The Indian Economic and Social History Review, 2000
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  • Banerjee, Prathama/Debt, Time and Extravagance: Money and the Making of `Primitives' in Colonial Bengal (no. 4, pp. 423-445).
  • Banthia, Jayant and Tim Dyson/Smallpox and the Impact of Vaccination among the Parsees of Bombay (no. 1, pp. 1-25).
  • Chakraborty, Pratik/Science, Nationalism and Colonial Contestations: P.C. Ray and his Hindu Chemistry (no. 2, pp. 185-213).
  • Chatterjee, Indrani/A Slave's Quest for Selfhood in Eighteenth-Century Hindustan (no. 1, pp. 53-86).
  • Choudhury, Deep Kanta Lahiri/'Beyond the Reach of Monkeys and Men'? O'Shaughnessy and the Telegraph m India c. 18.16-56 (no. 5, pp. 5.11-3Sy).
  • Constable, Philip/Sitting on the School Verandah: The Ideology and Practice of Untouchable Educational Protest in Late Nineteenth-Century Western India (no. 4, pp. 383-422).
  • Fisher, Michael H./Representing �His' Women: Mirza Abu Talib Khan's 1801 `Vindication of the Liberties of Asiatic Women' (no. 2, pp. 215-237).
  • Frost, Marcia J./Coping with Scarcity: Wild Foods and Common Lands: Kheda District (Gujarat, India), 1824/5 (no. 3,pp.295-329).
  • Ghosh, Anindita/Valorising the `Vulgar': Nationalist Appropriations of Colloquial Bengali Traditions, c. 1870-1905 (no. 2, pp. 151-183).
  • Gupta, Charu/Hindu Women, Muslim Men: Cleavages in Shared Spaces of Everyday Life, United Provinces, c. 1890-1930 (no. 2, pp. 121-149).
  • Naregal, Veena/Language and Power in Pre-Colonial Western India: Textual Hierarchies, Literate Audiences and Colonial Philology (no. 3, pp. 259-294).
  • Robb, Peter/Credit, Work and Race in 1790s Calcutta: Early Colonialism through a Contemporary European View (no. 1, pp. 27-51).
  • Samaddar, Ranabir/Leaders and Publics: Stories in the Time of Transition (no. 4, pp.447-477).
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Book Reviews

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  • Ali, M. Athar: The Mughal Nobility under Aurangzeb, by Munis D. Faroqui (no. 1, pp. 88-91).
  • Anderson, Michael R. and Sumit Guha, eds: Changing Concepts of Rights and Justice in South Asia, by Nita Kumar (no. 1, pp. 87-88).

    p. 498 / The Indian Economic and Social History Review, 37, 4 (2000)

  • Baak, Paul Erik: Plantation, Production and Political Power: Plantation Development in South-west India in a Long Term Historical Perspective, 1743-1963, by V.J. Varghese (no. 4, pp.484-486).
  • Balachandran, G.: The Reserve Bank of India, 1951-1967, by Nasir Tyabji (no.3,pp.374-376).
  • Bartholomeusz, Tessa J.: Women under the Bo Tree: Buddhist Nuns in Sri Lanka, by Richard H. Davis (no. 3, pp. 372-374).
  • Bhargava, Meena: State, Society and Ecology: Gorakhpur in Transition 1750-1830, by Tirthankar Roy (no. 4, pp. 490-491).
  • Bouillier, Veronique: Ascetes et Rois � Un monastere de Kanphata Yogis au Nepal, by Dominique-Sila Khan (no. 1, pp. 91-92).
  • Chakravarti, Uma: Rewriting History: The Life and Times of Pandita Ramabai, by Rajat Kanta Ray (no. l , pp. 92-94).
  • Chandhoke, Neera: Beyond Secularism: The Rights of Religious Minorities, by Javeed Alam (no. 4, pp. 481 -484).
  • Deliege, Robert: The Untouchables of India, by Vijay Prashad (no. 3, pp. 366-368).
  • Edney, H. Matthew: Mapping an Empire: The Geographical Construction of British India, 1765-1843, by Kapil Raj (no. 3, pp. 361-364).
  • Epp, Charles R.: The Rights Revolution: Lawyers, Activists and Supreme Court in Comparative Perspective; Gurpreet Mahajan, Identities and Rights: Aspects of Liberal Democracy in India; Satish Saberwal and Heiko Sievers, eds, Rules, Laws, Constitutions; and Stanley Yeo, Unrestrained Killings and the Law: A Comparative Analysis of the Laws of Provocation and Excessive Self-Defence in India, England and Australia, by Neera Chandhoke (no. ],pp. 94-96).
  • Geetha, V. and S.V. Rajadurai: Towards a Non-Brahmin Millennium: From Iyothee Thass to Periyar, by Sumathi Ramaswamy (no. 1, pp. 97-99).
  • Glushkova, Irina and Anne Feldhaus, eds: House and Home in Maharashtra, by Aniket Jaaware (no. 1, pp. 99-102).
  • Grewal, J.S.: Contesting Interpretations of the Sikh Tradition, by J.P.S. Uberoi (no.1,pp.102-104).
  • Habib, S. Irfan and Dhruv Raina, eds: Situating the History of Science: Dialogues with Joseph Needham, by Nasir Tyabji (no. 4, pp. 488 490).
  • Hambye, E.R.: History of Christianity, Volume III, Eighteenth Century, by Suguna Ramanathan (no. 3, pp. 368-371).
  • Hasan, Mushirul, ed.: Islam, Communities and the Nation: Muslim Identities in South Asia and Beyond, by Steven Wilkinson (no. 1, pp. 104-105).
  • Hasan, Mushirul, ed.: Knowledge, Power & Politics Educational Institutions in India, by Suresh Chandra Shukla (no. 1, pp. 106-107).
  • Islam, M. Mufakharul: Irrigation, Agriculture and the Raj: Punjab 1887-1947, by David Gilmartin (no. 4, pp. 486-488).
  • Jeffery, Patricia and Amrita Basu, eds: Resisting the Sacred and the Secular: Women's Activism and Politicized Religion in South Asia; Rajan, Rajeswari Sunder, ed., Signposts: Gender Issues in Post-Independence India, by Carol Upadhya (no. 2, pp. 239-241).

