The Tibet Journal
Spring 2004 Vol. XXIX no. 1

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"A Tibetan Official Seal of Pho lha nas," Wolfgang Bertsch, p. 3

"The Great Sons of Thang stong rgyal po: The Bu chen of the Pin valley, Spiti," Pascale Dollfus, p. 9

"Women in Tibetan Buddhist Narrative: The Story ofBalza Chodron," Willa Baker, p. 33

"The Great Perfection of Non-Sectarianism: rDzogs chen in the Bon and Buddhist Traditions of Tibet," Siofra O'Donovan, p. 56

"Revitalisation Movement Gripping the Exile Tibetan Diaspora: A Model of Non-violent Struggle for Peace," Nupur Pathak, p. 85

Review Article

Facets of Tibetan Religious Tradition and Contacts with Neighbouring Cultural Areas, by Alfredo Cadonna & Ester Bianchi (eds.)
Dan Martin, p. 91

Book Reviews

A History of Sanskrit Grammatical Literature in Tibet. Vol. 2., Assimilation into indigenous scholarship by Pieter C. Verhagen.
Leonid Kulikov, p. 96

Suryacandruya. Essays in Honour of Akira Yuyama on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday, edited by Paul Harrison and Gregory Schopen, reviewed by
Bhikkhu Pasadika, p. 99

Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of a Lost Land by Patrick French, reviewed by
Alex McKay, p. 103

Tibet, Past and Present: Tibetan Studies 1, edited by Henk Blezer, reviewed by
Geoff Childs, p. 104

Madhyamakahrdayam of Bhavya. Introduced, edited and annotated by Christian Lindtner (with half-verse index by T. M. Ramani), reviewed by
Alpo Ratia, p. 107

Miphants Beacon of Certainty: Illuminating the View of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection by John Whitney Pettit, reviewed by
Karma Phuntso, p. 108

Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism by H. E. Kalu Rinpoche, reviewed by
D. R. Chaudhry, p. 112

The Bodhisattva Vow by Geshe Sonam Rinchen, Trans. by Ruth Sonam, reviewed by
Ilona Manevskaia, p. 113

Territory and Identity in Tibet and the Himalaya Edited by Katia Buffetrille and Hildegard Diemberger
Kabir Masingh Heimsath, p. 115

Hostage of Beijing, The Abduction of the Panchen Lama by Gilles Van Grasdorff, reviewed by
Dhondup Tsering, p. 117

Contributors, p. 119

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Alex McKay has a PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies, where he is currently a Millennium Research Fellow in the History Department. The author of Tibet and the British Raj: The Frontier Cadre 1904-1947 (Curzon, 1997) and editor of Pilgrimage in Tibet (Curzon, 1998) and the three-volume History of Tibet (Curzon), he holds a fellowship at the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden.

Alpo Ratia is a research scholar at the Department of Religious Studies, Turku Uni-' versity, Finland. He holds a degree in Religious Studies from Uppsala University. He pursued further studies at Copenhagen University's Oriental Institute for the Culture and History of India and Tibet. He has numerous translations to his credit, including the award-winning monograph, Oral Repertoire and World View.

Bhikkhu Pasadika is Hon. Professor in the Dept. of Indology and Tibetology of Philipp's University, Marburg. Venerable Pasadika also teaches at Wurzburg University in the Depts. of Iridology and Religious Studies.

D. R. Chaudry is a well-known columnist and reviewer in the Indian media world. He retired as a Reader at the Dyal Singh College of Delhi University. He has published several articles and over 100 reviews and review articles in the leading English national dailies, including Times of India and The Tribune. He has three books in his credit, the latest being Education and Social Change (Radhakrishan, 2000).

Dan Martin is currently an associate researcher at the Department of Indian Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He completed his doctoral degree in Tibetan Studies at the Department of Uralic and Altaic Studies (renamed Department of Central Eurasian Studies) at Indiana University in 1991. He has taught at Indiana University and Harvard University. His publications include Tibetan Histories: A bibliography of Tibetan-Language Historical Works (Serindia London 1997).

Dhondup Tsering, an English graduate from Delhi University, is presently assistant editor of The Tibet Journal. Formerly a free-lance translator, he has translated several books and articles on Tibetan history, religion and culture.

Geoff Childs is an assistant professor of anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. His research interests center on anthropological approaches to demo-graphic processes and outcomes in contemporary and historical Tibetan societies.

Ilona Manevskaia received her MA degree in 1997 in Tibetan and Mongolian research-positions in Saint-Petersburg as well as Leiden. She is currently investigating the application of commentarial and heimeneutical principles in a selection of Tibetan commentaries on Abhisamayalankara.

Kabir Mansingh Heimsath studied at University of California at Berkeley (B.A.) and the University of Washington in Seattle. He is currently co-director of the Tibetan Studies Program of the School for International Training, Vermont. He is interested in sacred geography, religious biographies, and practice in contemporary Tibet.

Karma Phuntsho was trained to be a Tibetan Buddhist Khenpo in Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, India. He has received a D.Phil. in Oriental Studies from Balliol College, Oxford University and is currently a research associate at Cambridge University and at the CNRS, Paris.

Leonid Kulikov has a Ph.D. from Leiden University (The Vedic-ya- presents, 2001, to be published at Rudolpi in Amsterdam.), where he is currently a post-doctoral


researcher, and Candidate degree from the Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow. He has published foremost on several aspects of the Sanskrit verb and its syntax, as well as on linguistic typology, particularly on causatives and transitivity.

Nupur Pathak , Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, Punjab University (PU), India, is actively engaged in research on the problems of immigrant Tibetans in India. She has taught Anthropology as part-time lecturer in PU since 1996. She has presented papers on Tibetan culture and medical system in national and international seminars. Her research works have been published in various academic journals.

Pascale Dollfus , Ph.D., is working as research fellow at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France. Anthropologist, she is a specialist of Ladakh, where she has been working for more than 20 years, and more recently, did investigations in Spiti and upper Kinnaur. Her main interests are social organization and rituals. Her publications include Lieu de neige et de genevriers. Organisation sociale et religieuse des communautes bouddhistes du Ladakh.

Siofra O'Donovan , born in Ireland, is an independent scholar and is currently Writer in Residence in Co.Louth, Ireland. She has a Masters Degree in Indian Religions specializing in Indo-Tibetan studies, from the School of Oriental and African Studies in the University of London. Over the period 1997-2002, she conducted research in the Western Himalaya for the award-winning Pema and the Yak (to be published Pilgrims Books, 2005), a personal, non-fictional account of Tibet in Exile.

Willa B. Baker (Lama Palmo) completed Three Year Retreat under the guidance of the Venerable Lama Norlha Rinpoche and Kalu Rinopche. She presently lives in Cambridge, MA where she studies at Harvard University, and teaches meditation and Dharma practice in the community.

Wolfgang Bertsch, a scholar of Tibetan studies in Germany, has been doing research on Tibetan coins and paper money since 1974 and has published several articles on this subject in different journals including the Tibet Journal; his latest publication being A Study of Tibetan Paper Money with a Critical Bibliography, Library of Tibetan Works & Archives, 1997.

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