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Ph. D. Dissertations and Masters Theses

On topics of India or South Asia.

20180306. Compiled by Philip McEldowney
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A. Ph. D. Dissertations.


  1. Hess, Gary Ray. Sam Higginbottom of Allahabad: The Missionary As an Advance Agent of American Economic and Technical Assistance to India. 1965. Diss. 1202. 318 leaves. ProQuest


---. Book - Sam Higginbottom of Allahabad: Pioneer of Point Four to India [by] Gary R. Hess. 1967 book. BX9225 .H48 H4 1967


  1. Laushey, David M. The Bengal Terrorists and Their Conversion to Marxism: Aspects of Regional Nationalism in India, 1905-1942. [Charlottesville]: [publisher not identified], 1969. Diss. 1510. 262 leaves. ProQuest


---. Book. Bengal Terrorism & the Marxist Left: Aspects of Regional Nationalism in India, 1905-1942. 1975. By David M. Laushey. Book. DS485 .B49 L38 1975.


  1. Bishop, Cletus James. Sachchidananda Sinha and the Making of Modern Bihar; A Study in Constitutional Agitation at the Provincial Level, 1905-1919. 1972. Diss. Hist. 1972 .B5 296 leaves. ProQuest And in Libra


  1. Yang, Yun Yuan. Nehru and China, 1927-1949. 1974. Diss. Hist. 1974 .Y3. 276. leaves ProQuest


  1. Yang, Anand Alan. Control and Conflict in an Agrarian Society: A Study of Saran District, 1866-1920. 1976. Diss. Hist. 1976 .Y3. 370 leaves. ProQuest


---. Book. The limited Raj : agrarian relations in colonial India, Saran District, 1793-1920. 1989. JS7025 .S27 Y36 1989


  1. White, David L. Parsis As Entrepreneurs in Eighteenth Century Western India: The Rustum Manock Family and the Parsi Community of Surat and Bombay. 1979. Diss. Hist. 1979 .W45. 295 leaves. ProQuest


  1. Gabriel, Ruth. Learned Communities and British Educational Experiments in North India: 1780-1830. 1979. Diss. Hist. 1979 .G3. 275 leaves. ProQuest


  1. McEldowney, Philip F. Colonial Administration and Social Developments in Middle India: The Central Provinces, 1861-1921. 1980. Diss. Hist. 1980 .M4. 577 leaves. ProQuest  And in Libra   Also available on-line as an electronic resource.


  1. Hagen, James Ray. Indigenous Society, the Political Economy, and Colonial Education in Patna District: A History of Social Change from 1811 to 1951 in Gangetic North India. [Charlottesville, Va.]: [publisher not identified], 1981. Diss. Hist. 1981 .H3. 472 leaves. ProQuest And In Libra


  1. Hill, Christopher Vaughan. History in Motion: The Social Ecology of Purnia District, 1770-1960. 1987. Diss. Hist. 1987 .H54. 274 leaves. ProQuest


---. Book. River of sorrow : environment and social control in Riparian North India, 1770-1994. 1997 HD2073 .H55 1997


  1. Pinch, William Ralph. Being 'Vaishnava', Becoming 'Kshatriya': Culture, Belief, and Identity in North India, 1800-1940. 1991. Diss. Hist. 1990 .P56. 331 leaves. ProQuest


---. Book. Peasants and monks in British India. 1996. BL1287.542 .P56 1996


  1. Singer, Wendy Faye. Creating History: Oral Narrative and the Political Process of History-Making in Rural North India (1781-1942). 1991. Diss. Hist. 1991 .S56. 436 leaves. ProQuest


---. Book. Creating histories: oral narratives and the politics of history-making. 1997.  DS485 .B51 S487 1997


  1. Grover, Ruhi. Rhythms of the Timber Trade: Forests in the Himalayan Punjab, 1850-1925. 1997. Diss. Hist. 1997 .G76.  247 leaves. ProQuest


  1. Campion, David Andrew. Watchmen of the Raj: The United Provinces Police, 1870-1931 and the Dilemmas of Colonial Policing in British India. 2002. Diss. Hist. 2002 .C35. 292 leaves.


