The Tibet Journal

Vol.21 No.2 Summer 1996

Shaping the Mind
Artistic Facets of Tibetan Civilization


"Forward" by Massimiliano A. Polichetti, p. 4

"The Usefulness of Buddhist Iconography in Analysing Style in Tibetan Art" by Kimiaki Tanaka, p. 6

"The Biographical Tradition of Milarepa: Orality, Literacy and Iconography" by Francis V. Tiso, p. 10

"The Artist's Treatise of sMan bla don grub" by Philip Denwood, p. 24

"Thangkas and Tourism in Dharmasala: Preservation Through Change" by Eric McGuckin, p. 31

"International dGe-lugs-pa Style of Architecture from the 16-19th Century" by Paola Mortari Vergara Caffarelli, p. 53

"A Historical Profile of Ladakhi Religious Architecture" by Marialaura Di Mattia, p. 90

"Facets of Tibetan Traditional Theatre" by Antonio Attisani, p. 128

Contributors, p. 140

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