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Karachi ..........12 killed in city violence ..........12 killed in city violence ..........Violence claims 11 lives in city ..........26 dead as city violence escalates ..........Over 350 families rendered homeless ..........Uprooted Malir families still wait to go back home MQM ..........MQM's list of 'repressive measures' ..........Govt trying to ignite ethnic riots says MQM ..........MQM demands discussed, next meeting in Karachi ..........We didn't get govt charter, claims Ajmal ..........No-demand for separate province, Altaf assures ANP ..........Dehlavi pins hope on future rounds ..........Both sides condemn terrorism : Cases issue taken up at talk ..........Javed favours nationality status for Mohajirs ..........Babar accuses MQM of ethnic cleansing ..........MQM in broad accord with Gul ..........Govt may revise some demands on conditions US sanctions .........US unveils package to end Pressler, sanctions .........Indonesia not buying F-16s Punjab CM .........PML(J) group offers 'cooperative govt' in Punjab .........Wattoo, Saroop and PPP leaders discuss PDF alliance .........Wattoo given time to settle issues with PPP .........'Chattha best choice for Punjab chief ministership ' .........Centre, Wattoo agree : Body formed to resolve Punjab crisis PML-J ready to quit govt for PML's merger Eights Amendment under challenge in SC, says Chief Justice HRCP raps torture, wrong policies New ministry to check HR abuses India not involved in terrorism: Lambah Turmoil to end in 2 months: Babar Three US citizens arrested for smuggling heroin worth Rs 30m --------------------------------------


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Malik case not taken up by ICC


=================================================================== 950714 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 killed in city violence ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI July 13: Five MQM activists and a policeman were killed during an early Thursday morning raid on the Korangi house of a PPP councillor, which has been, forcibly occupied by MQM workers.

Elsewhere in the city six people including a local PPP leader, were gunned down raising the month's death toll to 137, a record since 1992.

The bodies of young MQM workers were brought for autopsy at the Jinnah Post-graduate Medical Centre 12 hours after their death. However, the bodies were handed over to the families without any post-mortem examination. The bodies had bullet wounds either on the waist or back. One of them was shot in the neck while another had his right hand smashed by the AK-47 bullets. There was rupture in their skin at several places which the police claimed was caused when they tried to scale the walls of neighbouring houses but fell.

