New TOCs as of June 1998
V.5:No. 1-2 January-February 1997 #284-285

"Recent Trends in Indian Archaeology," Suraj Bhan, p. 3

"Unreason and Archaeology: The 'Painted Grey-Ware' and Beyond," Irfan Habib, p. 16

"Jallianwala Bagh: A Critical Juncture in the Indian National Movernent," KL Tuteja, p. 25

"Credit and Marketing of Sugarcane: A Field Study of Two Villages in Western Uttar Pradesh," Kalim Siddiqui, p. 62

Book Review
Qeyamuddin Ahmad reviews M. Athar Ali, The Mughal Nobility Under Aurangzeb, Rev. Ed., OUP, 1997, pp. 1+XXV+1-294, Price, Rs. 475.00. p. 94-98.

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