The Indian Economic
and Social History Review

Volume XLI Number 4 October-December 2004 with Index for 2004

CHRISTOPHER MINKOWSKI / Nilakantha's instruments of war: Modern, vernacular, barbarous, p. 365

MAHES SHARMA / State formation and cultural complex in western Himalaya: Chamba genealogy and epigraphs -- 700-1650 C.E., p. 387

ROCHUNA MAJUMDAR / Snehalata's death: Dowry and women's agency in colonial Bengal, p. 433

VELAYUTHAM SARAVANAN / Colonialism and coffee plantations: Decline of environment and tribals in Madras Presidency during the nineteenth century, p. 465

    Book Reviews
  • Achinlya Kumar Dutta, Economy and Ecology in a Bengal District: Burdwan 1880-I947; and Swaraj Basu, Dynamics of a Caste Movement: The Rajbansis of North Bengal, 1910-1947, by Amiya P. Sen, p. 489
  • David Hardiman, Gandhi: In his times and ours, by Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, p. 491
  • Dick Kooiman, Communalism and Indian Princely States: Travancore, Baroda and Hyderabad in the 1930s, by Chitralekha Zutshi, p. 493
  • Jeanne Openshav, Seeking Bauls of Bengal, by Roma Chatterji, p. 496
  • Laurie L. Pattern (ed.), Jewels of Authority: Women and Textual Tradition in Hindu India, by David N. Lorenzen, p. 497
  • Manu Bhagavan. Sovereign Spheres: Princes, Education and Empire and Colonial India, by Margrit Pernau, p. 499
  • Michael Gottlob, Historical Thinking in South Asia: A Handbook of Sources from Colonial Times to the Present, by Vinay Lai, p. 501
  • Rajit K. Mazumder, The Indian Army and the Making of the Punjab, by Chandar S. Sundaram, p. 504
  • Richard B. Barnett, Rethinking Early Modern India, by Munis D. Faruqui, p. 506
  • Robert Nichols, Settling the Frontier: Land, Law, and Society in the Peshawar Valley, 1500-1900, by Brian P. Caton, p. 509
  • Samita Sen, Women and Labour in Late Colonial India: The Bengal Jute Industry, by Dina Siddiqi, p. 511
  • Shiv Visvanathan, A Carnival for Science, by Ranjit Nair, p. 515
  • Veena Takvar Oldenburg, Dowry Murder: The Imperial Origins of a Cultural Crime, by Ishita Banerjee, p. 516

Index to Volume XLI, p. 519

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