Soon after the police action, supervised by the Senior Superintendent of Police, East, Wajid Ali Khan Durrani, the entire Korangi area plunged into violence as protesters set ablaze four vehicles resorted to heavy shooting and paralysed the entire area. Heavy contingents of police, backed by armoured personnel carrier, had raided the Korangi house of PPP councillor Mohammad Shafi, which had been in the control of MQM workers since June 21. Police claimed that MQM workers had raided the house of PPP councillor Mohammad Shafi at 9 pm on June 21, demanded Rs 50,000 for the purchase of arms and ammunition, kept Mr Shafi, his wife and 10year-old son hostage till June 23 and then thrown them out. They claimed further that the MQM youths, who later used the house as a torture cell, had looted all the cash and valuable. Neighbours confirmed that the house had been in the use of MQM workers but claimed the police killed all the five when one of the head constables was killed during the shootout. "There was an exchange of gunfire and then the police stormed the house. Later we were told that five boys had been killed," said a neighbour. "Three MQM workers died on the spot, and two others who were captured alive were allegedly killed in cold-blood by the police," a neighbour claimed. "I was awaken by the shooting. I heard the cries of my brother Ghazanfar, 18, and a neighbour, Imran, 15. They were crying for help. Then the police killed both of them," said Shaheen Begum, the eldest sister of Ghazanfar, whose house is opposite to that raided by the police. Relatives and neighbour who visited the mortuary of the Jinnah Post-graduate Medical Centre to collect the bodies confirmed that the youths went into the house of the PPP councillor to sleep there. "My brother was not an MQM worker. He was, you can say, a supporter. On Wednesday night, Anees, an MQM activist, came to our house and asked my brother Mazhar to accompany them if he wanted to see movies on VCR. Sometime early in the morning, Mazhar came to our house, prepared some tea and left it again. As soo n as he entered the councillor's house it was surrounded by the police," said his eldest sister Shaheen. Azizur Rehman, a newspaper hawker, whose 15-year-old son Mohammad Imran, was among the five dead, said that he had left his house early in the morning to sell newspapers. "I came to know about the incident at 4 pm. My son was not working for any political party. Now the police are claiming that he was an MQM activist," he remarked. Police, however, claimed that al1 the five who died in the encounter were terrorists. They were identified as Mohammad Imran alias Chota, Mohammad Anees alias Commando, Rao Khalid, Shafaat and Mohammad Ghazanfar alias Zafar. Head constable Mohammad Saeed was killed while another constable, Mohammad Ramzan, was wounded in the attack. A local PPP leader was killed when his Orangi clinic was raided by unidentified armed men. Dr Mohammad Irfan Shahid, area president of the PPP, was sitting in his clinic at the time of the attack. He was critically wounded and died on his way to hospital. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS 950718 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 killed in city violence ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, July 17: Twelve more people, including a police officer fell victim to the unabated violence in the city on Monday raising the month's death toll to record I72 and. the toll during the year rose to 1,107. At least five people were killed in Gulbahar alone where the police and rangers tried to demolish fresh bunkers allegedly set up by the MQM activists early on Sunday morning. The locality remained disturbed throughout the day with reports coming from the locality claimed that MQM activists were fighting with rangers, police and Haqiqi workers. Edhi volunteers found a body in a sack in the area which was later identified at that of assistant sub-inspector Abdul Razzak, 45. A note was also found on the sack, which read: "Anyone who confronts us will meet the same fate." Imran, 21, a mason, was shot dead in Gulbahar by some unidentified men. The MQM claimed he was party supporter. Another man Akhtar Ali, 38, was also killed in the same area. His family claimed he was sleeping on the rooftop when he was hit by an stray bullet. The MQM claimed that of its workers were the victim of the shooting by the rangers. In the same locality, police also found bodies of two unidentified young men, one of whom bore torture marks. Two other bodies were found in the morning at a garbage dump near Gilani Mosque at Ghulam Hussain Qasim Road in the Garden area. One of them was identified as factory worker Ayaz Ali Butt, 30. Police suspect both the victims were kidnapped, tortured and l ater their bodies were thrown at a garbage dump. In the Orangi Extension near Islam Chowk, another young man Liaquat Hussain, 25, was shot dead near his house. Sujawal, I9, an owner of, a milk shop, was found dead in Nazimabad. His body was found on railway track. A note was also found on his body which said: "Fate of an informer." An unidentified body was found in a graveyard at Baloch Para in Liaquatabad. Another unidentified man was shot dead near Rahim Public School in Korangi. Abdul Kalam, who was wounded in Pak Colony on July 3, died in the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital on Monday. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS 950719 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Violence claims 11 lives in city ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, July 18: Three women were among the 11 people who killed in the unabated violence on Tuesday raising the month's death toll to 183. At least five people were killed alone in Gulbahar area which remained disturbed throughout the day with intermittent shooting. Ethnic tension gripped the troubled locality after three members of a Sindhi family were gunned down by armed men inside their house in the afternoon. Khatija, 70, her brother; Abdul Rahim, 45, and daughter-in-law Salma, 30, wife of Badrul Islam, died and two others were injured in the attack. Usman, 40, son of Khatija and Qamar, 15, son of Abdul Rahim, were wounded in the attack and admitted to the Civil Hospital. Police accused the MQM for carrying out the attack. "There were at least 12 Sindhi houses in Ali Basti. Nearly