics
in Modern South Asia
Fall 2003
Sources for modern South Asia history -
September 2001

Subaltern Studies - A Bibliography August 1996

S. R. Faruqi - some writings, a bibliography

Short Stories by
Mahasweta Devi -
Bayen (Witch) and
The Son
Scenes from Balaghat
A Baiga Village

Articles on Contemporary India - Politics and Peasants
Mushirul Hasan's Introduction to
Mohamed Ali's My Life
From Mohandas to Mahatma:
The Spiritual Metamorphosis of Gandhi
Karen E. James. Essays in History, 1984 (v.28)

Writings on India and South Asia - the Past and Beyond
  • Colonial Administraion and Social Developments in Middle India, The Central Provinces, 1861-1921 (Ph.D. dissertation 1980)
  • Pindari Society and the Establishment of British Paramountcy in India (M.A. thesis 1966)
  • "Agricultural Income and its Distribution in Bihar" by S.R. Bose (1953)
  • River of Sorrow (Book 1997) by Christopher V. Hill
    Ghalib Poetry
    Arts of South Asia
  • CyberArt of South Asia
  • Three songs by Suman Chatterjee about women and violence
  • Ghalib - Poet and Poetry - Ghazals
    UVa Library's South Asia resources

    Webber: Philip McEldowney