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SEPTEMBER 1994 (110 minutes)
- Repeal or Amend TADA [Terrorist & Disruptive Activiites (Prevention) Act]
- Blood Transfusions: playing Russian roulette? infected with HIV
- 7 Medals for India's Shooting Team at the Commonwealth Games (Canada)
- Anti-Reservation stir in Uttarkhand
- Punjab Chief Minister's grandson and the Katia rape case: Coverup?
- Dubbing foreign films in Hindi - What next after Jurassic Park
- Fireball: New discotheque in town
- Margaret Thatcher's speech in Bombay
- BJP meetings in Patna, Bihar: Laloo vs Shatrughna Sinha
- Acting together (Nasir and Ratna Shah): Intellectual masala
- Plague grips Surat
- House grabbing in Uttar Pradesh: for Party officers
- Cricket Controversy: 5-Year telecast rights to ESPN vs Doordarshan

AUGUST 1994 (126 minutes)
- Financial Scam: Opposition reaction to the Report on Irregularities in
	Securities and Banking Tranactions
- Capital's Kidnapping epidemic of children
- Akshay Kumar: Rise of film star with movie MOHRA and song "Mast Mast"
- Yaseen Malik: Breaks fast over Kashmir issues
- Bombay Bombimg (March 1993): two reports
   1. Yakub Memon - interviewed
   2. Sanjay Dutt: Central Bureau of Investigation drops charges
- Frank Wisner: new U.S. ambassador to India, interviewed
- Violence in Hulbi (Karnataka)
- U.S. Ban on import of India-made rayon skirts: Hits Indian 
	exporters hard
- Saif Ali Khan: Teeny Bopper Heartthrob
- Sharad Pawar: Maharashtra Chief Minister answers charges
- Urban Housing: Delhi's outdated rent control laws
- Dehra Doon Boarding Schools: Forced closures from pressures of 
	anti-reservation groups
- Pumping Iron: Delhi competition of 15 of India's most fabulous hunks

JULY 1994 (100 minutes)
- Firebrand Renuka Chowdhary: her tiff with Telegu Desam president N.T.
	Rama Rao
- Janata Dal: Splits yet again: George Fernandes and Ram Vilas Paswar
- Fabulous Fortune of Late Devika Rani Roerich: Her secretary, Mary Joyce
	Poonacha, planned to stash some of it away for herself
- Film Star Sanjay Dutt: Denied bail 
- G. I. Kairdnai - Deputy Municipal Commissioner dares to take on
	Maharshtra Chief Minister Sharad Pawar
- Mayawati's Relationship with Kanshi Ram: creating problems not only in
	the Uttar Pradesh government but with the Bahujan Samaj Party itself
- Kiran Bedi: Police officer selected for prestigious Magsaysay award for
	community service
- Punjab Governor Surendra Nath: dies in plane crash with 9 other family
	members on flight to Kulu
- Indo-Pak Relations: Accusations of harrassment on each other's diplomats 
- Political Parties: Girding  themselves for election battles ahead 
- Premier of "1942: A Love Story": Biggest box-office hit of the year?  
- Bihar Naxalites: Burn 6 to death in Jehanabad, political implications 
- Lovely Singh: Her win in Vaishali, puts Bihar Chief Minister Laloo Prasad
	Yadav on the mat
- Indian Bureaucrat: Tries his hand as actor
- Film Star Sajay Dutt: Back in jail
- Phoolan Devi's Marriage: Blushing bride

JUNE 1994 (80 minutes)
- Anti-Tobacco Bill: Controversy over the new draft
- Dalit Women: Getting arms training with guns (Bihar)
- Indian Sex Magazines: Why this new rise in their sales?
- Female Feticide: High tech sanitizes this barbaric practice
- Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe: Honor for the country or social disaster?
- Pardi tribe: A dangerous breed of Indians
- R. D. Bhavan: Death anniversary, would he have made a comeback?
- Kashmir: The story of the killing of Qazi Nissar of south Kashmir
- Kashmir: Release of two kidnapped Britons; safe for tourists now?

