The Tibet Journal
Winter Vol. XXIII, No. 4 1998

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Foreword, p. 3

"The Early Spread of Bon," Namgyal Nyima Dagkar, p. 4

"Bon zhig khyung nag and the Rig pa gcer mthong Tradition of rDzogs chen," Jean-Luc Achard, p. 28

"The Monastic Lineage of sNang zhig dgon pa in Amdo rNga ba," Donatella Rossi, p. 58

"Two Figures in the Early Great Perfection," Todd Gibson, p. 72

"Cracking the Mirror: A Critical Genealogy of Scholarship on Tibetan Bon and the 'Canonical' Status of The Crystal Mirror of Doctrinal Systemsm," Zeff Bjerken, p. 92

Review Articles
Drung, De'u and Bon Narrations, Symbolic Languages and the Bon Tradition in Ancient Tibet by Namkhai Norbu, translated into English from Italian by Andrew Lukianowicz, Dan Martin, p. 108

Book Reviews
Tibetan Histories: A Bibliography of Tibetan-Language Historical Works by Dan Martin, in collaboration with Yael Bentor, Roberto Vitali, p. 120

Prisoners of Shangri-la: Tibetan Buddhism and the West by Donald S. Lopez, Jr., Thupten Samphel, p. 128

A Descriptive Grammar of Kinnauri by D.D. Sharma, Anandamayee Ghosh, p. 131

The Tibet Guide: Central and Western Tibet by Stephen Batchelor, Kabir M. Heimsath, p. 132

The Lhasa Moon Tibetan Cookbook by Tsering Wangmo and Zara Houshmand, Tenzin Sonam, p. 133

Brief Communications, p. 134

Obituary, p. 149

Contributors, p. 151

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Jean-Luc Achard, PhD, has specialized over years in philogical and historical study of the diverse rDzogs chen traditions and is now engaged in the final completion of the translations and commentaries of the whole Zhang zhung snyan rgyud tradition of Bon, together with its associated Nyams rgyud cycle.

Zeff Bjerken is a PhD candidate in the Buddhist studies program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He is currently pursuing his Dissertation research in India and Nepal at Tibetan Buddhist and Bonpo monasteries. His research focuses on Buddhist and Bonpo historical narratives about tile "golden age" of early Tibetan civilization, and the role that historical texts play in constructing independent religious traditions in Tibet.

Namgyal Nyima Dagkar, an independent Bonpo scholar based at Germany, holds a Geshe degree from the Pal Shenten Menri Ling Bonpo Monastery, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Kabir M. Heimsath studied at University of California at Berkeley (B.A.) and the University of Washington in Seattle (M.A.). He is currently co-director of the Tibetan Studies Program of the School for International Training, Brattleboro, Vermont. He is interested in sacred geography, religious biographies, and practice in contemporary Tibet.

Per Kvaerne is Professor of History of Religion and Tibetology at the University of Oslo. He has specialized on the study of the Bon religion. His latest publication is The Bon Religion of Tibet. The Iconography of a Living Tradition, London (Serindia Publications), 1995. He convened the Sixth Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, held at Fagernes, Norway, in 1992, and is currently editing a detailed catalogue of the Bonpo Kanjur.

Dan Martin, PhD, is an Associate Researcher at the Department of Indian Studies, The Hebrew University at Jerusalem. He has taught as a Visiting Lecturer at Indiana University and Harvard University. His latest publications include Tibetan Histories: A Bibliography of Tibetan-Language Historical Works, Serindia Publications (London 1997). His main areas of research are the history of the Bon religion and of Tibetan sectarian relations, as well as general cultural studies, from the tenth century to the present.

Donatella Rossi received her PhD in History of Religion and Tibetology from the University of Oslo, Nor-way. She is engaged in research on the Ye khrid mtha' sel cycle attributed to the 8th century master Dran pa nam mkha' and is working with the Mountain Institute on sustainable developmental projects in Tibet.

Roberto Vitali is an independent researcher on Tibetan history. He has authored Early Temples of Central Tibet and The Kingdoms of Pu.hrang According to mNga'.ris rgyal.rabs by mKhan.chen Ngag.dbang

Thubten Samphel, a writer and columnist, is the Secretary (information and Publicity) at the Department of Information and International Relations of the [++Page 152 THE TIBET JOURNAL] Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala, and has an M.A. in history from Delhi University and another in journalism from Columbia University, New York.

Henk Blezer, PhD, is a research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies at Leiden in the Netherlands, working on a research project on possible Bon origins of speculations regarding an intermediate state of reality as it is. His latest publications include the Kar gling zhi khro: a Tantric Buddhist Concept published by CNWS, Leiden, 1997.

Anandamayee Ghosh has been engaged in Linguistic study in the field of Sino-Tibetan studies since ten years and has visited China, Austria, England and Denmark with academic endeavour. She has several research papers in her credit including, "Some Traits of Bodhi Speech of Ladakh: A field work study 1994, Lakadkh Studies No.8 (London, 1996) and etc.

Todd Gibson received his PhD in 1991 in Tibetan Studies from Indiana University. His recent publications include, "Inner Asian Contributions to the Vajrayana," and "Notes on the History of the Shamanic in Tibet and Inner Asia."

Dawa Norbu, a Professor at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi) and Honorary Fellow of the University of Durham (UK), has contributed scholarly articles to The China Quarterly, Asian Survey, Pacific Affairs and International Studies. His latest publications include China's Tibet Policy, Durham East Asia Series, Curzon Press.

Gedun Rabsel, the editor-in-chief of the fortnightly Tibetan newsmagazine Bod kyi dus babs, received his education at Rongwo Monastery (Tibet) and Gaden Jangtse College (India).

Tenzin Sonam, editorial assistant at the English Publication Department (LTWA), holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the Indira Gandhi Open University.

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