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The Tibet Journal
Winter 2004 Vol. XXIX no. 4

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"Echoes of the Tibetan Buddhist bSam yas Debate in Current Controversies over Mystical Experience," Zeff Bjerken, p. 3

"Reflections through a Glass Lightly: Analysis of the Story of Thousand-Armed, Thousand Eyed Chenresig," Willa Baker, p. 19

"The Early Transmission of 'Pho ba Teachings," Clung Hsuan Me, p. 27

"Ecclesiastical Rule: Relinquishment in Exile?" Eeling Wong Tandzin, p. 43

Review Article

Dating Tibetan Art. Essays on the Possibilities and Impossibilities of Chronology from the Lempertz Symposium Edited by Ingrid Kreide-Damani, reviewed by
Michael Henss, p. 75

Book Reviews

Zur Verwaltungsgeschichte der Mandschurei (1644-1930) (Administrative History of Manchuria) by Wolfgang Seuberlich, Edited by Hartmut Walravens, reviewed by
Bhikkhu Pasadika, p. 107

Treasury of Precious Qualities, A Commentary on the Root Text of Jigme Lingpa by Longchen Yeshe Dorje, Kangyur Rinpoche, reviewed by
D. R. Chaudhry, p. 109

Answers, Discussions with Western Buddhists by The Dalai Lama, Edited by Jose Ignacio Cabezon, reviewed by
Norm Katz


Alex Wayman (1921- 2004)
Susan S. Landesman, p. 112

Contributors, p. 115

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Bhikkhu Pasadika is Hon. Professor in the Dept. of Indology and Tibetology of Philipp's University, Marburg. He also teaches at Wiirzburg University in the Depts. of Indology and Religious Studies. He is a member of the Editorial Board of The Tibet Journal.

Ching Hsuan Mei is a Ph.D. scholar at the Leiden University, Netherlands. She has special interest in Buddhist studies, specially the Tibetan Buddhism. Her research delves in the study of death and dying, and aims to clarify the significance of Arnitabha tradition in Tibetan funeral liturgies.

D. R. Chaudry is a well-known columnist and reviewer in the Indian media world. He retired as a Reader at the Dyal Singh College of Delhi University. He has published several articles and over 100 reviews and review articles in leading English national dailies, including Times of India and The Tribune. He has three books in his credit, the latest being Education and Social Change (Radhakrishan, 2000).

Eeling Wong Tandzin has a BA from National University of Singapore. Her research interests are in Buddhist Psychology, Buddhist Health Techniques, Tibetan Exile Community, Comparative Studies in Buddhism and Bioethics. For more details, visit

Michael Henss is an independent scholar who has studied Tibetan art and architecture since 1964. From 1981-1984, organised restoration project in two Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh, India. Lectured on Asian art and culture in Zurich, Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin, Rome, Beijing, London, Vienna and the United States. Contributed articles for Asian art journals, seminars and books. His books include Tibet, The Cultural Monuments, Kalachakra and The Cultural Monuments of Tibet-The Central Regions.

Norm Katz, M.A. (Mathematics), has studied Tibetan Buddhism with Gompa Tsedin Rinpoche and Lama Thupten Yeshe, has done the Black Hat Ceremony with His Holiness The XV I Gyalwa Karmapa, and currently lives in Dharamsala, India where he lectures and writes on Science and Spirituality.

Susan S. Landesman (M.A. and Ph.D., Columbia University) is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the Drew University. She has taught at Columbia, Princeton, and Rutgers Universities and Barnard College. She has also written articles on Shamanism, PreColumbian art, and Native American Art. Her forthcoming publication, The Great Secret of Tara, will be published by Motilal Banarsidass in 2005. She is currently a member of the Tibetan Translators' Guild of New York, American Academy of Religion, Buddhist Studies Society (Columbia University).

Willa B. Baker (Lama Palmo) completed Three Year Retreat under the guidance of the Venerable Lama Norlha Rinpoche and Kato Rinopche. She presently lives in Cambridge, MA where she studies at Harvard University, and teaches meditation and Dharma practice in the community. Her latest publication titled Essence of Ambrosia (LTWA, 2005), is a translation of Taranatha's work on Buddhist Religious History.

Zeff Bjerken, PhD, is currently an associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Having successfully defended his dissertation on "The Mirrorwork of Tibetan Religious Historians: A Comparison of Buddhist and Bon Historiography," he earned his PhD in the

page 116 The Tibet Journal Winter 2004 vol. XXIX no. 4

Buddhist studies program at the University of Michigan. His fields of specialization include Buddhism, Tibetan religions, Asian religious syncretism, Theory & Method in Religious Studies.

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