MAY 1994  (130 minutes)
- Nikhil Wagle: Controversial editor jailed 4 days by Maharashtra Assembly
- Medical Negligence: Getting justice practically impossible
- Bollywood's New Trend: Now Bad is in
- Taslima Nasreen: Controversial Bangladeshi author's first trip out after
	fatwa against her
- Arsenic Water Poisoning: West Bengali lives endangered by natural underground
- Street Children's Restaurant: Street Children turn entrepreneurs; Delhi's
	'Butterflies' restaurant
- Sonia Gandhi: Three years after Rajiv's assassination; still the enigmatic
- Pan Masala: A little pinch of recreational food; a lethal addiction
- Vijaypat Singhania: Flying textile tycoon; winning round-the-world race at
	Agra's mid-point
- Defence Arsenals Buildup: Can India defend itself against neighboring
	countries' buildup?
- Depo-Provero: How safe is the new injectable contraceptive?
- Neena Gupta: Sexy, sassy, and scandalous actress shows another side - her
- Malaria: Killer disease rears it head again to epidemic proportions
- Bonded-labour Children: 37 rescued from bonded-labour; is this the permanent
- Bollywood's Latest Trend: Slap around! Beat up! and bash around the heroes;
	Male audiences cheer

APRIL 1994 (96 minutes)
- Laloo Prasad Yadav: After 4 years as Cheif Minister - A different man and a
	different Bihar
- Rajju Bhaiyya, Head of RSS: What does the change of the guard signify for the
	RSS and BJP?
- Kapoor Actresses: Sanjna and Karisma of the Bollywood Kapoor Khandan;
	different styles
- Dunkel Agreement: Will it benefit India to sign?
- Strobe Talboot: Conciliatory visit: Pakistan's new F16s, a prickly thorn in
	India's side
- Vidhu Vinod Chopra: Filming '1942-A Love Story;' Battling producers and film
- Sharad Joshi: Kisan leader's unique stand on the Dunkel Agreement
- Serial Killer: Terrorizes Lucknow as 5 teenage boys found sodomized and
- Bombay's Woman Mayor: First elected woman mayor; Will she bring a difference
	to the job?
- Cricket Prayer-Break: Cricket history's first namaz break called at Sharja
- Narcotics Raid: Narcotics - one of the most lucrative businesses; Bombay raid
- Murder of S. Namazi: Buried alive by her husband, reportedly for a vast
- Cricket Bashers: At their peak at the Sharja Final

MARCH 1994  (110 min.)
- Quacks: Practicing with impunity
- Bobbit Fever: Copycat crimes in India
- Prabhu Deva: Desi Michael Jackson
- Sharja Cricket Tournment: Should India venture against Pakistan?
- Geneva Human Rights Conference: Pakistan's withdrawal
- Ismail Merchant's "Muhafiz": Interview
- Devika Rani Roerich: Passing of an era in cinema
- Controversial Robin Raphel: Returns to India
- Mayavati (BJP) Attacks Mahatma Gandhi
- Phoolan Devi: Sued by Behmai villagers
              : Estranged husband interviewed
- Sophaiya - MTV's Veejay: Desi Favorite
- Robin Raphel: Sugar-coated reception
- Indo-Pak Consulates: Bombay Consulate closed
- Davis Cup - Star Ramesh Krishnan pulls out
FEBRUARY 1994 (120 min.)
- Kidnapping: A booming industry
- Rape and Sexual Assult: When "no" means . . .
- Pakistani Propoganda on Kashmir
- Aids in India: Thrown out of hospitals
- Kapil Dev: Highest cricket taker in the world
- Phoolan Devi: Interviewed before release
- Rupert Murdoch: What's the circus?
- Mercenaries in Kashmir: No secret
- Lottery Craze: Addicts ruin lives
- Obscene Songs and Dances: How far should people go?

1994 JANUARY (70 minutes)
- Kanshi Ram: Messiah or Monster?
- Tantra: Secrets of the Dark Art
- Madhu Bala: Prostitute's daughter turned teacher
- Harpreet Saini: Poetry of Pain
...AND *How would you change the world?

