The Tibet Journal
Spring & Summer 2002, Table of Contents Vol. XXVII, No. 1&2

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"Tibetan Sculpture Inspired by Earlier Foreign Sculptural Styles," David Weldon, p. 3

"The Paintings of Gra thang: History and Iconography an 11th century Tibetan Temple," Amy Heller, p. 37

"Early Tibetan Footprint Thang kas, 12-14th Century," Kathryn Selig Brown, p. 71

"Metalworking in dBus and gTsang 1930-1977," John Clarke, p. 113

"Lama Yeshe Jamyang of Nyurla, Ladakh: the Last Painter Chef of the Drikung Tradition," David Jackson, p. 153

"Weaving Hidden Threads: Some Ethno-historical Clues on the Artistic Affinities between Eastern Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh," Frangoise Pommaret, p. 177

"An Introduction to Zan par," Zara Fleming, p. 197

"Modern Artists in Lhasa," Elke Hessel, p. 217

Bhutan, Mountain Fortress of the Gods, edited by Christian Schicklgruber and Frangoise Pommaret
reviewed by George van Driem, p. 237
Mythos Tibet by Thierry Dodin and Heinz Rather. Köln
reviewed by Hartmut Buescher, p. 241

Tibetan Opera A Living Theatre
Walter Church, p. 253

Book Reviews
Ajanta. Handbook of the Paintings by Dieter Schlingloff
Erberto Lo Bue, p. 256
Tantra In Practice, edited by David Gordon White
David Templeman, p. 257
Buddhist Ethics by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Tayé�
Cathy Cantwell, p. 261
Boundless Heart. The Cultivation of the Four Immeasurables by B. Alan Wallace
Alexander Fedotoff, p. 263
Under the Painted Eyes. A Story about Nepal by Ferd Mahler
Alexander Fedotoff, p. 263
In the Service of His Country: The Biography of Dasang Damdul Tsarong, Commander General of Tibet by Dundul Namgyal Tsarong
Bhuchung K. Tsering, p. 264
Sacred Visions: Early Paintings from Central Tibet by Steven M. Kossak and Jane Casey Singer Desire and Devotion: Art froty{ India, Nepal, and Tibet in the John and Berthe Ford Collection by Pratapaditya Pal
Daphne Lange Rosenzweig, p. 265
The Philosophical View of the Great Perfection in the Tibetan Bon Religion by Donatella Rossi
Jean-Luc Achard, p. 268
The Practice of Mahamudra: The Teachings of His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon, Chetsang Rinpoche by Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche
Paul Donnelly, p. 270
The Tibetan Iconography of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other Deities, Unique Pantheon by Lokesh Chandra & Fredrick W. Bunce
Dhondup Tsering, p. 271
Memoirs of Keutsang Lama: Life in Tibet After the 'Chinese Liberation' by Keutsang Trulku Jampel Yeshe
Dhondup Tsering, p. 273

Contributors, p. 84

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Alexander Fedotoff (PhD) is a Professor at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski." He graduated from Leningrad University in Tibetan and Mongolian Studies in 1979. Since 1981 he has been teaching Tibetan and Mongolian Culture, Literature and Language in the Centre for Oriental Languages and Cultures, Sofia University, Bulgaria. He is the author of Mirror of the Heart as well as many scientific articles. His translation of Tibetan books includes Bar do thos grol, Disputes Between Tea and Chang and several others.

Amy Heller holds a doctorate in Tibetan history and Philology at La Sorbonne, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, France. To date, she has traveled eight times to Tibet. In 1995 part of team evaluating restoration of monasteries of Gra thang and Zha lu and its subsequent research resulted in her book Tibetan Art published in English, French, Italian and Spanish. She is currently working on the cultural history of Dolpo to study the Pijor illuminated bKa' 'gyur manuscripts.

Bhuchung K. Tsering received his B.A. in English literature from the University of Delhi in 1982. He worked as a reporter for the Indian Express in New Delhi before joining the Tibetan Government-in-Exile in 1984. He has worked as the editor of Tibetan Bulletin . He is currently the director of the International Campaign for Tibet in Washington, D.C. He is a columnist for Tibetan Review and has contributed to Indian, Tibetan, Swiss and American journals.

Cathy Cantwell, is employed in research projects on Tibetan Buddhist texts at the Orinetal Institute, University of Oxford, and at the University of Kent at Canterbury. She has a Ph.D. for a study of religious practice among Tibetan exiles (fieldwork 1981-3) and has since been actively involved in research and teaching in universities in the UK.

Daphne Lange Rosenzweig received her degrees from Mount Holyoke College and Columbia University, specializing in East Asian art and languages. She has taught at several universities and is currently a faculty member of the Liberal Arts Program at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fl. She is a member of many learned societies, organizer of museum exhibitions, and author of numerous articles, exhibition catalogues and books, all in the field of Asian art.

