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Subaltern Studies - A Bibliography
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Compiled originally by Henry Schwarz, Georgetown University, and
Prepared and enhanced by Frank Conlon, University of Washington 30 August 1996;
Updates and additions from Shekhar Krishnan mainly in March/April 1998;
Contributions and suggestions appreciated from many scholars, including David Ludden
Last substantial update 27 April 1998 by Philip McEldowney
See also Subaltern Studies: Working Bibliography
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 12:26:41 -0700
From: Frank Conlon [conlon@U.WASHINGTON.EDU]
To: Multiple recipients of list H-ASIA
Subject: H-ASIA: Subaltern Studies Bibliography

August 30, 1996

"Subaltern Studies" - A Bibliography
Ed. note:
Some H-ASIA readers will recall that our member Henry Schwarz of Georgetown University had asked for suggestions about useful materials about the Subaltern Studies project. At my urging, he has compiled a list of titles which he received from various H-ASIA members. In preparing this for posting, I have added some further entries and filled in some missing bibliographic detail. The list, however, is not complete, but may prove a useful starting point. Further suggestions are encouraged. F.F.C.

From: Henry Schwarz
[Nov.96 Email address]

To H-ASIA members:

I thank you for all of the useful suggestions made in response to my query earlier this year (1996).

The list of titles below [actually see above] is incomplete, please feel free to add pertinent references. The list does not include reviews or critiques that were published in the eight volumes of Subaltern Studies or in Selected Subaltern Studies.

Henry Schwarz
Georgetown University
[Nov.96 email address]

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