  1. Dhavan, Purnima. The Warrior's Way: The Making of the Eighteenth-Century Khalsa Panth. 2003. Diss. Hist. 2003 .D45. 275 leaves. ProQuest


---. Book. When sparrows became hawks : the making of the Sikh warrior tradition, 1699-1799. 2011.  On Line (Oxford)


  1. Bracken, Hillary Jean. Maternity and Child Welfare Reform in North India, 1900-1947. 2007. Diss. Hist. 2007 .B72. 346 leaves. ProQuest And In Libra



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B. Masters Theses.


  1. Hess, Gary Ray. India's Sam Higginbottom: Agricultural Missionary Extraordinary. 1962. Masters 2579. 134 leaves.


  1. Laushey, David M. The Movement for Left Unity in Indian Politics, 1947-1952. 1963. Masters 2629. 177 leaves.


  1. Emerson, Frank Eckman. D.P. Mishra and Congress Politics in Madhya Pradesh, 1963-1967. 1970. Masters 3729. 63 leaves.


  1. Hogan, Vivian Estelle Davis. The Emergence of the Muslim Challenge to Hindu Dominance in Punjab, 1920-1930. 1970. Masters 3844. 127 leaves.


  1. Boykin, James Hodo. The Exploitation of the Authority of the Emperor Shah Alam by Regional Powers in Eighteenth Century India: 1757-1771. 1975. Masters Hist. 1975 .B65.41 leaves.


  1. Bulbin, Samuel Spigel. Banking in Eighteenth Century Bengal: The Jagat Seths As a Regional Power. 1975. Masters Hist. 1975 .B84. 80 leaves.


  1. Dunn, Edward Paul. Gaya District: A Study of a Local Agrarian Movement. 1976. Masters Hist. 1976 .D8. 107 leaves.


  1. Hughes, Pamela Parsons. The Poligars and Stateless Society in Eighteenth Century South India. 1978. Masters Hist. 1978 .H8. 42 leaves.


  1. Coble, Deborah Byars. Eighteenth Century Statecraft and State Formation in North India. 1978. Masters Hist. 1978 .C6. 59 leaves.


  1. Clemo, George John Arundel. Barahiya Tal, 1936-1940: A Local Peasant Movement. 1979. Masters Hist. 1979 .C57. 92 leaves.


  1. Hill, Christopher Vaughan. River of Sorrow: The Influence of the Kosi River on the Social History of Purnea District in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. 1982. Masters Hist. 1982 .H54. 81 leaves.


  1. Singer, Wendy-Faye. The Barahiya Peasant Struggles: A Study in the Local Processes of Mobilization in Gangetic North India. 1984. Masters Hist. 1984 .S5. 119 leaves.


  1. Leckey, Thomas Joseph. Debt Structure in Rural Bihar, 1870-1930. 1986. Masters Hist. 1986 .L43. 66 leaves.


  1. Pinch, William R. The Local Meanings of Commercial Agriculture in India: Poppy Cultivation in Nineteenth Century Bihar. 1986. Masters Hist. 1986 .P56. 58 leaves.


  1. Barrow, Ian Jeffrey. Contesting the Raj: Zamindars of Muzaffarpur, 1781-1885. 1991. Masters Hist. 1991 .B377. 74 leaves.


  1. Toksoz, Meltem Fikret. Gender Processes in Colonial India: Muzaffarpur, 1891-1931. 1991. Masters Hist. 1991 .T64. 79 leaves.


  1. Metcalf, Cynthia Gray-Ware. Ideology, Revolution and Peasant Activism in India: The Transformation of the CPI (M-L) and the Naxalite Movement, 1967-1992. 1992. Masters Hist. 1992 .M47. 104 leaves.


  1. Grover, Ruhi. Peasants, Planters and Colonial India: Indigo Cultivation in Late Nineteenth-Century Champaran. 1993. Masters Hist. 1993 .G76. 70 leaves.


  1. Campion, David Andrew. The Irish Influence in the Development of Indian Nationalism 1870-1947. 1997. Masters Hist. 1997 .C35. 72 leaves.


  1. Dhavan, Purnima. On Becoming Mira. 1998. Masters Hist. 1998 .D45. 56 leaves.

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