1993 DECEMBER (80 minutes)
- Jhuggi dwellers: The forgotten people
- Coal mines: The underground inferno
- MCC: Parallel courts
- Bombay vs Delhi: The mother of all battles
- Shamshad Begum: Down memory lane

1993 NOVEMBER (82 minutes)
- Hazratbal: The siege within
- Earthquake survivors: Picking up the threads
- Phoolan Devi: The caged dacoit queen
- Diwali: Fire alert
- Sanju Baba comes of age?

1993 OCTOBER (106 minutes)
- Crosstalk: The sting of the COPRA
- N T R: Abhi to mein Jawan hoon.
- Satis Gujral: The man behind the artist.
- Asha Bhonsle: Sweet sixty.

1993 SEPTEMBER (67 minutes)
- Muzaffarnagar beheading: Medieval barbarism
- Madras bomb blast: RDX warfare
- Prostitution: Sex on sale, H.I.V. comes free
- Grooms Bazaar: Buying a suitable boy
- Juhi Chawla: Sugar & Spice. Is all that nice?

1993 August
- No Confidence; Oppositon parties lose motion - Congress loses face.
- Kashmir: The two sides of human rights. 
- Talaq: Time for reform.
- Train mishap: Track of negligence.
- Choli ke peeche kya hai: Boom or bust.
- . . . and an update on Harshad Mehta.

1993 July (78 minutes0
- Harshad Mehta: The payoff and other allegations.
- Som Yagya: Bhogi yogis.
- Kashmir: Just holding on.
- Manipur: Another Paradise Lost.
- Apache Indian: Apna munda from .

1993 June (116 minutes)
- V. Ramaswami: Justice Abstained.
- Red Line Buses: Licenced to kill.
- Hot Shots:
- Cross-talk: "Clean up the judiciary -  but how?"

1993 May (98 minutes)
- Pawar Struggle: One step down, two steps up.
- Veerappan: Wanted dead or alive.
- Sanjay Dutt: Playing with fire.
- Gita Mehta: The sutradhar.
- Hot Shots

1993 April (100 minutes)
- Bombay: Burns again.
- Pakistan: Their point of view.
- Punjab: Super cop - riding high.
- Hot Shots
- Achrekar: Cricket guru.

1993 March (90 minutes)
- BJP Rally: Whose victory was it anyway?
- Bombay wireless messages: The true story behind the tapes
- Shaheena's nightmare: Misguided Jehad
- Delhi riots: Whodunit?
- Moradabad tragedy: Death trap school
- Cricket victory:  Winners & losers Pride & Prejudice

1993 February (83 minutes)
- Bombay riots; City of sorrow.
- Bombay: No more salaams.
- Surat: Those who were left behind.
- Hema Malini: Dream girl?
- Astad Deboo: An unconventional fusion.
- Song for peace: Come together.

1993 January (110 minutes)
- The Demolition Plot: A startling confession.
- BJP: Fighting days are here again.
- The real losers of Ayodhya: Children.
- Muslims at the Crossroads
- Warriors of Peace: Brave humanists
- Newstrack'92 Capsule: The best & the brightest.
- Hindu Rashtra: A sadhu's blueprint.

1992 December (118 minutes)
- Mandal: New agitation or a fizzle out?
- Cross- talk: "Will the Mandal Report damage or help the country?"
- Ayodhya: Blow by blow - demolition & its aftermath.

1992 November (92 minutes)
- Bangarappa: Bungle rappa.
- Ajmer: Sex, Tape & Blackmail.
- Cable Car Rescue: Trapped in Mid-air
- Sotheby's: Going, Going, Gone?
- Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja: Extravaganza Royale.

1992 October (119 minutes)
- Harshad Mehta; "It's not a bank scam, it's a Citi scam."
- Jharkhand: Dangerous brinkmanship.
- Shekhar Kapur: "Sex symbol - Who me?"
- Cross-talk: Does the Press go too far?

