The Indian Economic
and Social History Review

Volume XXXIX Number 2 & 3 April-September 2002
Special Issue: Land, politics and Trade in South Asia,
18th-20th Centuries:
Essays in Memory of Dharma Kumar


SANJAY SUBRAHMANYAM / Making Sense of Indian Historiography, p. 121

OM PRAKASH / Cooperation and conflict among European traders in the Indian Ocean in the late eighteenth century, p. 131

JOHN F RICHARDS / The opium industry in British India, p. 149

SUMIT GUHA / Claim on the commons: Political power and natural resources in pre-colonial India, p. 181

SANJAY SUBRAHMANYAM / Profiles in transition: Of adventurers and administrators in south India, 1750-1810, p. 197

DAVID LUDDEN / Spectres of agrarian territory in southern India, p. 233

TSUKASA MIZUSHIMA / From mirasidar to pattadar: South India in the late nineteenth century, p. 259

TIRTHANKAR ROY / Madras handkerchiefs in the interwar period, p. 285

A R VENKATACHALAPATHY / �In those days there was no coffee�: Coffee-drinking and middle-class culture in colonial Tamilnadu, p. 301

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