all of them have abandoned their houses owing to threats hurled by the MQM. The family was attacked because it was still there," said a police officer of Gulbahar police station. Two other woman - Shahida, 14, and Bilquis, 50 were also fell victim of heavy shooting in Gulbahar. A 55 year old recently retired police officer was kidnapped and killed in Nazimabad No. 2. His body with hands and feet tied, was found in the boot of a car. Inspector Raja Mohammad Ishaq of Sindh Reserve Police had come from Hyderabad on Monday night and was proceeding for his Gulbahar House, when he was kidnapped and killed. Ahmed Zaman, 17, was shot dead by armed men in Madina Colony of Korangi. A young MQM worker Imran was killed in Orangi. He was standing outside his house when he was hit by bullets. Later in the night, an unidentified body was found in Orangi Extension. Police also found an unidentified body at Abyssinia Lines. Altaf Hussain, 20, resident of Ghanchipara, was killed in drive by shooting in Eidgah area on late Monday night. Hussain, who was critically wounded in the attack was taken to nearby Civil Hospital where he died of his wounds. After his death, some enrage d youths accusing lack of medical treatment to the dead, went on a rampage in the hospital and beat up a doctor. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS 950720 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 26 dead as city violence escalates ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Ghulam Hasnain KARACHI, July 19: Twenty-six people fell victim to terrorism and gunbattles between the MQM activists and members of law enforcement agencies on Wednesday, raising the month's death toll to 209. Among the dead were a four member family, six MQM workers, three policemen and two paramilitary troops. After a heavy shootout in the day between the police and the MQM workers in Gulbahar, hundreds of men, women and children abandoned their houses when an announcement on a public address system was made that rangers would launch an operation in the area. Witnesses claimed that the MQM activists asked the people to abandon their houses to save their women's honour as the rangers are going to launch a massive operation in Gulbahar near Khajji ground. The MQM activists, the witnesses said, also abandoned their bunkers after hundreds of rangers started surrounding the area before launching the operation against terrorists and criminals active in the area. 12 people were killed in district West six in district Central, and another six in district East. Five people, including a teenager, were killed in the Gulbahar area. Unidentified men kidnapped a police constable and shot him dead in Gulbahar. The body of an unidentified 13-year old boy was found stuffed in a sack in the same area. Two young MQM activists were killed when police resorted to indiscriminate shooting in Gulbahar. An unidentified young man was shot dead near Imam Zainul Abedin Hospital in Gulbahar. Four members of a family were kidnapped and killed in the jurisdiction of Mominabad police station. Unidentified men raided the house of a 70 year old owner of a sweet s hop in Orangi, kidnapped him, his 50 year old wife, 14 year old son-in-law. A couple of hundred yards away from the house all the four were shot and killed. The hands of Mohammad Yaseen were tied behind his back. Besides them, three others including a police officer were kidnapped and killed by unidentified men in Orangi. In Korangi, six people including four MQM activists were killed on Wednesday. Unidentified men killed MQM workers and later threw their bodies in Korangi. Two other MQM workers were also killed, two others were arrested while four of their companions escaped after a shootout with the police in Korangi in the jurisdiction of Zaman Town police station. Two young unidentified bodies were found in Pak Colony. Two paramilitary troops, who were employees of Defence Services Guards, were kidnapped and killed at Sharea Faisal. After killing the two, armed men stopped a taxi, shot and injured its driver and then loaded the bodies in his tax and asked him to take them away. On his way from Sharea Faisal near Rashid Minhas Road to Civil Hospital, the injured driver whose name coul d not be known tried to seek the help of two army guards on duty as Central Ordnance Depot but was refused help. The body of a woman who was tortured to death was found in a sack thrown at Chilltan Hotel in Saddar. In Khokhrapar, Abdul Rehman, 20, an Afghan national and a muezzin, was knifed to death by unidentified men. A Constable 35, was killed on the main M. A. Jinnah Road near Eidgah by unidentified men. Police claimed that he stopped two suspects at Hoor Market but one of the suspects shot and killed him. At the time of the attack hundreds of police and paramilitary troops were on duty in the area in view of a Chehlum procession. Some other constables who were with Muzammil at the time of the incident later claimed that they were unable to fire at the susp ects as the area was crowded with people. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS 950717 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Over 350 families rendered homeless ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Ghulam Hasnain KARACHI, July 16: At least 350 mainly middle-class families have been shelterless since last thursday when their houses were forcibly occupied by armed gangs in Al-Falah area of Malir after a dispute over a shrine was given an ethnic twist by some vested interests. Hundreds of women and children have spent the last three days in a make-shift tent set up a couple of hundred yards away from their lost houses while men are sleeping in the open. Several other families have shifted to their relatives' houses in other parts of the city. Worst affected are dozens of office-goers-mostly bankers who came to know about the fate of their houses on Thursday afternoon when they returned from work and since then are virtually in the same clothes they last wore to go to office. The affected families, which denied any political affiliations, accused the ruling People's Party ministers and leaders for inciting ethnic riots in the area. Crisis hit the locality on Wednesday when police booked some Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) activists for the murder of two Sindhi brothers which the neighbours claimed