The Indian Economic and
Social History Review
, 1995

Index to Volume XXXII - 1995

Articles & Book reviews


Bhattacharyya, Harihar: The Reang Rebellion in Tripura, 1943-45 and the Birth of an Ethnic Identity (pp. 375-90)
Evans, Barbara: Constructing a Plantation Labour Force: The Plantation-Village Nexus in South India (pp. 155-76)
Farooqui, Amar: Opium Enterprise and Colonial Intervention in Malwa and Western India 1800-1824 (pp. 447-73)
Hann, Arjan de: Migration in Eastern India: A Segmented Labour Market (pp. 51-93)
Krishan, Shri: Peasant Mobilisation, Political Organisations and Modes of Interaction: The Bombay Countryside 1934-41 (pp. 429-46)
Mann, Michael: A Permanent Settlement for the Ceded and Conquered Provinces: Revenue Administration in North India, 1801-1833 (pp. 245-69)
Mukhopadhyay, Bhudev: India's History Revealed in a Dream (Translated by Sujit Mukherjee) (pp. 219-44)
Oddie, Geoffrey A.: Old Wine in New Bottles? Kartabhaja (Vaishnava) Converts to Evangelical Christianity in Bengal, 1835-1845 (pp. 327-43)
Pope, Andrew: British Steamshipping and the Indian Coastal Trade, 1870-1915 (pp. 1-21)
Prashad, Vijay: The Killing of Bala Shah an the Birth of Valmiki: Hinduisation and the Politics of Religion (pp. 287-325)
Raina, Dhruv and S. Irfan Habib: Bhadralok Perceptions of Science, Technology and Cultural Nationalism (pp. 95-117)
Srivathsan, A.: The Persecution of Ramanuja: A View from the Srirangam Temple Complex (pp. 475-87)
Subrahmanyam, Sanjay: The Politics of Fiscal Decline: A Reconsideration of Maratha Tanjavur, 1676-1799 (pp. 177-217)
Sundar, Nandini: The Dreaded Danteswari: Annals of Alleged Sacrifice pp. 345-74)
Tyabji, Nasir: Public Sector Investment and Technology Choice in the Transportation Industry in Madras (pp. 23-49)
Vijaya, T.P.: Honour in Chains: The Problem of Hitti-Bitti Chakri in Jama Tenure in Coorg, 1800-1930 (pp. 135-53)
Willmer, David: The Islamic State as Telos: Mumtaz Shah Nawaz's Narrative of Pakistan and Modernity (pp. 413-27)


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