1992 September (91 minutes)
- Arjun Singh: Shadow boxing.
- Medha Patkar: Saving the 'dammed'.
- Devika Rani Roerich: "My money, my land, my house... how can they?"
- Starlight Express: Kids on wheels.
- Kal, Aaj aur Kajol: Wacky trio.

1992 August 
- Ayodhya: VHP's blueprints for the Temple.
- Kamal Nath: Politics of environment.
- Rape in Tamil Nadu: Protectors turn tormentors.
- Nana Patekar: Nana ban gaya Dada.
- Cross-talk: Ayodhya - 'What is the solution?'

1992 July (92 minutes)
- C B S E.: Education becomse secondary.
- Beating Cheating: Dangerous consequences.
- Radiation: The leathal black sands of Kollam.
- Ram Jethmalani: 10 reasons why he says he will make a good president.
- Love- Hate: India through Pakistani eyes.
- Marina Khan: Pakistani sugar and spice.

1992 June (102 minutes)
- Harshad Mehta: Explosive revelations.
- Jayalalita Vs. Press: Jaya hai, Jaya hai!!
- Discos: Bombay raat ki baahon mein.
- Crosstalk: Debate on Salman Rashdie's book and the controversy in Jamia.
- And more. . . Dominic D'souza: A positive life; a moving death.

1992 May (89 minutes)
- CWC Elections: The inside story.
- Uma Bharti: Ko gussa kyon aata hai?
- Media Revolution: Glasnost at last?
- AIDS Explosion: Now at your doorstep.
- Ajeet Jokes; Cult of the 'Lion'.

1992 April (92 min)
- Amanullah Khan's Turf: Inside POK.
- Harshad Mehta: How to make a billion.
- AIDS Patient: The new untouchable.
- Khalistan: The U.S. Connection.
- Mississippi Masala: Salaam Meera.
- Wailers: Bombay bops to Reggae.

1992 March (110 min)
- Kashmir: Hostage's trauma in captivity.
- Davos: Selling the reforms.
- Punjab: Beant's Utopia.
- Cauvery: Crossing the danger mark.
- JKLF March: Exposing Pakistan.
- Royal Visit: Of Heirs and Graces.
- Saif and Amrita: Guess who's the "Mard"?

1992 February (92 min)
- Ekta Yatra: The great flop.
- Yasser Arafat: Ask no questions.
- Janata Dal Split: To be or not to be?
- Operation Rakshak in Punjab: Battling for the elections.
- Ebrahim Alkazi: Looking back in anger.
- Vinod Khanna: Ecstacy of the spiritual star.

1992 January (92 minutes)
- Six Months of Rao's Govt: Against all odds.
- Bihar: Outlaw country.
- Quake Survivors: Left out n the cold.
- Ekta Yatra: Dangerous liaisons.
- Traffic: The road to hell.
- Sunjay Dutt: The hero survives.

1991 December (118 minutes)
- Illicit Liquor: Licenced killers.
- Bal Thackeray: Flexing muscle.
- Police - Ganster Shootout: Bombay's bloody afternoon.
- Pooja Bedi: "I wanna be India's sex symbol".
- And more . . . Capsule: The year of living dangerously.

1991 November (98 minutes)
- Army in Assam: Exclusive footage of Operation Black Cobra.
- Punjab Police: Sacrificing their families.
- Child Abuse: Innocence scarred for life.
- Satish Sharma: Mr. Fix-it turns legit.
- Rajesh Ka Shatru: Aaj ke M.P.

1991 October (100 minutes)
- Ajit Singh: Cowboy politician.
- Dhirendra Brahmachari: Stormy times, Swami times.
- Inside Tibet: Shocking atrocities.
- Crime in the Capital: You could be next!
- Shoba De: Who has the last meow? Meow!

1991 September (90 minutes)
- Madhav Rao Scindia: Opening his account.
- Sivarasan: 48 hours : The end of a manhunt.
- Doraiswamy: Suffering from captivity syndrome.
- Kala-Azar: Killer disease.
- Jackie Shroff: Suave, sexy and shy.

