Seminar (India) 1994 TOC
1994 Nos. 413-424

(Scanned by Philip McEldowney - Sept. 1995)

413.INDIA 1993 | 414.Managing Energy | 415.Future of the Mind | 416.Islam | 417.The BJP | 418.Seeds of Discontent | 419.Infrastructure | 420.Memories of Partition | 421.Looking Back | 422.The U.S. and Us | 423.Parallel Practices | 424.Family Matters | Bibliographies

               SEMINARS 1994, Numbers 413-424

SEMINAR 413: January 1994: India 1993: a symposium on the year that

Bhargava, Rajeev         Secularism as state neutrality
Chaudhuri, Mrinal Datta  Economic issues
Dhagamwar, Vasudha       Reflections on the Narmada movement
Engineer, Asghar Ali     In the shadow of communalism
Goswami, Omkar           Reorienting economic reforms
Guha, Ramchandra         Gandhi the environmentalist?
Hussain, Abid            India-U.S. relations
Khare, Harish            Revenge of the underdog
Kothari, Rajni           Standing still
Lodaya, Kamal            Whither traditional science & technology?
Mehta, Jagat S.          Cooperative security
Ninan, T.N.              Beyond the backlash
Ravindran, T.K Sundari   Investing in health
Roy, Prannoy             Looking ahead
Sanghvi, Vir             Who's afraid of corruption?
Shiva, VAndana           'Free trade' from whom?
Thapar, Romila           In defence of the variant
Weiner, Myron            India's case against compulsory education

SEMINAR 414: February 1994: Managing Energy: a symposium on the
future of this sector

Bhargava, Pusha M. and
  Andre Beteille         Communications
Chandran, T.R. Satish    Issues and challenges
Kapadia, Ajit C.         Oil 2005 A.D.
Kapur, D.V.              Power management
Kizhisseri, Latheef      Comment
Mathur, Sartaj S.        Solar Energy
Mitra, Amit              The problem
Rajan, Y.S.              Technology and power perspectives
Subbiah, Anand and
   Eric D. Larson        Efficient use of electricty

SEMINAR 415: March 1994: Future of the mind: a symposium on emerging
approaches to understanding the nature of mind

Kapur, R.L.              Yoga and the state of mind
Misra, Vidya Niwas       An Indian perception
Mukhopadhyay, P.K.       The Nyaya view of mind
Nair, Ranjit             The problem
Rosenfield, Israel       'Me' and 'the other'
Tandon, P.N.             Concepts of consciousness
Zerner, Henri            The portrait, likeness and recognition

SEMINAR 416: April 1994: Islam: a symposium on the need for

Ali, Zeenat Shaukat      Secular potential
Ansari, Iqbal A.         Reforming Muslim law
al-Ashmawy, Muhammad Said Religion and politics
Engineer, Asghar Ali     Social change and modernisation
Haque, Habib             In a no-go area
Hasan, Skina A.          The status of Muslim women
Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin In a changing world
Lateef, Shahida          Islam in India
Latifi, Danial           Inadequate understanding
Sait, Yousuff Kasim      Towards rejuvenation
Talib, Rasheed           The problem
Zakaria, Rafiq           Victims of prejudice

SEMINAR 417: May 1994:  The BJP: a symposium on the party's views

Anandhi, S. and
     M.S.S. Pandian      The Dravidian movement and the Hindu right
Bharati, Uma             Social justice
Dasgupta, Swapan         A party in the making
Dubashi, Jay             India first
Govindacharya, K.N.      Agriculture and development
Gurumurthy, S.           State and society
Hellman, Eva             Dynamic Hinduism
Joshi, Murli Manohar     Re-orienting education
Kumar, Prdeep            A stock-taking
Malkani, K.R.            Understanding the BJP
Menon, Dilip M.          Prospects in Kerela
Singh, Jaswant           In search of a foreign policy
Yadav, Yogendra          Electoral Prospects

SEMINAR 418: June 1994:  Seeds of discontent: a symposium on recent
developments in agriculture