was the result of tension between two rival Sindhi and Baloch groups, not only involved in drug business but also eager to control the shrine of Baba Gharib Shah located in Hansabad area. The crisis was further deepened when Sindhi and Baloch residents of Siddiq Goth and Hansabad surrounded by Urdu-speaking Mohajirs were given an impression that their houses will come under attack and convinced them to send their women and children to safe r places. The next morning, affected families claimed that the drug dealers brought armed outsiders from other rural areas who started issuing warnings to the residents to vacate their houses. Thursday also witnessed heavy shooting as armed gangs which, the residents claimed were also enjoying the backing of police and rangers, knocked at their doors and asked the residents to immediately vacate the premises. Mir Zamir Ali, 43, claimed that the dowry of his three daughters was inside the house which he feared has been looted. "I attempted to visit my house but they fired at any who tried to reach the affected houses," he said. Neighbours alleged that some PPP ministers and party leaders visited the 5iddiq Goth and are allegedly inciting the Baloch youths against Mohajirs. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS 950719 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Uprooted Malir families still wait to go back home ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, July 18: Hundreds of families remained homeless in Malir for the sixth consecutive day on Tuesday as city administration was unable to help restore their houses. In the afternoon, representatives of various communities-Gujrati, Mohajir, Punjabi and Baloch met the Deputy Commissioner (East) Wajid Rana in his office. It was decided that video films of the abandoned/locked houses would be made to assess the damages caused to the houses and to make arrangements for the return of affected families to their houses. But to neighbours' utter shock the rangers did not provid e security cover to the area representatives, who, as per an earlier decision in the afternoon, intended to make the video film of the affected houses. A KESC team, which reached Hansabad area to restore electricity on Tuesday, was also unable to do its job in the absence of any security cover by the rangers. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS 950716 ------------------------------------------------------------------- MQM's list of 'repressive measures' ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, July 15: The Mohajir Qaumi Movement negotiating team leader Ajmal Dehlavi on Saturday released a list of "repressive measures" taken by the government during the period from July 6 to 14-before and after the resumption of talks between the govern ment and the MQM teams on July 11. 1. On July 6, a former MQM councillor, Aslam Sabzwari, died in police custody owing to torture by police, Intelligence Bureau and other secret agencies pawned. 2. On July 7, a case was registered at Baldia Town police station against MQM chief Altaf Hussain, Senator Ishtiaq Azhar, and MQM negotiating team members Ajmal Dehlavi and Shoaib Bokhari for snatching a yellow cab and setting it on fire. 3. On July 9, police continued aids and arrests in Hyderabad and not only the MQM activists but many pedestrians were also picked up. 4. Police and rangers resorted to indiscriminate firing in Gulberg, Water Pump and Saghir Centre areas on July 9 during the MQM protest strike damaging the walls of a number of apartments and breaking windowpanes. 5. Haqiqi and Pakistan People's Party workers backed by rangers and police looted and ransacked property in a number of houses in Orangi Town and Korangi. In Korangi, the Haqiqi men, riding in armoured personnel carriers, resorted to indiscriminate firing , and at least 25 people were killed up to July 9 during to firing by terrorists and rangers. 6. Raids were conducted in Mirpurkhas also on July 9 by police, IB and rangers, and dozens of MQM workers were taken to unknown places where they are being tortured. 7. On July 10, PPP men resorted to firing in Khawaja Ajmer Nagri PS jurisdiction due to which many people were injured and many more were forced to shift to safer places. 8. Sukkur police and rangers shot dead an MQM worker, Awan Rehman son of Abdul Sattar, in custody but depicted it as a case of encounter with police. Abdul Rehman was arrested from Khairpur on July 9, the incident occurred the very next day. 9. On July 10, the MQM came to know that hundreds of arrested Muhajir Qaumi Movement workers from NWFP, Balochistan and Punjab, including Ataullah Kurd, Iftikhar Randhava and Arbab Mushtaq, were being subjected to torture by IB and other agencies and bein g forced to leave MQM and Altaf Husain. 10. On July 10 MQM worker and sympathisers were arrested in Korangi, Orangi, Liqauatabad and North Karachi. An MQM worker Ikramullah Farooq was arrested in Orangi and later murdered. Before his arrest, his younger brother was arrested and tortured. During the entire operation, two guards of PPP MNA Afaq Shahid, Rana and -Pasha, were present with the police. 11. On July 11, while the first round of talks was continuing victimisation reached its peak and police rangers and others conducted raids in Orangi Town, Gulbahar, Federal B Area, Kharadar, Al-Fallah and Korangi. 12. MQM worker Saeed was picked from Hyderabad and later shot dead. 13. On July 12 police and rangers conducted raids at Burns Road, North Karachi, Orangi, Korangi, Lyari, Malir Clifton, Pir Colony, Mehmoodabad and F B Area and made arrests. 14. On July 12 MQM chief Altaf Hussain announcement postponement of two-day protest plan of the party. 15. Raids continued on July 13. 16. On July 13 three MQM workers and two sympathisers were murdered in Korangi. 17. Rangers and police started a "grand operation" on July 13 in North Karachi sectors E and D and picked up all above 15 years of age. 18. MQM worker Ikram Ahmed Farooqi, arrested by police on July 10 was murdered on July 13. 19. On July 14 All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation (APMSO) members were arrested from Burns Road area. 20. In North Karachi and New Karachi over 200 people were picked up on July 14. 21. Police and rangers raided the General Post Office and arrested more than 18 MQM workers including Labour Division joint incharge.