1991 August (96 minutes)
- Assassination Investigation: Exclusive footage of mastermind Sivarasan.
- Manmohan Singh: Unshackling the economy -- will he pull it off?
- S.B. Chavan: Hits home.
- Kashmir: Held to ransom.
- West Bengal Massacre: A hand for a hand.
- Pooja Bhatt: Up the ladder futta-futt.
- And more . . . Homosexuals: Halfway out of the closet.

1991 July (99 minutes)
- Rao Elected: Is the row over?
- Election Kaleidoscope: Oof! What a tamasha!
- Punjab: Cost of Confusion.
- Election Symbols: Bizarre Bazaar.
- Amrish Puri: Villain-in-Chief.

1991 June (114 minutes)
- The Assassination: A dream dies young.
- The Investigation: Who did it?
- Congress (I): Without a pilot
- Rajiv's men: Left in the lurch.
- Back on the Election Trail: Quick change of gears
- Epitaph: And miles to go before I sleep...

1991 May (124 minutes)
- Congress (I): "Sab try kara ji Now vote stability".
- Janata Dal: Mandal mania.
- Janata Dal (S): A pack with a solitary ace -- Chandra Shekhar.
- BJP: "Ram ka nam kare BJP ka kam".
- Jayalalitha/NTR: Tinsel campaign.
- And more . . . Defect and Rule: An eye-opener.
		 Stars fortell.

1991 April (97 minutes)
- Election race begins: The four contenders.
- Speakers: The circus in the House.
- Blood sellers: Peddling dangerous blood.
- Anupam Kher: The baddy Daddy.
- Pesi Shroff: The thoroughbred brat of Indian racing.

1991 March (110 minutes)
- Chandrashekhar resigns: Free for all.
- Gulf: Easily won war, tougher peace.
- Kashmir: Crackdown on militants.
- City of Joy: Or kill-joys?
- Jamma Chumma: The Box Office smooch.

1991 February (109 minutes)
- Gulf Crisis: Oil, Politics and War.
- Punjab: Coping with codes.
- Chandran: Reprieve for the Ripper.
- Pretty Woman: A tender heart beat.
- Naseeruddin Shah: The many faces of 'hero Hiralal'.

1991 January (120 minutes)
- Advani: Painting the country saffron.
- Jyoti Basu: The Capitalist Marxist.
- Sanjay Gandhi's Men: Surviving his death.
- Sam Fox: And her Body Music.
- Amitabh Bachchan: Mega-star inspite of mid-career blues.

1990 December (102 minutes)
- Chandrashekhar: Orchestrating power games.
- Punjab: Out of control.
- Riots: Communal hoodwink.
- Ashwini Nachappa: Switching tracks.
- Dimple: Bobby comes of age.

1990 November (110 minutes)
- Chandrashekhar/Rajiv Gandhi: Strange bed-fellows.
- BJP's Ayodhya Card: The  upsurge.
- Pakistan: Sharif landslides in.
- Arun Shourie: Dismissed but still not resigned.
- Ameeta Modi; "I was definitely not tried for murder, I was tried for an
	extramarital reltionship."

1990 October (95 minutes)
- The Mandal Movement: Delhi burns while V.P. viddles.
- Gulf Explosion: Echoes in Kerala.
- Assam: Unkept promises.

1990 September (100 minutes)
- Assam: ULFA's stranglehold -- Exclusive footage of training camps.
- The Mandal Report: Violent reactions on both sides.
- Laloo Prasad Yadav: Bihar's new watchdog.
- Boy George/Asha Bhonsle: The two Karma Chameleons.
- Newstrack capsule: The year's best.

1990 August (96 minutes)
- V.P. Singh - -  Devi Lal: Final showdown.
- Moscow Trip: Mixed Signals.
- Soviet Union: Economic Crisis.
- Rajiv Gandhi: On the comback trail?
- Zakir Hussain: Vibrations of a tabla genius.

1990 July (74 minutes)
- Kashmiris: Refugees in their own country.
- Jagmohan: Right or wronged.
- Menaka Gandhi: Fighting against odds.
- S.S. Mann/Khushwant Singh: Locking horns over Punjab.
- Mahabharat: The curtin call.
- PLUS: An international capsule.

