The Indian Economic
and Social History Review

Volume XXXV Number 4 October-December 1998

SANJAY GARG/ Sikka and the crown: Genesis of the Native Coinage Act, 1876, p. 359

RAVI AHUJA/ Labour unsettled: Mobility and protest in the Madras region, 1750-1800, p. 381

N. BENJAMIN/ Trading activities of Indians in East Africa (with special reference to slavery) in the nineteenth century, p. 405

ALOK SHEEL/ Bubonic plague in south Bihar: Gaya and Shahabad districts, 1900-1924, p. 421

    Book Reviews
  • Henriette Bugge, Mission and Tamil Society: Social and Religious Change in South India (1840-1900), by Susan Visvanathan, p. 443
  • Partha Chatterjee, A Possible India: Essays in Political Criticism; idem, The Present History of West Bengal: Essays in Political Criticism, by Partho Datta, p. 444
  • David Ludden, ed., Making India Hindu: Religion, Community and the Politics of Democracy in India, by T.N. Madan, p. 445
  • Shail Mayaram, Resisting Regimes: Myth, Memory and the Shaping of a Muslim Identity, by Badri Narayan, p. 447
  • Anthony Gordon O'Brien, The Ancient Chronology of Thar: The Bhattika Laukika and Sindh Eras, by Upinder Singh, p. 449
  • Christopher Shackle and Javed Majeed, Hali's Musaddas: The Flow and Ebb of Islam, by C.M. Naim, p.451

Index to Volume XXXV, p. 457

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