The Indian Economic
and Social History Review

Volume XXXVI Number 2 April-June 1999

LAKSHMI SUBRAMANIAN/ The reinvention of a tradition: Nationalism, Carnatic music and the Madras Music Academy, 1900-1947, p. 131

INDRANI CHATTERJEE and SUMIT GUHA/ Slave-queen, waif-prince: Slavery and social capital in eighteenth-century India, p. 165

SATPAL SANGWAN/ Making of a popular debate: The Indian Forester and the emerging agenda of state forestry in India, 1875-1904, p. 187

MAHESH SHARMA/ Artisans and monastic credit in early twentieth century Himachal, p. 239

    Book Reviews
  • Dharma Kumar, Colonialism, Private Property and the State, by David Ludden, p. 259
  • Arjun Appadurai, Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization, by Nivedita Menon, p. 260
  • Adrian Hastings, The Construction of Nationhood- Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism, by T.N. Madan, p. 263
  • Jamal Malik, Colonialization of Islam.- Dissolution of Traditional Institutions in Pakistan, by Nita Kumar, p. 263
  • Lynette Olson, ed., Religious Change, Conversion and Culture, by T.N. Madan, p. 265
  • Peter Robb, ed., Meanings of Agriculture, by Tirthankar Roy, p. 266
  • Wendy Salmond, The Arts and Crafts in Late Imperial Russia: Reviving the Kustar Art Industries, 1870-1971, by Madhavan K. Palat, p. 269
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