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Pakistan & US ..........Pakistan wants total repeal of Pressler Law ..........Pakistan-US group meets today PTC privatisation : Qamar rules out any change in policy Countrywide strike over blasphemy law Rabbani frees three Pakistan nationals Punjab initiative on farm tax Hadood Ord to be repealed: Shahnaz Iqbal Masih's murder : HRCP team refutes allegations Senator Zahid held India pushing US towards missile race: Leghari Karachi ..........Two army personnel kidnapped, killed ..........8 killed in city violence ..........Tortured MQM men brought to court blindfolded ..........7 suspended for torture of MQM men ..........Police version on torture ..........Karachi violence: All concerned at officials' 'involvement' MQM ..........Altaf accuses Benazir of 'racism' ..........Altaf gives PM 12 days to apologise --------------------------------------


Borrowings exceed limit, investment falls short Rupee at all-time low against dollar BCCI liquidators obtain judgment against Attock Oil major shareholder Bulls fight it back to rings $13bn commitment made in power sector Govt to raise additional Rs 55bn for next budget KESC expansion plan receives setback Hub plant to produce power from June next Launching of Brotha project by August end High growth target achieved +++The Business & Financial Week ----------------------------------------


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Imran ..........Haiqa tells her side of the story


Pakistan wants total repeal of Pressler Law ------------------------------------------------------------------- Bureau Report ISLAMABAD, May 25: Cautiously welcoming the latest resolution of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on modifying the Pressler Amendment, Pakistan government has expressed the hope for a total repeal of the law. In the weekly Foreign Office Press briefing on Thursday, the FO spokesman termed the resolution, adopted by the Congress House Committee, as being "the first step towards the doing away of this inequitable country-specific law". He pointed out that once this resolution was voted into a law issues like the ban on economic assistance to Pakistan, military training, return of defence equipment spare parts, waiver of storing charges on the withheld equipment, etc., would fall out of the purview of the amendment. He added, however, that the government was constantly endeavouring to get the sanctions lifted from "other remaining issues as well". When asked to elaborate, he said the "other" issue involved defence equipment worth US $1.4 billion, for which the payment had been made in advance. Replying to various queries on the subject of the withheld F-16 aircraft, he said although the resolution was silent on the matter for the moment, it did not bar the matter from being incorporated by other senators at a later stage. **************** 950531 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Pakistan-US group meets today ------------------------------------------------------------------- FromShaheen Sehbai WASHINGTON, May 30: Pakistan will cross the first practical barrier in dismantling the Pressler sanctions on Wednesday when the Pakistan-US military consultative group reconvenes for the first time after the Pressler ban went into force. "It would be more a symbolic affair as it would mark the resumption of formal military ties between the two countries after the Pressler Amendment broke them off in 1990," a senior Pakistani diplomat told Dawn. Pakistani diplomats say the meeting of the group was would be symbolic as it would mark the undoing of the Pressler ban, practically. So far all that has been happening in Congress and the Senate has not taken any practical shape as various proposals are passing through the legislative chambers. In the past, before the Pressler sanctions were imposed, the consultative group used to meet annually and it is likely that it will revert to the old schedule. **************** 950528 ------------------------------------------------------------------- PTC privatisation : Qamar rules out any change in policy ------------------------------------------------------------------- FromMuhammad Ilyas ISLAMABAD, May 27: Syed Naveed Qamar, chairman, Privatisation Commission, ruled out on Saturday any change in the policy in regard to privatisation of Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation. "There is no need to retreat but there is the need to put in place a regulatory body which should take care of concerns being expressed by various quarters," he stated during a three-day seminar on "Pak Telecom'95" which he also inaugurated. The PTC will be succeeded by PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd) and the franchise thereof would be transferred to the strategic investor purchasing 26 per cent shares by the end of 1995, the PC chairman reiterated. The seminar has been organised by the GIK Institute of Science & Technology, Topi, and chairman of Asia Pacific Telecommunity Study Group Inter Active Communication. The purpose of the Seminar, explained the Institute pro-rector, Dr A. Rauf, in his address of welcome, was to promote collaboration and liaison between the universities and the industry. The seminar is being attended by academics and representatives of the main firms dealing with the telecommunications business. **************** 950528 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Countrywide strike over blasphemy law ------------------------------------------------------------------- Staff Report ISLAMABAD, May 27: A complete strike was observed throughout the country on the call of Milli Yakjehti Council, an umbrella organisation of various religious parties, to protest against the proposed amendments to the blasphemy law. Reports pouring in from various parts of the country said main commercial and shopping centuries, stock exchanges and currency markets remained closed and public transport stayed off the roads in all major cities. The strike remained peaceful. However, except for Peshawar where Jamaat-i-Islami chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad led a 2,000-strong procession, people did not respond to the call of MYC leaders to come out and stage rallies. The plans to bring out processions did not work because the police had picked up many of the organisers at night, the strike-leaders claimed. In Karachi, except a few private cars and taxis, which plied only in emergency cases, all public transport and vehicular traffic remained off the road. All shopping centres, bazaars, even food shops remain closed. **************** 950529 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Rabbani