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Mahatma Gandhi - CD 

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Mahatma Gandhi - CD

Author (Comp. by) Publications Division
Language English
Price of CD Price : Rs. 2500 ;   US  $ 59.50
This interactive multimedia CD is based on the collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi (C.W. M. G. ) brought out by Publcations Division, in 100 Volumes, each volume running into about 500 pages.

This CD offers four presentations : Introducing Gandhiji, Gandhian concepts, Landmark events in multimedia and the Electronic book.

In 'Introducing Gandhiji' there  is a short narration on Gandhiji's life and his contribution to India's freedom struggle, illustrated with phtographs, film footage and his voice. It also carries tributes to Gandhiji by eminent persons.

'Gandhian concepts' Provide an insight into thoughts and beliefs (e.g. Ahimsa, Aparigraha, Asahayog, etc.) practiced by Gandhiji.

In 'Landmark events' there is a selection of over 40 important events from Gandhiji's life presented chronologically, with his voice, film footage, some rare photographs and selected writings corresponding to each event. In addition, this section has a virtual walkthrough of Sabramati Ashram.

The 'Electronic book' consists of the ' Collected works of Mahatma Gandhi' (C. W. M. G.) in chronological order running into over 50,000 pages. It has a comprehensive index which facilitates interactive search.

This CD would be of equal interest to the academic scholar as it would be to a common user.

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