The Indian Economic
and Social History Review

Volume XL Number 2 April-June 2003

SANJAY SUBRAHMANYAM/ Turning the stones over: Sixteenth-century millenarianism from the Tagus to the Ganges, p. 129

HARALD FISCHER-TINE/ 'White women degrading themselves to the lowest depths': European networks of prostitution and colonial anxieties in British India and Ceylon ca. 1880-1914, p. 163

RIMLI BHATTACHARYA/ The nautee in 'the second city of the Empire', p. 191

    Book Reviews
  • J.L. Gommans and D.H.A. Kolff, eds, Warfare and Weaponry in South Asia: 1000-1800, by Iqbal Ghani Khan, p. 237
  • David N. Gellner, The Anthropology of Buddhism and Hinduism: Weberian Themes, by Sasheej Hegde, p. 239
  • Mushirul Hasan and Nariaki Nakazato, eds, The Unfinished Agenda. Nation-building in South Asia. by Tirthankar Roy, p. 242
  • Jaymala Diddee and Samita Gupta, Pune: Queen of the Deccan, by James W. Lame, p. 245
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