Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation
Minutes of the Meeting Spring 2003
Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting, New York, NY
Thursday, 27 March 2003 11 am-3 pm
Mercury Rotunda Room, New York Hilton
Submitted by Andrea Singer

These Minutes approved on 23 October 2003, Madison, Wisconsin

I. Attendees II. Round Robin III. Treasurer's Report IV. Executive Board Officers V. By-Law changes VI. Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center VII. American Institute of Pakistan Studies VIII. LC-Islamabad report IX. Review and approval of the minutes X. Bibliography of Asian Studies XI. Universal Library XII. LC-Delhi report XIII Announcements

I. Attendees:
Catherine Lee (UCLA), Merry Burlingham (UT Austin), David Magier (Columbia), Usha Bhasker (NYPL), Bindu Bhatt (Columbia), Gerald Hall (DSAL, CRL), Allen Thrasher (LC), David Nelson (Penn), Andrea Singer (Indiana), Rebecca Manring (Indiana), Jim Armstrong (LC), Philip McEldowney (U of Virginia), James Simon (CRL), Bronwen Bledsoe (U of Chicago), Edward Minor (Iowa), Rajwant Chilana (U of Illinois), Gene Smith (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center), Fehl Cannon (LC), Judy McDermott (LC), Lena Yang (Institute for Advanced Studies of World Religions), Avinash Maheshwary (Duke and TRLN), Carol Mitchell (LC), Laila Mulgaokar (LC), Jim Nye (Chicago), Alan Grosenheider (U Washington), Surya Mittal (D.K. Agencies), Aruna Kuruganti (Columbia, BAS), Monica Ghosh (U Hawaii), Carolyn Brown (LC), Tim Bryson (Emory)

Back to the top II. Round Robin
Attendees reported on their institutions and libraries.

III. Treasurer's Report
Presiding officer Tim Bryson congratulated Mary Rader on the birth of her baby, and presented the treasurer's report in her absence.
The balance at the beginning of the year was $913.23, and is now $825.36. Refreshments were provided for the current meeting, and gifts were given to Jim Armstrong and Lygia Ballantyne on the occasion of their departures from the Islamabad and New Delhi field offices of LC respectively and in recognition of their work on behalf of CONSALD.

IV. Executive Borad Officers.
Tim Bryson (Chair) and Mary Rader (Treasurer), CONSALD's current officers, agreed to serve an additional year on the Executive Board. Elections will be held next year.

Back to the top V. By-Law Changes.
The group considered proposed changes to the By-Laws.
Article IV. Officers and Executive Board was amended to include a representative of the Center for Research Libraries as a member of the Executive Board, bringing the total to 10 Executive Board members. The new wording is as follows:

"An Executive Board of the Committee shall consist of four librarians elected by the membership-at-large, three faculty members appointed by the South Asian Council and three ex-officio librarian members. The ten member Executive Board shall manage the activities of the Committee. … The ex-officio librarian members shall be the editor of the Committee's newsletter, a representative of the Center for Research Libraries, and a representative of the Library of Congress. The Executive Board shall elect from among its own ten members a Chairperson and Secretary for one-year term with the possibility of only one successive re-election." [See By-Laws as of April 2003]

Changes to the By-Law's Article V. Elections and Appointments was postponed until the South Asia Council is consulted about the appointments which they make to the Board. (The proposed change suggested that a single faculty member be appointed. Since faculty input is valued highly, the group agreed that it is appropriate to consult the South Asia Council in the hope of continuing at the currently required level of faculty participation (3), rather than suggesting a reduction in the number of faculty.) [The chair, Tim Bryson subsequently spoke with Martha Selby, the current chair of SAC, and she invited him to present a report to SAC at the next AAS meeting.]

Back to the top VI. Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) Gene Smith
Gene Smith presented samples of CDs and bibliographies from the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center. He described the projects of the Center which include digitizing Tibetan texts which have survived the Cultural Revolution in China as well as Mongolian texts. The goal will be to make 12,000 volumes available at an institutional price of around $96,000. At this time institutions may purchase CDs and print volumes. In time, institutions may have access to the entire collection in a password protected domain. The University of Virginia has added the deep-level cataloging and is also working on digitizing paintings, biographies, and other material. (See
Gene also invited the group to visit the TBRC at its new home in the Rubin Museum,
115 5th Ave., New York, NY.