    Index to Volume XXXVII / p. 499

  • Jeffery, Roger, ed.: The Social Construction of india Forests, by Ann Grodzins Gold (no. 1, pp. 108-109).
  • John, Mary E. and Janaki Nair, A Question of Silence: The Sexual Economies of Modern India, by Kalpana Viswanath (no. 1, pp. 109-111).
  • Kleinman, Arthur, Veena Das and Margaret Lock, eds: Social Suffering, by Suvir Kaul (no. 4, pp. 491 -494).
  • Lewis, Suzanne: The Rhetoric of Power in the Bayeux Tapestry, by Mani Shekhar Singh (no. 2, pp. 244-245).
  • Michael, S.M.: Dalits in Modern India: Vision and Values, by Vijay Prashad (no.2,pp.247-249).
  • Michell, George and Mark Zebrowski: Architecture and Art of the Deccan Sultanates. The New Cambridge History of India 1:7, by Sanjay Subrahmanyam (no.2, pp.246-247).
  • Oddie, Geoffrey: Missionaries, Rebellion and Proto-Nationalism: James Long of Bengal, 1814-1887, by Prabhu Guptara (no. 4, pp. 494-496).
  • Prakash, Om: European Commercial Enterprise in Pre-colonial India: The New Cambridge History of lndia, Vol. II(5), by Chetan Singh (no. 1, pp. 111-114).
  • Ramaswamy, Sumathi: Passions of the Tongue: Language Devotion in Tamil India, 1891-1970, by Lakshmi Subramanian (no. 1, pp. 114-116).
  • Ray, Bharati and Apama Basu, eds: From Independence towards Freedom since 1947, by Kalpana Viswanath (no. 1, pp. 116-118).
  • Rubinoff, Arthur G: The Construction of a Political Community: Integration and Identity in Goa, by Rowena Robinson (no. 2, pp. 251-253).
  • Saberwal, Vasant: Pastoral Politics: Shepherds, Bureaucrats and Conservation in the Western Himalaya, by Chetan Singh (no. 3, pp. 364-366).
  • Samaddar, Ranabir: The Marginal Nation: Transborder Migration from Bangladesh to West Bengal, by Bidyut Chakrabarty (no. 2, pp. 253-255).
  • Singh, Chetan: Natural Premises: Ecology and Peasant Life in the Western Himalaya, 1800-1950, by Nandini Sundar (no. 3, pp. 371-372).
  • Singha, Radhika: A Despotism of Laws Crime and Justice in Early Colonial India, by Sandria Freitag (no. 2, pp. 241-243).
  • Sinha, Mrinalini: Colonial Masculinity: The 'Manly Englishman' and the 'Effeminate Bengali' in the Late Nineteenth Century, by Susan Visvanathan (no. 1, pp. 118-119).
  • Thapan, Meenakshi: Anthropological Journeys. Reflections on Fieldwork, by Roma Chatterji (no. 2, pp.249-251).
  • Turner, Howard L.: Science in Medieval Islam: An Illustrated Introduction, by Iqbal G. Khan (no. 3, pp. 377-378).
  • Vasavi, A.R.: Harbingers of Rain: Land and Life in South India, by Haruka Yanagisawa (no. 4, pp. 479-481).
  • Viswanathan, Gauri: Outside the Fold: Conversion, Modernity and Belief, by Sasheej Hegde (no. 3, pp. 378-381).
  • Vogt, Beatrice: Skill and Trust The Tovil Healing Ritual of Sri Lanka as Culture Specific Psychotherapy, by Reno Addlakha (no. 2, pp. 255-257).
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