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South Asia Library Resources
Asian Studies Newsletter's South Asia links A January 1999 article in the Times of India by Amrit Agarwal describes and links many sites about India - its Internet access organizations, government, politics, media, and search engines. Click here to see the article and its active links. You might also look at South Asia links as listed in the recent (Jan 1999) Asian Studies Newsletter.

Social science researchers will be interested in two sites: the Census of India Census of India and Indian journal indexes. Not all of the 1991 census is available at the Census site, but most of the basic national and state statistics and facts can be found there - and some interesting maps, too. You can search the indexes of 53 Indian social science, including the Economic and Political Weekly, and also the indexes or "Press Clippings" of 14 Indian newspapers at the IOL Indexes OnLineOnLine Indexes of the ISID (Institute for Studies in Industrial Development). (Netscape browsers do not work well with this site; use only Microsoft Internet Explorer. This site really is very much still under construction.) For broader searches in many Western journals the online Bibliogrphy of Asian Studies is very useful.

Four music cassettes have recently arrived from India and are being cataloged in the Music Library. They include "Hit Tibetan Songs," Tsering Gyurmey's "Rgyal ba'i bkrin," and the Rajasthani Sumeramala Pugaliya's "Are ghasa ri roti." Have a listen of them and other South Asia music from the Music Library or the film song cassettes from Clemons Library.

A fuller index of the titles in 111 volume Rin chen gter mdzod chen mo (I(Bhu)-Tib-124) (Encyclopedia of Nyingmapa contempletive and liturgical practices) has been listed in a database. This was a summer library project by B. Tsering and Lobsang Khanrab under Nawang Thokmey's supervision. The index is viewable on the library's Tibetan Room computer, though we hope to make it available on the Web, linked to the VIRGO record.

Here are some Tibetan links which researchers might find useful -
Home Page of Tibet
The Tibetan Collection at University of Michigan, including a Typology of Tibetan Literature outline under it's Collection Index.
There are also the Tibetan Buddhist Text Download Site and the links for Tibetan Texts.

Log in to VIRGO Fire (1996) Information Finally, the controversial Indian film FIRE as been ordered for Clemons. The summary says "Banned in India, this film was the first to confront lesbianism in that country." Have a look at it when it comes in.

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