The Tibet Journal - Russian-Tibetan Relations
Autumn 1996 Vol.XXI, No.3
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"Introduction," Andrey Terentyev, p. 3

"A Debacle of Secret Diplomacy," Alexandre Andreyev, p. 4

"Kalmyks in Tibetan History," Baatr Kitinov, p. 35

"Russia and Tibetan Crisis: Beginning at the 20th Century," Nikolai S. Kuleshov, p. 47

"Tibetan Buddhism in Russia," Andrey Terentyev, p. 60

Book Reviews
Buddhism in Russia. The Story of Agvan Dorzhiev, Lhasa's Emissary to the Tsar, John Snelling. Reviewed by John Bray, p. 71

Mchod-rol. Les instruments de la musique tibetaine, Mireille Helffer. Reviewed by Mona Schrempf, p. 73

Contributors, p. 76

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Alexandre Andreyev is a historian (a graduate from St. Petersburg University), and a freelance re,searcher, working since 1987 under the auspices of the St. Petersburg Cultural Foundation. His major areas are preservation of Russian cultural heritage, Buddhism in Russia and history of Russo-Tibetan relations. He is currently writing a book to be entitled The Bolsheviks in Tibet. Soviet Secret Missions to Lhasa, 1918-1928.

John Bray is a graduate of Cambridge University and has taught for two years at the Moravian Institute in Dehra Dun, and the Moravian School in Leh. His publi- cations include A Bibliography of Ladakh (with Nawang Tsering Shakspo), an English translation of S.H. Ribbach's Culture and Society in Ladakh, and several papers on the history of Moravian missions in the Himalayas.

Nikolai Kuleshov graduated from the Institute of International Relations, Moscow in 1955. Up to 1971 he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade (1968-1971 in China at the Soviet Trade Representation there). He then joined the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the U.S.S.R Academy of Sciences. He became a Candidate of Sciences in 1975, his thesis being Himalayan Frontiers: The Formation of the China-lndia Border, 1842-1962. In 1988 he was made a Doctor of Sciences for his thesis Russia and Tibet 1900-1914. His publications include China and Her Neighbours, Peking Against the National-Liberation Movement, as well as articles and analytical memoranda for the government.

Baatr Kitinov studied at the ECalmyk University with an MA in East Asian History. Currently working on his PhD dissertation at Moscow University.

Mona Schrempf holds a Masters degree in ethnology from the Free University in Berlin for research on a Tibetan ritual dance tradition in exile. She is presently preparing a doctoral dissertation on aspects of Tibetan 'cham performance. She has worked making ethnographic documentary films, and translating publications about Tibet into German.

Andrey Terentyev graduated from the Leningrad University in 1970, where he has done research on Indian philosophy as well as iconography and the history of Tibetan Buddhism. He received the degree of Candidate of Science (=PhD) from the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow in 1983. He is the editor of the Russian branch of Narthang Publications and of the Buddhism of Russia published in St. Petersburg.

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