MQM demands discussed, next meeting in Karachi
*From  Nasir Malick

ISLAMABAD, July 13: The MQM demands were discussed during the second
round of the government-MQM talks in the federal capital on Thursday with
both sides agreeing to hold the next meeting in Karachi on Sunday.  

The change in the venue of talks has been made at the request of the MQM
negotiating team.
"We are satisfied with the pace of talks," leader of the MQM negotiating
team told reporters after the talks.  

The government also distributed its 21-point demands, which it claimed
was handed over to the MQM negotiating team. But MQM leader Ajmal Dehlavi
denied having received any such document.  

There was no mention of this document in the Joint statement released by
the government after the talks.  

"We have not received any such demands and you can see there is no
mention of it in the joint statement," Mr Dehlavi said.  

Ajmal Dehlavi, however, said during today's talks, the MQM demands were
discussed. "A preliminary review of our demands was made during these
talks," he said. "At least 50 per cent of them, which are less
controversial, were discussed."  

He said even on these demands, the government side said it would have to
consult the prime minister and the Sindh government.
Mr Dehlavi said all six demands for which the MQM-had launched a two-day
weekly strike were discussed. "These relate to maintenance of law and
order, providing relief to the affected families, compensation to the
families of those whose members have died 
in violence and forming a commission to pinpoint those government
officials who committed excesses during the operation," he added.  

"It was a preliminary discussion and we presented our point of view on
these demands," Mr Dehlavi said. "They were convinced on most of these

A source said the MQM today formally handed over its 18-point Charter of
Demands along with additional fiscal demands to the government side at
the beginning of the talks. Then the government side handed over its
21-point Charter of Demands to the MQM mem

The major demands made by the government were that the Altaf Group should
renounce violence, ask its workers to surrender weapons and give up its
policy of ethnic cleansing.  

"The Altaf group will ask its workers involved in violent acts to
surrender themselves before the police authorities. In exchange, the
government will consider appropriate concessions," one of the
government's demand stated. It did not specify what "appro
priate concessions" it would offer the 

The other government demands include asking the Altaf group to stop
killings of government employees, dissociate itself from demands for the
division of Sindh, condemn Indian atrocities in Kashmir and desist from
drawing any parallel between Karachi and t
he Kashmir dispute.  

Interestingly, the government's charter of demand mentions Mohajir Qaumi
Movement (Altaf) only once and that too at the end of the document, while
mostly it has been referred to as the Altaf Group.  

A government team member said the MQM suggestion to shift the talks venue
to Karachi was accepted as a gesture of "goodwill by the government

A one-page joint statement issued at the end of the talks said:  

"The government team negotiating with the MQM held five-hour discussions
during the second round of talks. During today's meeting the MQM demands
were preliminary discussed and the two sides explained their view points
about them. The six points, which ar
e of immediate nature and for which the MQM was staging a two-day weekly
strike were also discussed. The government agreed to provide some data
which was required by the MQM for furthering the talks. The two sides
agreed to restore early peace. N.D.Khan i
nformed the MQM team that Rangers were only on "defensive patrolling" in
Karachi. The two sides also reviewed the loss of life and property in
Orangi Town and other areas. It was decided to hold the next round of
talks in Karachi on Sunday at 10.00am at G
overnor's House."  

The following are the 21 points which the government handed over to the
MQM team.

1. The Altaf group shall publicly renounce violence. No calls will be
given for strikes, arson, damage to public and private property. The
leader of the Altaf group will ask his workers to surrender weapons at
police stations.  

2. The Altaf group will ask its workers involved in violent acts to
surrender themselves before the police authorities. In exchange, the
government will consider appropriate concessions.  

3. That the Altaf group will give up its policy of ethnic cleansing. It
will stop targeted killings of Punjabis, Pathans, Sindhis, Balochs and
will desist from killing Mohajirs opposed to it.  

4. The Altaf group will accept pluralistic democratic system and work
within it. For this it will tolerate and accommodate dissent from
Haqiqis, Jamaat-i-Islami, Jamaat Ulema-i-Pakistan, the PPP and the PPI.
5. That the Altaf group will stop , targeted killings of LEA (Law &
enforcement agencies), GOP (government of Pakistan) plus GOS(government
of Sindh) employees.  

6. That the Altaf group will surrender the gang leaders and its members
(names will be provided in due course).  

7. That the Altaf group will wind up its training camps in India and
recall Javed Langra and others who have been stationed there.  

8. That the Altaf group will agree that all those facing charges of
heinous crimes and allegations of sniper firing will have to face
proceedings in trial courts.  

9. That the Altaf group will not extend political support to any person
or group wanted for murder e.g. as they did in case of Aslam Sabzwari, a
wanted criminal with head money of Rs 1.5 million.  

10. That the Altaf group will disassociate from its demand for division
of Sindh, which is tantamount to division of Pakistan, or any other
scheme that seeks to alter the territories of Pakistan as defined in
Article 1 of the Constitution of Pakistan.  

11. That the Altaf group shall publicly denounce, as a principle of
policy, the atrocities and gross violations of human rights committed by
the Indian occupation forces in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The
following amongst other measures, steps and ac
tions shall be taken in furtherance of the above objectives:  

a. The Altaf group shall forthwith desist from drawing any parallel
between Karachi, which is part of Pakistan, and occupied Jammu and
Kashmir, which is an internationally recognised dispute.  

b. The Altaf group shall immediately stop all its efforts at
international forums and internally to shift the attention of the
international community from the atrocities being committed by Indian
troops in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.  

