The Indian Economic
and Social History Review

Volume XL Number 1 January-March 2003

DAVID LORENZEN/ Europeans in late Mughal south Asia: The perceptions of Italian missionaries, p. 1

DAVID GILMARTIN/ Cattle, crime and colonialism: Property as negotiation in north India, p. 33

G. ARUNIMA/ Face value: Ravi Varma's portraiture and the project of colonial modernity, p. 57

RDHAN D'SOUZA/ Damming the Mahanadi river: The emergence of multi-purpose river valley development in India (1943-46), p. 81

    Book Reviews
  • Andrew Abbott, Chaos of Disciplines, by Harish Naraindas, p. 107
  • Tirthankar Roy, The Economic History of India, 1857-1947, by David Ludden, p. 109
  • Sanjay Joshi, Fractured Modernity. Making of a Middle Class in Colonial North India, by Francesca Orsini, p. 111
  • Rajen Saikia, Social and Economic History ofAssam, 1853-1921, by Tirthankar Roy, p. 113
  • Sanjay Shama, Famine, Philanthropy and the Colonial State: North India in the Early Nineteenth Century, by Visalakshi Menon, p. 114
  • Catherine A. Robinson, Tradition and Liberation: The Hindu Tradition in the Indian Women's Movement, by Charu Gupta, p. 116
  • Meena Radhakrishna, Dishonoured by History? Criminal Tribes and British Colonial Policy, by Ravi Ahuja, p. 119
  • Shamita Basu, Religious Revivalism as Nationalist Discourse. Swami Vvekananda and New Hinduism in Nineteenth Century Bengal, by Amiya P Sen, p. 122
  • Haripriya Rangan, Of Myths and Movements: Rewriting Chipko into Himalayan History; Akhileshwar Pathak, Laws, Strategies and Ideologies: Legislating Forests in Colonial India, by Archana Prasad, p. 124

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