The Indian Economic and Social History Review, 2004
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  • Banerjee, Debdas / Is there overestimation of 'British capital' outflow? Keynes' Indo-British trade and transfer accounts re-examined with alternative evidence (no. 2, pp. 143-164)
  • Basu, Amit Ranjan / Emergence of a marginal science in a colonial city: Reading psychiatry in Bengali periodicals (no. 2, pp. 103-141)
  • Caton, Brian P. / Social categories and colonisation in Panjab, 1849- 1920 (no. I, pp. 33-50)
  • Dasgupta, Sangeeta / The journey of an anthropologist in Chhotanagpur (no. 2, pp. 165-198)
  • Deshpande, Prachi / Caste as Maratha: Social categories, colonial policy and identity in early twentieth-century Maharashtra (no. 1, pp. 7-32)
  • Guha, Sumit / Civilisations. markets and services: Village servants in India from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries (no. 1, pp. 79-101)
  • Heitzman, James and Rajagopal, S. / Urban geography and land measurement in the twelfth century: The case of Kanchipuram (no. 3, pp. 237-268)
  • Majumdar, Rochona / Snehalata's death: Dowry and women's agency in colonial Bengal (no. 4, pp. 433-464)
  • Menon, Ajit / Colonial constructions of 'agrarian fields' and 'forests' in the Kolli Hills (no. 3. pp. 315-337)
  • Minkowski, Christopher / Nilakantha's instruments of war: Modern, vernacular, barbarous (no. 4, pp. 365-385)
  • Pandya, Shubhada / 'Regularly brought up medical men': Nineteenth-century Grant Medical College graduates, medical rationalism and leprosy (no. 3, pp. 293-314)
  • Ray, Indrajit / The indigo dye industry in colonial Bengal: A re- examination (no. 2, pp. 199-224)
  • Rogers, John D. / Introduction: Caste, power and region in colonial South Asia (no. 1, pp. 1-6)
  • Rogers, John D. / Caste as a social category and identity in colonial Lanka (no. 1, pp. 51-77)
  • Saravanan, Velayutham / Colonialism and coffee plantations: Decline of environment and tribals in Madias Presidency during the nineteenth century (no. 4, pp. 465-488)
  • Sharma, Mahesh / Statc formation and cultural complex in western Himalaya: Chamba genealogy and epigraphs-700-1650 CE (no. 4, pp. 387-432)
  • Subramanian, Lakshmi / A trial in transition: Courts, merchants and identities in western India, circa 1800 (no. 3, pp. 269-292)
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[520 / The Indian Economic and Social History Review 41, 4 (2004)]

Book Reviews
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  • Banerjee, Mukulika, The Pathan Unarmed: Opposition and Memory in the North West Frontier, by Sanjay Sharma (no. 2, pp. 232-234)
  • Banerjee Dube, Ishita, Divine Affairs: Religion, Pilgrimage, and the State in Colonial and Postcolonial India, by David N. Lorenzen (no. 2, pp. 230-232)
  • Barnett, Richard B., Rethinking Early Modern India, by Munis D. Faruqui (no. 4, pp. 506-509)
  • Basu, Swaraj, Dynamics of a Caste Movement: The Rajbansis of North Bengal, 1910-47, by Amiya P. Sen (no. 4, pp. 489-491)
  • Bhagavan, Manu, Sovereign Spheres: Princes, Education and Empire and Colonial India, by Margrit Pernau (no. 4, pp. 499-501)
  • Buckingham, Jane, Leprosy in Colonial South India: Medicine and Confinement, by Satadru Sen (no. 3, pp. 348-350)
  • Champakalakshmi, R., Veluthat, Kesavan and Venugopal, T.R., eds. State and Society in Pre-modern South India, by K.M. Shrimali (no. 3, pp. 346-348)
  • Deshpande, G.P., ed., Selected Writings of Jotirao Phule, by Sasheej Hegde (no. 3, pp. 350-352)
  • Dutta, Achintya Kumar, Economy and Ecology in a Bengal District: Burdwan 1880- 1947, by Amiya P. Sen (no. 4, pp. 489-491)
  • Gottlob, Michael, Historical Thinking in South Asia: A Handbook of Sources from Colonial 'Times to the Present, by Vinay Lai (no. 4, pp. 501-504)
  • Hardiman, David, Gandhi: In his times and ours, by Sabyasachi Bhattacharya (no. 4, pp. 491-493)
  • Kasturi, Malavika, Embattled Identities: Rajput Lineages and the Colonial State in Nineteenth-century North India, by Nonica Datta (no. 3, pp. 355-358)
  • Kooiman, Dick, Communalism and Indian Princely States: Travancore, Baroda and Hyderabad in the 1930s, by Chitralekha Zutshi (no. 4, pp. 493-195)
  • Markovits, Claude, The Global World of Indian Merchants, 1750-1947: Traders of Sind from Bukhara to Panama, by G. Balachandran (no. 2, pp. 227-229)
  • Mazumder, Rajit K., The Indian Army and the Making of Punjab, by Chandar S. Sundaram (no. 4, pp. 504-506)
  • Mukherjee, Aditya, Imperialism, Nationalism and the Making of the Indian Capitalist Class, by Rohan D'Souza (no. 3, pp. 341-343)
  • Nichols, Robert, Settling the Frontier: Land, Law, and Society in the Peshawar Valley, 1500-1900, by Brian P. Caton (no. 4, pp. 509-511)
  • Openshaw, Jeanne, Seeking Bauls of Bengal, by Roma Chatterji (no. 4, pp. 496- 497)
  • Patton, Laurie L. (ed.). Jewels of Authority: Women and Textual Tradition in Hindu India, by David N. Lorenzen (no. 4, pp. 497-499)
  • Pouchepadass, Jacques, Champaran and Gandhi: Planters, Peasants and Gandhian Politics, by Majid H. Siddiqi (no. 3, pp. 363-364)
  • Prabha Ray, Himanshu, ed., Archaeology of Seafaring: The Indian Ocean in the Ancient Period, by Jean Deloche (no. 2, pp. 225-227)
  • Rao, Anupama, ed., Gender and Caste and Shah, Ghanshyam, ed., Caste and Democratic Politics in India, by Ashwini Deshpande (no. 3. pp. 358-360)
  • Ray, Bharati, Early Feminists of Colonial India: Sarala Devi Chaudhurani and Rokeva Sakhawat Hossain, by Kamala Visweswaran (no. 3, pp. 352-355)

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  • Sarkar, Sumit, Beyond Nationalist Frames, by Gyan Prakash (no. 3, pp. 339-341)
  • Sen, Indrani, Women and Empire. Representations in the Writings of British India (185H-1900), by Denys P. Leighton (no. 3, pp. 343-346)
  • Sen, Samita, Women and Labour in Ixile Colonial India: The Bengal Jute Industry, by Dina Siddiqi (no. 4, pp. 511-514)
  • Talwar Oldenburg, Veena, Dowry Murder: The Imperial Origins of a Cultured Crime, by Ishita Banerjee (no. 4, pp. 516-518)
  • Tyabji, Nasir, Industrialisation and Innovation: The Indian Experience, by Bernard D'Mello (no. 3, pp. 360-362)
  • Visvanathan, Shiv, A Carnival for Science, by Ran jit Nair (no. 4, pp. 515-516)
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