Seminar (India) 1993 TOC
1993 Nos. 401-412

(Scanned by Philip McEldowney - Sept. 1995)

401.INDIA 1992 | 402.Ayodya | 403.Growing Up | 404.The Telecom Revolution | 405.Politics of Accountability | 406.Managing Our Natural Resources | 407.Left Dilemmas | 408.Culutre, Communication and Change | 409.Our Scientists | 410.Population Planning | 411.Revivalism and Identity | 412.Maginalised Tribals | Bibliographies

SEMINARS 1993 Nos. 401-412
SEMINAR 401: January 1993: INDIA 1992: a symposium on the year that was. Bandyopadhyay, Jayanta Year of the paper tiger Chaudhuri, Mrinal Datta Economic reform Cohen, Stephen P. India's regional impact Housego, David Global recession and India Jalan, Bimal The economy: then and now Khare, Harish Betrayed by the elites Kothari, Rajni Restructuring the Indian enterprise Nandy, Ashis Terrorism-Indian style Ninan, T.N. Is business coping with reform? Padgaonkar, Dileep Anguished India Pandian, M.S.S. Jayalalitha-desire and political legitimation Sarkar, Bidyut Ray: the final cut Singh, Pritam Punjab's economic development and the current crisis Singh, Surendra Pratap Restoring faith Spaeth, Anthony The people of the lion Swaminathan, S. The great Indian scam SEMINAR 402: February 1993: Ayodhya: a symposium on the current crisis. Gupta, Ruchira A reporter's view Kakar, Sudhir Reflections on religious group identity Khan, Arif Mohammad Secularism will prevail Karna, M.N. Meaning of Ayodhya Nair, Ranjit A comment Nandy, Ashis Three propositions Pandey, Gyanendra The problem Ram, N. Hindutva's challenge Shourie, Arun Lessons for all Singh, Jaswant An emerging India Singh, Karan Crisis in Hinduism Srivastava, Mukesh Whose nation? Talib, Rasheed Hindutva: flattery by imitation SEMINAR 403: March 1993: Growing Up: a symposium on the journey through childhood to adulthood. Bhatia, Gautam The enigma of arriving Dalmia, Ila Learning and memory Devi, Priya The wonder of childhood Gandhi, Gopal Are you there? Hameed, Syeda S. Crossing barriers Karlekar, Hiranmay Being and becoming Narayanan, Kalanidhi A journey through dance Tharoor, Shashi Worming through books SEMINAR 404: April 1993: The Telecom Revolution: a symposium on a critical infrastructure area. Athreya, M.B. Managing telecoms Chowdary, T.H. Reforming the telecom regime- Indiresan, P.V. Social and economic implications Mitra, Amit The problem Pitke, M.V. Implications for India Rao, Vijay Government policies Tandan, Gokul N. Looking beyond 2000 A.D. Vittal, N. Shaping a new future SEMINAR 405: May 1993: Politics of Accountability: a symposium on state responsibility towards its citizens. Baxi, Upendra Sins of commission(s) Chandra, Sudhir New threats to academic freedom Iyer, V.R. Krishna Dream or reality? Kapur, Naina Women's rights: the human agenda Karan, Vijay Third degree Kothari, Miloon U.N. and forced evictions Medhekar, K.P. Eliminating the baton Nair, Ravi International accountability and national sovereignty Judgements Panneerselvan, A.S. Liberation movements Sethi, Harsh The problem Confronting political violence Shankardass, Vijay S.T. Living up to our commitment SEMINAR 406: June 1993: Managing Our Natural Resources: a symposium on the need to strengthen community control. Andersen, Kirsten Ewers Forests and foresters, peasants and poor Ballabh, Vishwa Van panchayats Bandyopadhyay, Jayanta The problem Britt, Charla The fate of Himalayan forests Gadgil, Madhav Involving people Krishna, Srivatsa A comment Mehta, Ajay S. Community perspective Reddy, S.T. Somashekhara Neglected sector Saint, Kishore Communities and their commons Saxena, N.C. Social forestry and panchayats Singh, Chhatrapati On villages, forests and panchayats SEMINAR 407: July 1993: Left Dilemmas: a symposium on the future of the Indian left. Bose, Pradip Towards a true socialism Brar, Bhupinder The problem Josh, Bhagwan Strait-jacket of marginality Kurien, C.T. The future is yet to come Mohan, Surendra Changing face of socialism Ram, Susan Speaking up for the left Ray, Prasanta Signs of the time Vanaik. Achin Indian exceptionalism and the left Yadav, Yogendra Future of a pidgin socialism SEMINAR 408: August 1993: Culture, Communication and Change: a symposium on effecting social change through communication Chatterjee, Ashoke The problem de Bruin, Hanne M. Listening to trees Desai, Rajiv Role of advertising Devika, V.R. A new dimension Jain, Jyotindra Tradition and expression Raikar, Hema Songs of the grindmill Raina, M.K. Lost space Rana, Indi A matter of attitude Singh, Shankar Language of change SEMINAR 409: September 1993: Our Scientists: experiments in autobiography. Gadgil, Madhav In love with life Narlikar, Jayant Vishnu A walk down memory lane Ram, H.Y. Mohan Life as a botanist Reddy, Amulya K.N. Reflections of a maverick Seshadri, C.V. Towards holism Sethi, P.K. The doctor in the 2lst century Sinha, Bikash A voyage Visvanathan, Shiv Autobiography as the experiment SEMINAR 410: October 1993: Population Planning: a symposium on population control, women and development. Chatterjee, Meera and Women's voices Janet Chawla Chatterjee, Mirai Reorienting policy Khan, M.E. and Bella C. Patel Access to health care Nag, Moni lmpact of population growth Pachauri, Saroj The problem Rao, K. Sujatha Women and family planning Savara, Mira Thoughts on sexuality Sehgal, Vinay S. A male viewpoint Shah, Puloma Female foeticide Tewari, Sudha NGO involvement Tiwari, I.C. Plan perspectives SEMINAR 411: November 1993: Revivalism and Identity: a symposium on communalism and the economic transition. Bagchi, Amiya Kumar Communalism and the limits of enlightenment Dhanagare, D.N. Three constructs of Hinduism Gupta, Dipankar Claiming ceded ground Parthasarathy, Malini Soft Hindutva and nationalism Partbasararthi, Vibodh Media impact Patel, Sujata 'The urban factor Shah, Ghanshyam Surat 1993 Sharma, Kalpana The turning point Tyabji, Nasir The problem SEMINAR 412: December 1993: Marginalised Tribals: a symposium on the situation of tribals in our society. Balagopal, K. A little more of the same Fernandes, Walter The price of development Jain, Jyotindra Commercializing tribal art Kothari. Smitu A comment Mishra, Nita and Voices of the Arundhuti Roy Choudhury indigenous peoples Patkar, Medha Interview by Ashish Kothari Prabhu, Pradip Working with tribals Sharma, B.D. The great betrayal Singh, K.S. The problem Sinha, Suranjan Construction of identity Xaxa, Virginius In the north ease BIBLIOGRAPHIES Kumar, Devendra Marginalised Tribals Limaye, M.S. Ayodhya Mac, M.R. and Politics of Accountability K.S. Raman Majumdar, Manabi Revivalism and Identity Mitra, Amit and The Telecom Revolution C.C. Arif Seminarist Population Planning

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