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The Indian Economic and Social History Review, 1997
Index to Volume XXXIV
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Bauss, Rudy: A demographic study of Portuguese India and Macau as well as comments on Mozambique and Timor, 1750-1850 (pp. 199-216)

Bauss, Rudy: Textiles, bullion and other trades of Goa: Commerce with Surat, other areas of India, Luso-Brazilian ports, Macau and Mozambique, 1816-1819 (pp. 275-87)

Chakrabarti, Shubhra: Intransigent shroffs and the English East India Company's currency reforms in Bengal, 1757-1800 (pp. 69-94)

Chowdhry, Prem: A matter of two shares: A daughter's claim to patrilineal property in rural north India (pp. 289-320)

Dangwal, Dhirendra Datt: State, forests and graziers: Impact of colonial forestry on peasants, Gujars and Bhotiyas (pp. 405-436)

Ghosh, Papiya: Muttahidah qaumiyat in aqalliat Bihar: The Imarat i Shariah, 1921-1947 (pp. 1-20)

Guha-Thakurta, Tapati: The museurnised relic: Archaeology and the first museum of colonial India (pp. 21-51)

Mayaram, Shail: Mughal state formation: The Mewati counter-perspective (pp. 170-97)

Roy, Kaushik: Recruitment doctrines of the colonial Indian Army, 1859-1913 (pp. 321-54)

Roy, Tirthankar: Capitalism and Community: A Study of the Madurai Sourashtra (pp. 437-464)

Saberwal, Vasant K.: Bureaucratic agendas and conservation policy in Himachal Pradesh, 1865-1994 (pp. 465-498)

Sangwan, Satpal: The strength of a scientific culture: Interpreting disorder in colonial science (pp. 217-50)

Sen, Indrani: Between power and 'purdah': The white woman in British India, 1858-1900 (pp. 351-76)

Sivasubramonian, S.: Revised estimates of the national income of India, 1900-1901 to 1946--47 (pp. 113-69)

Venkatachatapathy, A.R.: Domesticating the novel: Society and culture in inter-War Tamil Nadu (pp. 53-67)

