The Indian Economic
and Social History Review

Volume XLII Number 1 January-March 2005

ANAND PANDIAN / Securing the rural citizen: The anti-Kallar movement of 1896, p. 1

NANDITA PRASAD SAHAI / Artisans, the state, and the politics of wajabi in eighteenth-century Jodhpur, p. 41

SANJAY SUBRAMANYAM / Taking stock of the Franks: South Asian views of europeans and europe, 1500-1800, p. 69

SEEMA ALAVI / Unani medicine in the nineteenth-century public sphere: Urdu texts and the Oudh Akhbar, p. 101

    Book Reviews
  • Charu Gupta, Sexuality, Obscenity, Comunnity: Women, Muslims, and the Hindu Public in Colonial India , by Sanjay Sharma, p. 131
  • Gyanendra Pandey, Remembering Partitiion: violence, Nationalism and History in India, by Anindita Mukhopadhyay, p. 134
  • Saurab Dube, Untouchable Pasts: Religion, Identity, and Power among a Central Indian community, 1780-1950, by Anupama Rao, p. 138
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