12. The Altaf group shall publicly stop its policy of Press censorship
under threat of coercion and desist from, either directly or indirectly,
interfering, coercing or intimidating the Press.  

13. That the Altaf Group shall abandon its policy of ethnic cleansing
under which it has sought to turn homogenous Karachi into a mono-ethnic

14. That the Altaf group shall withdraw its slogan: "Who is disloyal to
Quaid, deserves death".  

15. The MQM (Altaf group) shall not exploit, discredit or dishonour women
by using them or incidents relating to them for the purpose of inflaming
passions, e.g. as in the case of Farzana where medical rape had not taken

16. The Altaf group shall publicly withdraw its call: "Sell TV, VCR and
purchase Kalashnikov".  

17. The Altaf group shall pay a mutually agreed compensatory amount
according to Islamic principle of Qisas and Diyat in a fund to be created
for the welfare of the families of all those persons belonging to the law
enforcement agencies who fell victim to
 sniper firing and members of opposing political parties who have been
made victims of targeted killings by the terrorists belonging to the
Altaf group's militant faction.  

18. The Altaf group shall immediately stop its malicious campaign to
internationally defame and malign the State of Pakistan, its national
institutions and its elected government, e.g. distortion of the Prime
Minister's speech at Kasur (give them a copy o
f speech).  

19. The Altaf group will not call Mohajirs opposing them "Ghaddars".  

20. The Altaf group will welcome the Karachi package.

21. Workers of the Altaf group will close its torture chambers, stop
receiving Bhatta from shopkeepers and give up extortion of businessmen.

We didn't get govt charter, claims Ajmal  
By Our Staff Reporter

KARACHI, July 14: The head of the MQM negotiation team, Mr Ajmal Dehlavi,
said on Friday that his party was not delivered the 21 point charter as
maintained by the government.  

Speaking at a Press conference, soon after his arrival here from
Islamabad at MPAs Hostel in Azizabad, he said: "We were busy in talks
with the government team when the 21-point charter was released to the
print and electronic media by the government."  

Tariq Javed, Shaikh Liaquat, Shoaib Bokhari and Qazi Khalid, the members
of the MQM negotiation team were also present.  

He said if the government had the intention to programme to present its
demands to the MQM "it should have informed us" before handing over the
document to the print and electronic media.  

He alleged that the issuance of an "unauthenticated document' by the 
government was aimed at "sabotaging" the talks.  

"The government has tried to get the MQM provoked and to sabotage the
talks," he added.

No demand for separate province, Altaf assures ANP  
*From  A Correspondent

PESHAWAR, July 17: Awami National Party (ANP) has again expressed
dissatisfaction over the government policies, and resolved that unless it
is removed, the country could not be steered out of present predicament. 

The Deputy Secretary General of the ANP, Qazi Mohammed Anwar, a dissident
of the PPP and a former advocate general of the NWFP, at a Press
conference here on Monday released decisions taken at ANP's Central
Committee's meeting held under the presidentship
 of the party's chief, Mohammed Ajmal Khattak, at Rawalpindi on Friday

Replying to a question regarding MQM's demand for a separate province,
Qazi claimed that the MQM chief, Altaf Hussain had given a written
assurance to the ANP that his party would never demand for the division
of Sindh and termed it a propaganda by the go
vernment to portray MQM's negative impression to achieve its 'nefarious

Dehlavi pins hope on future rounds  
By Our Staff Reporter

KARACHI, July 17: The head of the MQM negotiating team, Ajmal Dehlavi,
said here on Monday that their expected meetings with the President and
the Prime Minister on the occasion of the fourth round of talks in
Islamabad on July 20 would help resolve the c
ontentious issues between the government and the MQM.  

Briefing journalists at the Karachi Press Club, he said that both the
parties had agreed to exercise restraint over the issuance of provocative
statements in order to create an atmosphere conducive to making the talks
a success. He termed the pace of nego
tiation "promising and satisfactory".  

Mr Dehlavi said: "The main theme of today's discussion was how to restore
peace and get the people rid of violence. It is an honest move on the
part of both the parties to level the ground for the resolution of

He said he and his colleagues had apprised the official team, led by
Federal Law Minister N. D. Khan, of the continuing raids on the houses of
his party workers, their arrests and killings in fake police encounters. 

The official team, he claimed had promised that these issues would be
taken up with the provincial administration. He hoped that the pace of
negotiations would be expedited and relief provided without any delay.

Mr Dehlavi said: "We are passing through a very delicate phase and it
requires that details of the talks should not be divulged the media in
the larger interest of our present exercise."  

