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Fall 1999

By Philip McEldowney and Nawang Thokmey

More than 150 modern Hindi books have been purchased during this past year; they have been cataloged and added to Alderman Library stacks. Advanced Hindi students and others will find these titles a useful addition beyond the other Hindi books already in the library. All of the titles may be found with just one search in VIRGO. While logged into VIRGO, type into the search box "modern Hindi books" and click on Title search, which will bring up all the titles of this set of books. VIRGO

India's citizens are voting in another national election this September 1999. You may find links to several election sites and go beyond to see the sites of political parties which I have grouped under a single web site. It is at


More and more the Web is moving beyond text and graphics to also provide sound and video. This is the case among these election sites. The India Decides site includes video clips from recent broadcasts in India. BBC has made its broadcasts available through the web - and not just in English, but also in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, and Tamil. Tune into the BBC web site at

BBC World News

The University of Virginia continues to add music cassettes and other materials to its music collections. Find them over at the Music library in Cabell Hall. Interested in Carnatic music? Check out an interactive multimedia guide to Carnatic music on CD-ROM, titled Nadanubhava: the Horizons of Canatic Music (Call number ML 3748 .N32 1998)

Beyond books for Tibetan materials, Assistant Librarian Nawang Thokmey tells me we have received 51 Tibetan texts in the last 6 months from Delhi, two of which are important multi-volume collected works (gsung �bum). One of these is the 25 volumes of the collected works of the Fifth Dalai Lama Ngag dbang blo bzang rgya mtsho (1617-1682), call number I-TIB 95910250. The other is the 16 volumes of the collected works of Smin gliin Gter chen Rig dzin gyur med rdo rje, call number I-TIB 98909668. Nawang remarks that the Nyginma tradition has six main lineages or monasteries of learning and practicing. Mindroling is one of these monastaries which was established in central Tibet in 1676 by the great Dharma King Minling terchen Rigzin Gyurme dorje. If you are interested in the writings of the present Dalai Lama, Nawang has developed a bibliography of the Dalai Lama�s writings which he will be glad to share with you.

Tibetan Library Assistant
Nawang Thokmey

Come to the libraries or log on so you can check out these books and other materials beyond books.

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