David Jackson has been since 1992 Professor of Tibetan Studies at Hamburg University. His books on Tibetan Buddhist art and culture include A History of Tibetan Painting , and Tibetan Thangka Painting: Methods and Materials . His most recent book, a biography of Dezhung Rinpoche, is forthcoming from Wisdom Publications.

David Templeman is a "private" Tibetanist attached to no University. His current works nearing completion are Künga Drolchog's "alternative" Life of Krsnacarya and Taranatha's Life of Buddhaguptanatha, his Indian Guru, both to be LTWA publications. His current interest is early Iranian influences on Tibetan culture.

David Welson is the author of The Perfect Image: The Speelman Collection of Yongle and Xuande Buddhist Icons , Arts of Asia, May-June 1996 and co-author (with Robert A.F. Thurman) of Sacred Symbols, The Ritual Art of Tibet and (with Jane Casey Singer) The Sculptural Heritage of Tibet, BuddhistArt in the Nyingjei Lam Collection . His present article in this issue is a revised version of one that appeared in the Magazine "Oriental Art" Vol.XLVI, No.2, 2000.

Dhondup Tsering works as an assistant editor of the Tibet Journal.

Elke Hessel lives together with her family in Dusseldorf and mainly works as a painter, writer and lecturer( for Buddhist and artistic themes ) and also in social and cultural projects in central and eastern Tibet. Author of the biographie of Amdo Gendun Chopel Die Welt hat mich trunken gemacht published in the Theseus Verlag, Berlin, 2000 and of several articles in mainly Buddhist magazines.

Erberto Lo Bue obtained a Ph. D. in Tibetan studies at SOAS, University of London, with a thesis on 20th century Himalayan sculpture, in 1981. From 1983 he taught Tibetan language, culture and art at CeSMEO and at the universities of Turin, Milan and Bologna. Since 1999, he has been teaching history of Indian and Central Asian Art at the Department


of Linguistic and Oriental Studies, University of Bologna. The author of a dozen books and art catalogues, he has written about 75 articles, essays and dictionary entries, as well as 30 reviews and review articles, mostly related to Tibetan and Himalayan art. Erberto Lo Bue is a member of IATS and of the centre for Tibetan research and studies at IsIAO (Rome).

Francoise Pommaret, PhD, is a Tibetologist, working as a research fellow at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) Paris, France. Ethno-historian, she is a specialist of Bhutan where she has been working for more than 20 years. She has written numerous articles on the country, including the socio-historic aspects of textiles. Her books include Bhutan: Mountain fortress of the Gods, C. Schicklgruber & F. Pommaret (eds.) and Les revenants de l'au-delà dons le monde tibétain .

George van Driem is the Director of Himalayan Languages Research Project, Leiden University, the Netherlands.

Hartmut Buescher has worked as Tibetological research librarian at the Royal Library of Copenhagen and produced the Catalogue of Tibetan Manuscripts and Xylographs (Curzon Press) in the COMDC series (together with Tarab Tulku N. Losang); he is currently working in the field of Yogacara-Vijñanavada.

Jean-Luc Achard, PhD, is a researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France. He has specialized over the years in philological and historical study of the diverse rDzogs chen traditions and is now engaged in the final completion of the translations and commentaries of the Zhang zhung snyan rgyud and Nyams rgyud traditions of Bon. He has published L'Essence Perlée du Secret Recherches philologiques et historiques sur Vorigine de la Grande Perfection dans la tradition rAying ma pa.

John Clarke completed a doctorate on the regional metalworking industries of traditional Tibet in 1995, a degree awarded by the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He is currently Assistant Curator in the Indian and South East Asian Department in the Victoria and Albert Museum where he curates the collection of Tibetan art. His forthcoming Jewellery of the Himalayas: Highlights from the Victoria and Albert Museum and other British collections , will be published by the Victoria and Albert in late 2002.

Kathryn Selig Brown is an independent scholar specializing in Tibetan art. She received her doctorate in Asian art history from the University of Michigan in 2000 for a dissertation on handprints and footprints in Tibetan painting and is currently Managing Editor of The Asia Society's "Collection in Context" website and an Adjunct Lecturer at New York University.

Paul Donnelly is a doctoral candidate in the Buddhist studies program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He spent the 1995- 96 academic year in India on a Fulbright grant during which time he studied at the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies in Sarnath and also in Dharamsala. He is working on Tsong kha pa's commentary on Nāgārjuna's Mūlamadhyamakārikā, the Rig pa'i rgya mtsho.

Walter Church is the nickname of a person who attended the conference of L'opera tibetana-Un teatro vivente (Tibetan Opera-A Living Theatre) organized by Fondazione Giorgio Cini at Venezia from 5-8 May 2001.

Zara Fleming formerly at the Indian Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum, subsequently attached to the Central Asian Department of Bonn University preparing a catalogue of Tibetan art and artefacts from public UK collections, Currently Chairman of the Tibet Society of the UK, freelance art researcher and lecturer on Tibetan and Himalayan art and culture.

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