Beyond Books - Fall 1998
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Bibliography of Asian Studies South Asian researchers will find the new Bibliography of Asian Studies database a useful tool for finding articles on their topics. It is like having an electronic version of the 20 printed volumes of the BAS all rolled into one place and completely searchable. Presently the database covers more than 400,000 titles mainly from 1971 to 1991, but there are some 1960s materials, and post-1991 titles are being indexed and added as fast as the BAS staff can make them available. If you "Browse by Journal Title," and look at the "Economic and Political Weekly" under "E", you can see that 3360 articles have been indexed so far for the period from 1970-1993. For very current indexing, go to the "Other Data Bases" in VIRGO, and log into such databases as WILS or Anthropological Literature Online. The web site for the BAS is

Clemons library has purchased new video versions of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana; these have English subtitles. Religious Studies classes and others will find these very useful compliments to other course materials. Check out your favorite episodes in these new videos. The Mahabharata's 24 parts are under VIDEO .VHS9580, while Ramayana's 26 parts are under VIDEO .VHS9582 in Clemons.

Some changes are occurring in the University's airmail subscriptions to Indian newspapers and magazines. In the past years our airmail subscriptions have been for the daily Hindustan Times, the daily (Calcutta) Telegraph, the weekly India Today, and the quarterly Tibet Journal. Index to Biblio During the next year the Times of India (Delhi) will be substituted for the Hindustan Times and the weekly Outlook will be added to the magazines. We have already started receiving airmail issues of BIBLIO. Look for them in the Alderman 3rd floor Periodicals Room. As with many titles in this new electronic era, versions of most of these are available also on the Web. Links to most of these newspapers and magazines can be clicked on from this web page

About 50 long-playing Indian music records were transfered from Alderman storage shelves to the Music Department, where they will added to the collection. Even in this older format, this is a rich collection of recordings dating from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Gradually they will be cataloged in VIRGO. They include vocal and instrumental music from such artists as Bade Bhulam Ali Khan, Bhimsen Joshi, Vilayat Khan (sitar), N. Ramani (flute), and Amjad Ali Khan (sarod). Ask about them at Cabell Hall's Music Department. If your preference is more for cinema music than classical, cinema music cassettes are still being added to the Indian Cinema Collection. To see the 21 titles so far, type "Indian cinema music" into a VIRGO Quick Search box and click on Begins and Title. These cassettes are in Clemons, such as CAS 1668, Romance busters '97. Ask for them at the Clemons Circulation Desk.

The library has started to receive issues of journals on its subscription with the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy. Keep up to date with the issues of Monthly review of the Indian economy, in Alderman's 3rd floor Periodicals Room, call number HC431 .M63. So far (as of October 1998), we have the months of June through August 1998.

Oops! Now, lastly, are some real books: a multi-volume set. The library is planning to arrange for the purchase of the full set of 255 volumes of the Narthang Tanjur. The first 30 volumes have been purchased this year and have been shipped by sea mail from Delhi. Check for them in VIRGO in about a month.

Whether books or 'beyond books' these are some library resources to aid you in your scholarly research.

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Philip McEldowney, South Asia materials Selector, Alderman Library.
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