The Tibet Journal

Vol.20 No.2 Summer 1995

PLAIN Version


"A Tun-huang Text on Dreams: MsPelliot tibetan 55 - IX" by Antonella Crescenzi & Fabrizio Torricelli, p. 3

"The Geo-History of Long-Distance Trade in Tibet 1850-1950" by Wim van Spengen, p. 18

"The Periodicals Krung go'i Bod ljongs and Shes bya in 1993: How the PRC and Dharamsala's Tibetan Press Depict Human Rights in Tibet" by Kevin Garratt, p. 64

Book Reviews
Circle of Protest: Political Ritual in the Tibetan Uprising Ronald Schwartz. REVIEWED by Dawa Norbu, p. 87

Resistance and Reform in Tibet Robert Barnett & Shirin Akiner (eds.). REVIEWED by Dawa Norbu, p. 88

The World of Buddhism: Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Society and Culture Heinz Bechert & Richard Gombrich (eds.). REVIEWED by Stephen Kaplan, p. 90

K. Dhondup (1952-1995) Obituary by Tashi Tsering, p. 93

Contributors, p. 106

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