VII. American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) David Nelson
David Nelson reported that Brian Spooner of the American Insitute of Pakistan Studies is interested in hearing ideas for making linkages with Pakistani librarians, scholars, or vendors in the U.S., since U.S. scholars and students can not presently go to Pakistan.
Several in the group indicated that mutual benefits might result with working with colleague librarians and archivists, but that it would be important to consult with the U.S. Dept. of State about current visa availability early in planning, since visas to the U.S. are problematic. Suggestions for the program included having potential participants propose what they want to achieve, possibly overlapping visits with conference attendance, or training in microfilming or digitizing. The Mortenson Center for International Librarianship at the University of Illinois was suggested as a possible facilitator.

Back to the top VIII. Library of Congress Report for Islamabad (Jim Armstrong)
Jim Armstrong (currently in Washington) reported that the Islamabad Office was functioning normally until last week when the embassy closed. An exchange agreement with the National Library of Iran had resumed. Acquisitions and cataloging numbers were down, but now publishers and vendors have been asked to stop supplying materials. It is possible that the question of resuming office arrangements in Afghanistan may be revisited. There is considerable periodical literature and NGO monographs now in Kabul.

IX. Minutes approval.
Minutes of the last meeting did not include previously suggested corrections. It was moved, seconded and approved that the minutes be approved when corrected.

X. Bibliography of Asian Studies (Aruna Kuruganti and David Magier)
Aruna Kuruganti reported on indexing South Asian material for the Bibliography of Asian Studies, BAS. She described the history of BAS, showed record input forms, and described the two priority levels for indexing materials. She invited CONSALD input for developing priorities. David Magier announced that BAS has a new administrative structure and is headed by Frank Conlon. He invited CONSALD to have a general discussion to influence the BAS processes. Merry Burlingham, David Magier, and Alan Thatcher agreed to serve as a sub-committee to develop a proposal to CONSALD for selecting and prioritizing journals for BAS indexing and cooperative cataloging of analyzed sets.

Back to the top XI. Universal Library (Alan Grosenheider)(
Alan Grosenheider represented the University of Washington Libraries in India for the Universal Library Project led by Dr. Raj Reddy of Carnegie Mellon University. He reported that Indian participants have begun digitizing materials in South Indian languages including palmleaf manuscripts, science journals, and, in Hyderabad - everything more than 50 years old. About 20,000 volumes have been digitized as scanned images thus far. Copyright permissions for new materials have been extensive. Hard discs are being shipped between the U.S. and India. Although the model of the project is not for profit, a member of the group had heard that some Indian libraries are being charged for digitization. Selection of objects to be digitized is at the discretion of each institution.

Back to the top XII. Library of Congress Reports (Fehl Cannon, Carol Mitchell)
Fehl Cannon advised anyone with billing questions to contact him at James Gentner's numbers or Fehl's email (
Carol Mitchell reported on visits to the New Delhi Office by Avinash, Ved, Alan, and Don. Two new members have established specialized profiles: the Art Institute of Montreal and Rutgers University (Womens' Studies).
She described ongoing efforts to process large publishers' output most quickly. Oxford, Rupa, Permanent Black, Seagull, Mapin, and Manohar are among those being specially handled through all processes.
An announcement is forthcoming about maps which are now going to be available as a format apart from the 67 Geography category in the profile.
She asked about interest in having the office identify publications by non-resident Indians writing in Indian vernacular languages.
She also announced that Braille and talking books in vernacular languages, movies and DVDs, and textbooks from Madrasa schools and Vedic math textbooks are now available.
Acquisition trips have been canceled at present.
Fiche are being produced again.

Back to the top XIII. Announcements (Tim Bryson)
THURSDAY, 27 March 2003
4:30-5:30 Digital South Asia Library meeting at NYPL Trustees Room (Room 206)
5:30-7:00 AIIS reception at Hilton Petit Trianon Room
7:00-9:30 Dinner at Utsav Restaurant, 1185 Avenue of the Americas.
FRIDAY, 28 March 2003
7-9:00 p.m. South Asia Microform Project meeting Hilton Gramercy A
SATURDAY, 29 March 2003
1-2:30 Asian Librarians Liaison Committee, Mercury Ballroom
2-5 Reception for CONSALD at NYPL's Asian and Middle Eastern Division Newspaper Reading Room (Room 220)

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