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Book Reviews
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  • Breman, Jan: Footloose Labour, by Tirthankar Roy (pp. 377-79)
  • Chandler, David: The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army, by Kaushik Roy (p. 499-501)
  • Chandra, Satish: Historiography, Religion and State in Medieval India, by Shalin Jain (p. 379)
  • Chatterjee, Kumkum: Merchants, Politics and Society in Early Modern India, Bihar: 1733-1820, by Lakshmi Subramanian (p. 501-503)
  • Chaudhury, Sushil: From Prosperity to Decline: Eighteenth-Century Bengal, by Lakshmi Subramanian (pp. 379-82)
  • Cook, S.B.: Imperial Affinities: Nineteenth Century Analogies and Exchanges between India and Ireland, by S. Ambirajan (pp. 251-52)
  • Crook, Nigel: India's Industrial Cities: Essays in Economy and Demography, by Nasir Tyabji (pp. 95-96)
  • Engels, Dagmar: Beyond Purdah? Women in Bengal 1890-1939, by Rajat Kanta Ray (p. 503-506)
  • Fay, Peter Ward: The Forgotten Army, India's Armed Struggle for Independence, 1942-45, by Kaushik Roy (pp. 253-54)
  • Fisher, Michael H.: The First Indian Author in English: Dean Mohamed (1759-1&51) in India, Ireland, and England, by Indrani Chatterjee (pp. 385-87)
  • Forbes, Geraldine: Women in Modern India, by Rajat Kanta Ray (p. 503-506)
  • Gommans, Jos J.L.: The Rise of the Indo-Afghan Empire: c. 1710-1780, by Kaushik Roy (pp- 382-84)
  • Goody, Jack: The East in the West, by Tirthankar Roy (pp. 387-89)
  • Hauser, Walter, ed.: Swami Sahajanand and the Peasants of Jharkhand: A View from 1941, by K.S. Singh (pp. 97-98)
  • Henning, C.G.: The Indentured Indian in Natal (1860-1917), by Rana P. Behal (pp. 99-101)
  • Jayavardena, Kumari and Malathi de Alwis, eds: Embodied Violence: Communalising Women's Sexuality in South Asia, by Rajat Kanta Ray (p. 503-506)
  • Kripal, Jeffrey J.: Kali's Child. The Mystical and the Erotic in the Life and Teachings of Ramakrishna, by Rajat Ray (pp. 101-4)
  • Kulke, Hermann, ed .: The State in India, 1000-1700, by Chetan Singh (pp. 104-6)
  • Liu, Tessie P.: The Weaver's Knot. The Contradictions of Class Struggle and Family Solidarity in Western France, 1750-1914, by G. Balachandran (pp. 391-93)
  • Low, D.A.: The Egalitarian Moment: Asia and Africa 1950-1980, by Dharma Kumar (pp. 393-94)
  • Mathew, K.S., ed.: Mariners, Merchants and Oceans: Studies in Maritime History, by Lakshmi Subramaniam (pp. 254-56)
  • Moosvi, Shireen: Episodes in the Life of Akbar: Contemporary Records and Reminiscences, by Tasneern Suhrawardy (pp. 257-58)
  • Oddie, Geoffrey A.: Popular Religion, Elites and Reform: Hook-swinging and its Prohibition in Colonial India, 1800-1894, by Dharma Kumar (pp. 394-95)
  • Padel, Felix: The Sacrifice of Human Being: British Rule and the Khonds of Orissa, by Savyasachi (pp. 106-9)
  • Pinch, William R.: Peasants and Monks in British India, by Seema Alavi (p. 506-507)
  • Ray, Rajat K., ed.: Mind, Body and Society: Life and Mentality in Colonial Bengal, by Swaraj Basu (pp. 258-60)
  • Reddy, M. Atchi: Lands and Tenants in South India: A Study of Nellore District 1850-1990, by Sumit Guha (pp. 109-111)
  • Robson, Brian, ed.: Roberts in India, The Military Papers of Field Marshal Lord Roberts, 1876-1893, by Kaushik Roy (pp. 260-62)
  • Roy, Kumkum: Emergence of Monarchy in North India, Eighth-Fourth Centuries BC: As Reflected in the Brahmanical Tradition, by Nayanjot Lahiri (pp. 262--64)
  • Samad, Yunus: A Nation in Turmoil, Nationalism and Ethnicity in Pakistan, 1937-1958, by Neera Chandhoke (pp. 264-.66)
  • Sen, Amiya P.: Hindu Revivalism in Bengal 1872-1905: Some Essays in Interpretation, by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay (p. 507-510)
  • Seneviratna, Anuradha, ed.: King Asoka and Buddhism: Historical and Literary Studies, by Nayanjot Lahiri (pp. 267-68)
  • Shulman, David, ed.: Syllables of Sky: Studies in South Indian Civilization in Honour of Velcheru Narayana Rao, by C.J. Fuller (pp. 395-97)
  • Simeon, Dilip: The Politics of Labour under Late Colonialism: Workers, Unions and the State in Chota Nagpur, 1928-1939, by Sumit Sarkar (pp. 397-400)
  • Smith, Richard Saumarez: Rule by Records: Land Registration and Village Custom in Early British Panjab, by Minoti Chakravarty Kaul (pp. 389-91)
  • Srinivas, M.N.: Indian Society -through Personal Writings; Village, Caste, Gender and Method: Essays in Indian Social Anthropology, by Ghanshyam Shah (pp. 510-13).
  • Tyabji, Nasir: Colonialism, Chemical Technology and Industry in Southern India, by Deepak Kumar (pp. 400-3)
  • Venkatachalapathy, A.R., ed.: Bharatiyin Karutthuppadangal India, 1906-1910, by S. Ambirajan (pp. 269-70)
  • Yanagisawa, H.: A Century of Change: Caste and Irrigated Lands in Tamil Nadu 1860s-1970s, by Dharma Kumar (pp. 513-14)

    Short Notices

  • Lee, James and Cameron Campbell: Fate and Fortune in Rural China: Social Organization and Population Behaviour in Liaoning 1774-1873.
  • Robb, Peter, Kaoru Sugihara and H. Yanagisawa: Local Agrarian Societies in Colonial India: Japanese Perspectives
  • Stein, Burton and Sanjay Subrahmanyam, eds: Institutions and Economic Change in South Asia

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