Desai, A.R.              Agrarian movements
Gill, M.S.               Agenda for reform
Gulati, Ashok            Subsidies and protectionism
Joshi, Sharad            Farmers and Dunkel
Kothari, Ashish          Reviving biodiversity
Nanjundaswamy, N.J.      Interview by K.G. Kumar
Rao, C.H. Hanumantha     Recent performance and prospects
Sahai, Suman             Farmers' rights
Saxena, N.C.             Land reforms and equity
Sharma, Anil             Electricity for minor irrigation
Swaminathan, M.S.        The problem

SEMINAR 419: July 1994:  Infrastructure: a symposium on a major
bottle-neck to development

Chowdary, T.H.           Telecom for development
Dehejia, Jay             The nerve centre
Durchslag, Scott and
     Arvind Rao          The promise of privatization
Mody, Ashoka             Interview by A. Thothathri Raman
Patwardhan, M.S.         Oiling the wheels of progress
Rao, S.L.                The problem
Ratnam, Chundamani       Petroleum and the energy crisis
Sankar, T.L.             Power: will there be enough?

SEMINAR 420: August 1994:  Memories of partition: a symposium on the
human suffering over the division of the subcontinent

Arora, Kanta             When the Raj changed
Brelvi, Ebadat           Such a strange maidan
Butalia, Urvashi         The problem
Kaur, Narinder           Convoys in the dust
Mishra, Shyam Sunder     The bazaar remained closed
Murad                    From a well to an abyss
Rahi, Ahmed              Listen to an exile
Rani, Maya               Blood up to the knees
Singh, Bir Bahadur       They became Shaheeds
Singh, Mangal            Our honour, their honour

SEMINAR 421: September 1994:  Looking back: a sampling of vintage
'seminar' from the first year

Bhagwati, Jagdish        Uneasy co-existence
Chaudhuri, Nirad C.      A stagnant situation
Kosambi, D.D.            Comment
Mukerji, D.P.            Branches of knowledge
Ray, Satyajit            This world 'technique'
Sen, Amartya Kumar       Why planning?
Thapar, Romesh           Defences of freedom
Thapar, D.R.             Personnel for health

SEMINAR 422: October 1994:  The U.S. and us: a symposium on relations
between America and India

Bajpai, Shankar          The problem
Bouton, Marshall M.      The private sector
Chopra, Pran             Cross currents
Cohen, Stephen Philip    A generational change
Hills, Carla Anderson    India: land of opportunity
Lakshmi, K.P. Vijaya     Investing in relationships
MacFarquhar, Emily       Capitol and Raisina Hills
Ramesh, Jairam           Strange democracies
Sahay, Anand K.          Cautious moves
Wisner, Frank            Interview

SEMINAR 423: November 1994:  Parallel practices: a symposium on
alternate ways of living and acting

Guha-Thakurta, Tapati    Bringing gods to life
Jain, Sheena and
     Neshat Quaiser      The problem
Quaiser, Neshat          Some reflections
Rampal, Anita            From popular to people's science
Rao, Vidya               Locating ghazal
Savyasaachi              The tiger and the honey-bee
Singh, Gurbhagat         Rupturing the grand narrative
Vasudevan, Ravi S.       Other voices: Roja against the grain
Visvanathan, Susan       The Fishing struggle in Kerela

SEMINAR 424: December 1994:  Family matters: a symposium on an
institution in flux

Baig, Leila              A new hope
Joshi, Manohar Shyam     Interview by Ira Pande
Shankardass, Mala Kapur  In business
Shourie, Anita           A world apart
Sinha, Durganand         The joint family in tradition
Srinivasan, Amrit        The holy family
Srivastava, Vinay Kumar  When women take charge
Uberoi, Patricia         Mixed signals


Kumar, Devendra          Infastructure
Kumar, Devendra          Managing energy
Kumar, Devendra          Seeds of discontent
Kumar, Devendra          The BJP
Sanyal, Subhadra         Memories of partition
Srivastava, V.K          Family matters
Talib, Rasheed           Islam

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