He cautiously said: "The MQM, too, has numerous opponents as the
government has. Our opponents will never like any reconciliation between

On terrorism, he said MQM chief Altaf Hussain, in his various letters to
the President, Chief of the Army Staff and the editors of newspapers, had
not only condemned the violence against terrorism but also apprised them
of the state terrorism against the 
people. "Our entire party is deadly against terrorism and we want an end
to it", he added. "Our entire party is deadly against terrorism and we
want an end to it", be added.

Asked what the MQM would do if there was a change of government after an
agreement was reached, Mr Dehlavi said in that case the next government
would be bound to honour the commitments made by its predecessor.  

"If any change occurs, the present opposition will come into power, and
as the opposition led by Nawaz Sharif and its allies, Ajmal Khan Khattak
and Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi, are supporting the demands of the MQM, we
will be facing no trouble in dealing
 with them," he added.  

To a question, he said the MQM was competent enough to end terrorism
provided the law enforcement agencies worked for the establishment of
peace in the city, but it could not do this alone. It required the
government's cooperation. 

"Both, the government enjoying all authority and the MQM having the
mandate of the urban population, can exterminate terrorism," he said.  

Asked if an agreement were reached, where would the other terrorist
groups stand? Mr Dehalvi said they would be nowhere.  

To another question, he emphasised that both the parties should ignore
any provocative statements that may appear in the next few days. "We have
decided to end recrimination, but this decision will take some days to
get implemented at the lower levels of 
the party," he added. He reiterated that the negotiations would continue
despite "minor violations by the outer side."  

Mr Dehlavi said he had handed over a list of 300 detained workers of the
MQM, who bad been shifted to other prisons in the interior of Sindh, to
the official team to review the cases. 

Both sides condemn terrorism : Cases issue taken up at talk
By Shamim-ur-Rahman

KARACHI, July 17: At the end of the third round of talks between the
government and the MQM on Monday the two sides condemned violence and
terrorism and said they discussed matters relating to cases against
elected representatives of the MQM. They also ag
reed to hold the fourth round of talks in Islamabad on Thursday.  

In a brief joint statement issued after the talks, the two sides agreed
to refrain from issuing provocative statements against each other as part
of the confidence-building measures and decided to cooperate to restore
peace and stability to the city. The 
MQM delegation presented a list of such interned activists as were
shifted from Karachi jail to other places and asked the government to
make arrangements to bring them back to Karachi.  

The issue relating to cases against the MQM's elected representatives and
activists was also discussed. with the two sides emphasising the need to
increase the pace of dialogue for early resolution of the problem.  

The government side at the talks was led by Federal Law Minister N.D.Khan
and included MNAs Zuhair Akram Nadeem of the PML and Afaq Shahid of the
PPP. The five-member MQM side was led by Ajmal Dehlavi and included
Shoaib Bukhari, deputy leader of the oppo
sition in the Sindh Assembly; Qazi Khalid, Tariq Javed, and Sheikh
Liaquat Hussain.  

Analysts believed that condemnation of violence and terrorism in a joint
statement and acknowledgement of discussing matters relating to cases
against MQM leaders and activists was a significant step toward carrying
forward the process of dialogue.  

Javed favours nationality status for Mohajirs
Bureau Report

ISLAMABAD, July 18: Suggesting that Mohajirs be recognised as a separate
nationality, Senator Javed Iqbal on Tuesday said this would prove a
panacea for Karachi's problems. He was taking part in the ongoing Senate
debate on Karachi. He argued in favour of
 multiple nationalities and said the concept of nationalism or a
realisation of a separate identity was always sired by a sense of
deprivation and the denial of the rights of a particular community. He
said that it was naive to believe that this problem c
ould be resolved by the use of force.  

Taking his argument further, the senator said it was wrong to deny the
existence of the Mohajir nationality. " Mohajirs have been striving for
it for the past 50 years because they are fearful of suffering a fate
similar to that of the Biharis of Banglade
sh," he added.  

Criticising the government's 21 point agenda in the ongoing
MQM-government talks, he said it was a clear indication of its non
serious attitude towards the whole affair. He stressed that the MQM
demands must be accepted by the government.  

An equally severe criticism of the MQM in turn was made by Senator Hafiz
Fazal Mohammad. He said "Mohajirs" the world over always assimilated into
the culture of their new homeland and no longer remained Mohajirs.

Blasting away at the concept of a 'Mohajir nationality', he said there
was no such thing. He said: "It wasn't the homeland that didn't accept
those who had migrated from India but it were these so called Mohajirs
themselves who refuse to accept their new 
homeland, even after a passage of 50 years".

Accusing Gen Zia of furthering his political ambitions in the name of
Islam, he charged that Zia had created the MQM to bring about a schism
between the masses and their political leadership. Hafiz Fazal reasoned
that by promoting such evils as 'bradaryis
m' and ethnic prejudicies, Zia ensured that the masses and the
politicians remained preoccupied with these developments instead of
uniting against his undemocratic rule.  

