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February 2000
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Maps of India I've set up a site of " Maps of India," which I've announced to some others already. The site contains about 20 maps covering an overview, physical administrative, linguistic, historic, states maps of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, and city map of Patna. The historic ones are linked from the Encyclopedia Britanica, and if you wish to see the EB originals you will likely need to use your University of Virginia proxy login. The historic maps are of the Indus, Ashoka, Guptas, Sultanate, Mughals, 2 British, and states reorganization. Go to this site

Alternatively, click on the map at the South Asia Library Resources and then click again to see the Maps of India. This portal is at

Also, maps of India's states, elevation, and languages may be found under INDIA at the Ask Asia site

Behind Mud Walls Mud Walls online. The village of Karimpur was first investigated by the Wisers in the 1930s and reported in their books on the Hindu jajmani system and "Behind Mud Walls." Part of the Wisers' photographic record of their experiences and the updating by others such as Susan Wadley are now available online, called " Looking Behind Mud Walls" at a very interesting website, with slide shows, etc. at

This site might serve as a web model for placing other South Asia Social Science educational graphics, narratives, and photographic materials on the web, though one might hope old photos and slides might be enhanced and cleared up using new graphic manipulation techniques.

My Life - the cover Mushirul Hasan provides a very informative and thoughtful introduction to Mohamed Ali's autobiography, My Life: A Fragment. See the Cover, Table of Contents, Preface and especially the Introduction to that book at

Mushirul Hasan's 23 Feb 2000 article on the UVa Medical School's "Virginia Children's Connection" project in Bihar, " Miracle in Giridih," may be found at the Indian Express site.
Professor Hasan's previous IE article titled, "Hindu ethos, Muslim fears," on the topic of rewriting Indian history, is available at
In this connection, see also a 20Feb2000 H-Asia message about the protest against " Censorship of Indian Historical Research."

50th Republic Day, Times of India The 50th Republic Day special issue New Republic / Old Civilization, of the Times of India is available in print in Alderman Library Periodicals Room and online. [This time-sensitive web page was written in Feb. 2000; it's information may no longer be valid]
See Mahasweti Devi's The India I dream of or Shiv Visvanathan's The Bomb and the Future of India

Gandhi CD, more
Gandhi CD, more
The Mahatma Gandhi CD is an interactive multimedia CD, with 30 minutes of film footage, over 550 photographs, and 15 minutes of Gandhiji's voice. The CD includes the Electronic Book consisting of the 100 volumes of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, more than 50,000 pages with comprehensive indexing. For more, see this mirrored Government of India Publications Division web page.

The Mahatma Gandhi CD is being added to the University of Virginia library collection.

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