1990 June (57 minutes)
- Punjab: Administration two steps behind.
- Kiran Bedi: Tough cop, tougher law.
- Apeejay School: Principled Principal beaten up.
- Pepsi-Thums Up: Corporate bashing.
- Shabana Azmi: Actress with a cause.
- PLUS: An international capsule.

1990 May (??? minutes)
- Devi Lal: Coup-de-Tau.
- Om Prakash Chautala: Middle aged brat of Haryana.
- Red Light Children: Born to lose.
- Ravi Shankar: His music, his life.
- Dev Anand: Romancing fit at 65.
- PLUS: an international capsule.

1990 April  NOT AVAILABLE [never produced)

1990 March (??? minutes)
- Indian Airlines: Airbus A-320 nosedives into controversy.
- Jagmohan: Great Expectations.
- Assembly elections: Advantage BJP?
- Tipu Sultan: The sword hangs over Tipu.
- Exclusive footage of violence in Meham.

1990 February (90 minutes)
- Mulayam Singh Yadav: The little toughie of U.P.
- Reservations: Beyond the Peter Principle.
- Devraha Baha: yogi spurring politics.
- Cricketers: Ring out the old, Bring in the new.
- Randhir Kapoor's Henna: RK Films Banner flies again.

1990 January (69 minutes)
- Kashmir: On a short fuse.
- Punjab: Time for action.
- Media: Unmuzzling Doordarshan and AIR.
- State of the Economy: Empty coffers?
- Madhuri Dixit: the  girl.
- Y.S.L.: French couture falls flat.

1989 December (121 minutes)
- V.P. Singh: The new Prime Minister.  What lies ahead?
- Rajiv Gandhi: Reprimand for a P.M.
- Ayodhya: Electoral Fallout.
- Kaleidoscope: Election Circus.
- Actors: Rallying around.
- And More . . . - Media: To believe or not to believe.
		 - Punjab: Extremists enter mainstream.

1989 November (90 minutes)
- Rajiv Gandhi: The last 5 years -- inside out.
- Opposition: Election heats -- Politicobatics for opposition leadership.
- N. Ram: Uncovering the cover-up.
- Raj Mohan Gandhi: The Asli-Naqli Gandhi.
- Raj Babbar: Political role-playing.
- Imran Khan: Player or Playboy?

1989 October (89 minutes)
- V.P. Singh: Accountability of Ajeya Singh's accounts.
- Chandrashekar: Old Turk, same old threat.
- Cinthol-Liril Ad War: the Battle of the Bubble.
- Kamal Hasan: The man, the actor, the legend.
- Batdance: Prince swinging with the bats.

1989 September (94 minutes)
- Wadia-Ambani: Murder conspiracy or frame-up?
- Bombay: Sharad Pawar's massive landscam.
- Contaminated Glucose: the death drip.
- Cricket: Board stumps players.
- NEWSTRACK'S Anniversay Issue: The Year's Best.

1989 August (86 minutes)
- N.T.R.: Cultivating his cult.
- Moga: Massacre at dawn.
- Modis: Yet another split.
- Suicides: The final push over the edge.
- Alisha: Baby Doll or Material Girl?

1989 July (111 minutes)
- Kashmir: The militant underside.
- K.K. Tewari: His Master's Voice.
- Indian Post: Press under pressure.
- School Children: In the rat race for kindergarten.
- BMX: Teen trend-Tricks on bikes.
- Mumtaz: The return of the millionairess.

1989 June (95 minutes)
- Nepal: Shortage and shortcomings -- on the spot report on a diplomatic
- Karnataka: Curtains for Bommai -- backstage with stab in the back
- Generation gap: As yuppie couples grow up into parenthood, is the
		generation gap closing?
- Narora: Is the nuclear power plant near Delhi a Chernobyl-type ticking
		atomic bomb?
- Mithun Chakraborty: A profile of the king of desi disco.

