The Tibet Journal - v.21:no.1 - Spring 1996

PLAIN version


"Early Lay Ethics in Nagarjuna," by Bhikkhu Pasadika, p. 3

"A Note on Gnyal zhig 'Jam pa'i rdo rje, the Author of a Handwritten Sher phyin Commentary from about 1200," by Gareth Sparham, p. 19

"A Tanjur Text on gTum-mo : Tohoku no 2332 - I," by Fabrizio Tarricelli, p. 30

"Kanum, the Valley of Alexander Csoma de Koros A Narrative of Werner Hoffmeister," by Bernard Le Calloc'h, p. 47

"A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of gNam mtsho and Dang ra g.yu mtsho," by John Bellezza, p. 58

"Dharma - Its Etymology," by K. Krishna Murthy, p. 84

The Byang-gter and other Phur-pa traditions: Reflections on Martin J. Boord's _The Cult of the Deity Vajrakila, According to the Northern Treasures Tradition of Tibet (Byang-gter phur-ba), reviewed by Cathy Cantwell, p. 88

The Three Levels of Spiritual Perception, by Deshung Rinpoche, Trans: Jared Rhoton, reviewd by Gareth Sparham, p. 100

Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by John Powers, reviewed by Gareth Sparham, p. 100

Enlightened Beings. Life Stories from the Ganden Oral Tradition, by Janice D. Willis, reviewed by Gareth Sparham, p. 103


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