Welcoming the talks he nevertheless added that they were being held in an
un-natural environment. "One side came up with 18 demands, the other shot
back with 21 of its own while there is no influential mediator between
the two who is powerful enough to ge
t the pact implemented. The president must supervise the talks."

Babar accuses MQM of ethnic cleansing
Bureau Report

ISLAMABAD, July 17: Interior minister Naseerullah Babar on Monday alleged
that Altaf group was carrying out ethnic cleansing in Karachi.
The allegation, which was instantly refuted by MQM Senators Ishtiaq Azhar
and Aftab Shaikh was levelled by Mr. Babar at the prior of the Senate.
Responding to a query from Senator, the interior minister said that the
pattern of killings during the last one month had established that the
Altaf group wanted to force people of other communities to leave Karachi.
He said that a large number of Pukhtoo
ns and Punjabis were leaving Karachi. Businessmen and industrialists in
meetings had complained that a mass exodus of Punjabi and Pathans
labourers was going on.  

MQM Senator Aftab Shiekh, brushing aside the allegation, said that the
ministers should avoid giving such statements which were likely to affect
the government-MQM talks. He said these statements would not do any good
to the talks rather these would vitia
te the atmosphere.  

Ishtiaq Azhar feared that such sort of wild allegations would not only
affect the parleys but could also ignite civil war in the city. MQM, he
said, never considered Pukhtoons or Punjabis as aliens. 

"When we talk of the rights of the people of Karachi we demand it for all
the people living in Karachi including Punjabis and Pukhtoons," he

MQM in broad accord with Gul 
*From  Ather Ali

LONDON, July 19: The Karachi situation was discussed "threadbare" at a
meeting in London on Tuesday night between the leader of the Mohajir
Qaumi Movement, Altaf Hussain, and his team and Gen Hameed Gul, former
chief of the 1st. The five-point formula whi
ch Gen Gul had discussed with Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, before
coming to London for his meeting with Mr Hussain, had already been
conveyed to the MQM leadership and considered by them.

Mr Hussain is said to have assured the general, who said he had taken the
initiative to break the present stalemate on his own, that the MQM had
gone into the talks with the government with the attitude that it would
lilce these to reach a positive conclu

Mr Hussain, also complained among other things, about the propaganda
campaign being carried out by the government and the official media
suspecting disloyalty o Pakistan. It was suggested to him by Gen Gul that
a "strong statement' from Mr Hussain in supp
ort of the Kashmir cause would go a long way in removing the wrong

Gen Gul told Dawn that Mr Hussain seemed to be of the opinion that he
would go to "the last limit" to see the talks between Government and the
MQM succeed. The MQM team feels that the 21-point charter of demands put
forward by the government is nothing mo
re than "a charge sheet". The MQM did not, during the three-hour long
parleys, once raise the demand for a separate province for the Mohajirs. 

The formula brought by Gen Gul, which has been described by an observer,
as "balanced", sets the rules of etiquette. The formula suggested holding
of a dialogue to contain the rapidly deteriorating situation in Karachi
which has "all the potential to dege
nerate into a wider and more menacing ethnic conflict". His suggestions
included the initiation of dialogue in accordance with the laid down
principles, between the concerned parties through mediators. The second
proposal is for an end to agitation/resist
ance and the cleanup operation. Thirdly, the setting up of a neutral and
authoritative administration for Karachi for interim period. Fourthly,
the organisation of ad hoc (impartial) local councils to provide civic
relief till local bodies elections are h
eld. And lastly, holding of local bodies elections.  

Among the confidence-building measures suggested is cutting off the media
campaign and hostile statements. It also calls for official efforts to
recover the missing Ms Rais Fatima and government's word of syrnpathy and
monetary relief for Ms Farzana Sulta
n. Relief for detained MQM senators is also suggested. Gen Gul's formula
urged de escalation rather than escalation of demands as well as
repression. It asked the parties to vow to help each other in exposing
miscreants and violators after the settlement.
 The post-settlement actions suggested include general amnesty for
emotionally charged crimes, trials for foreign agents and professional
criminals and the establishment of a peace corps comprising well behaved
youth to reduce overbearing presence of the 

The reaction from the MQM side to the talks is still awaited. 

Govt may revise some demands on conditions
*From  Nasir Malick

ISLAMABAD, July 15: Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on Saturday presided
over a meeting to review the law and order situation in Karachi, an
official source told Dawn.  

Before the meeting, N.D. Khan also held a separate meeting which the
Prime Minister during which he briefed her about the two rounds of talks
held with the MQM leaders.  This was the second of such meetings with the
Prime Minister during the last two days

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