1989 May (90 minutes)
- Arun Nehru: Man of the future or man of the past?
- Bodo Land Agitation: Militant agitation on a short fuse.
- Vijay Amritraj: Backs out of the Davis Cup -- Why?
- Anil Kapoor: The double-stubble man for all seasons.
- Fashion Designers: Pirouetting all the way to the bank.
- Zubin Mehta: An interview with the maestro.

1989 April (90 minutes)
- Afghanistan: On the spot report from Kabul on Soviet pullout aftermath.
- Ram Jethmalani: Ace=criminal lawyer cross-examined.
- Haji Mastan: Reveals the mechanics of the underwood.
- Child Labour: children burdened with premature adulthood.
- Zoonie: Muzaffar Ali's multi-crore film starring Dimple.

1989 March (86 minutes)
- Bihar: The congress party walks a shaky tightrope as miltancy of
		dissidents rises.
- Swamy: Hegde and other opposition stalwarts retaliate to Swamy's
		escalating tirade.  Who is the winner?
- Sanjay Khan: A flashfire burns SanjayKhan's dream project -- 'The Sword
		of Tipu Sultan'.  Who was responsible?
- Musicians: A look into the appaling living and working conditions of
		award winning craftsmen and performing artistes.
- Kumbh: The magic of the awesome congregation at the Maha Kumbh.  Rare
		glimpses of Naga Sadhus.

1989 February (92 minutes)
- Devi Lal: Profile of a fiery opposition don; surrounded by
- Hashmi: The brutal murder of a cultural activist shocks the nation --
		an interview with his alleged killer.
- Indian Airlines: Why is Indian Airlines in such a mess?
- AIDS: The tip of the iceberg -- the killer disease is too close for
		comfort in India.
- Knock-out Advertising: Competing brands go for the jugular in
- Kabir Bedi: His loves, his life and his career.

1989 January (100 minutes)
- Tamil Nadu Elections: The countdown begins - the battling hopefuls.
- Rajneesh: The return of the native.
- Street Children: Their trauma and tragedy, their humour and hope.
- Pitroda: The hi-tech troubleshooter.
- Nelson's Club: India's first women's club opens with a bang.
- Aamir Khan: Aamir - mania flutters teenagers' hearts.
- And more . . . Mickey Mouse: Mickey Mouse comes to India to celebrate
		his 60th birthday.

1988 December (126 minutes)
- Bofors
- Benazir
- Tikait
- Patna Aftercare House
- DCM story
- Rashan Seth
- Film, M. Nair (Salaam Bombay)

1988 November (96 minutes)
- Menaka Gandhi: Finally clears the gossip-rumour mill by talking about
		things she has never discussed before.
- Return of the Black Sheep: Pranab Mukherjee, Antulay, S.C. Shukla
		return to the Congress fold, the latest turncoat politicians.
- Mystery Fever: A namelss fever that has swept the country.
- Hijras: A part of our society rejected mercilessly, Newstrack explodes
		all the myths.
- P.T. Usha: She was the country's best bet.  What went wrong?  Who is
- Human Rights Concert: Music-Happening of the Decade.  Mega-Rock stars
		speak out.

1988 October (96 minutes)
- Modi murder
- Hegde
- Children of Punjab
- Singhavia
- Film
- S. Sinha
- Olympics
- Dirty Dancing

1988 September (90 minutes) (beginning of Newstrack)
- V.P. Singh on V.P. Singh: Would he make a good PM?  Assess for yourself.
- The Women of Paradia: For the first time you will see their trauma,
		terror and tears.
- Indu Arora: An account of the gruesome murder of her children: see Indu
		Arora's true picture emerge.
- Shashi Kapoor: Talks of his new Indo-Soviet fantasy film 'Ajooba', of
		his personal life and future plans.
- Ensemble: India's first high fashion store in Bombay: see the swish and
		swirl of designer creations.
- Indian Hockey: Will india make it at the Seoul Olympics?  a behind the
		scenes assessment.
- And more . . . - The Bombay Stock Exchange: Will the bubble rise or
			burst?  In-depth analysis of the stock market mood.
		 - Bhayanak Mahal: Newstrack's Film Review gives you a
			spine-chilling glimpse of this horror movie.

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