frees three Pakistan nationals ------------------------------------------------------------------- Bureau Report ISLAMABAD, May 28: In a special gesture of goodwill towards Pakistan, President Rabbani of Afghanistan on Sunday released three Pakistani nationals imprisoned in Kabul over a period of time and handed them over to the embassy staff at the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The three released prisoners Syed Ishaq Ali Khan, Mohammad Naeem and Iqbal Shah were taken prisoners by the Afghan government and kept in custody in Kabul. A source at the Foreign Office told Dawn that its embassy in Kabul had consistently been calling for the release of several Pakistanis detained in Afghanistan and maintained all updated list of people imprisoned over the years. The source was unable to provide any details about the three except their names. Asked about their arrival in Pakistan, the source said they would either be flown over here or travel by road and would be arriving in Islamabad shortly. According to diplomatic observes, while the number of Pakistanis imprisoned in Afghanistan is a closely guarded secret by the embassy in Kabul, the figure of detainees is "quite large". However chances for their release have now brightened with President Rabbani promising Pakistan's Ambassador to Kabul, Qazi Humayun that the Afghan government will soon be releasing them. It may be mentioned that Foreign Minister Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali last May had personally requested the former Afghan prime minister Gulbadin Hekmatyar for the releaser of four Russian prisoners of war in Afghanistan, who were handed over to the Russian deputy foreign minister at a ceremony at the Prime Minister's House presided over by Ms Bhutto. **************** 950529 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Punjab initiative on farm tax ------------------------------------------------------------------- FromShaukat Ali LAHORE, May 28: The Punjab government seems to have overcome an important hurdle by convincing strong feudal lobbies in the Provincial Assembly that they will not oppose a government proposal to generate about Rs 650 million through farm tax during 1995-96, which the big landlords have always been resisting to pay ever since it was levied in 1993. Knowledgeable sources told Dawn here on Sunday that the provincial Chief Minister, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, himself played an important role in bringing home the idea of paying agricultural tax to some of very influential feudals. "The feudal legislators in the assembly were warned that they would lose respect in the eyes of their electors if the collection of farm tax is not enhanced in the year 1995-96, specially when the federal government is hoping to enlarge tax collection by about Rs 30 billion in the coming financial year by targeting the industrial and trade sectors once again," informed sources said. They added that the matter was discussed and resolved after hectic manoeuvring by certain quarters for at least three months by taking into confidence some of the very powerful feudals in the Southern parts of the Province. The proposal of levying farm tax was made and approved by the Provincial Assembly in 1993, which incidentally had a majority of feudal members, but only on the assurance that the government was doing the exercise just to shut voices raised by the manufacturing sector which wanted to also bring the agriculture sector under the tax net. Sources said that the Provincial Government was facing a serious problem in mobilising resources under mounting pressure from Islamabad for doing so and which was not showing the generosity in supplying funds to Punjab for 199596 in the manner which it had for the current fiscal year for which the Province was obliged with an unexpected over-flow of Rs 4.28 billion. **************** 950529 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hadood Ord to be repealed: Shahnaz ------------------------------------------------------------------- FromAnjum Niaz ISLAMABAD, May 28: Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto will soon redeem her 1988 election pledge by repealing all ordinances passed by General Zia- ul-Haq which degrade women to a second class citizen in Pakistan, her Special Assistant Shahnaz Wazir Ali said here on Sunday. Ironically, General Zia had promulgated the Hadood Ordinance and the Law of Evidence weeks before the Pakistan delegation left for Nairobi to attend the UN Conference on Women. Despite receiving the Zari Sarfaraz Status of Women's Commission Report calling for legislation on equal rights for women a day before the departure of the delegation led by Begum Sarfaraz, General Zia had the report put in cold storage. Benazir Bhutto, when elected to office in her first term retrieved and made it public, but was unable to scrap the Hadood Ordinance which openly discriminated against women. Ms Wazir Ali who now goes to Beijing to lead Pakistan at the UN Women's Conference being held after a decade is pushing hard for the ratification of the Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) which Pakistan has resisted so far. The CEDAW has certain clauses on rights of inheritance which Pakistan will not ratify because of their being repugnant to Islam. Many Muslim countries have also MDAW but with reservations. **************** 950529 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Iqbal Masih's murder : HRCP team refutes allegations ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Special Correspondent LAHORE, May 28: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in its final report about the murder of Iqbal Masih, child labour leader, has debunked the allegation that he was killed at the behest of certain pressure groups. The report based on the investigations carried out by a fact-finding team of three human rights activists observed that the team had come across no evidence suggesting that the murder had political, economic or religious motives. The team consisting of Mahboob Ahmad Khan, a lawyer, Joseph Francis and Mohammad Hamza, after meeting a number of people on the spot submitted the following findings to the commission: (1) Iqbal Masih's murder was accidental. (2) The accused killed Iqbal Masih to cover up his guilt. (3) There is no conspiracy behind the killing and (4) The age of the deceased is disputed. The team observed that the people interviewed gave their statements voluntarily and answered the teams' questions without constraint or pressure. The team members, however, expressed their surprise and regrets that the eye-witnesses to the incident Faryad and Liaquat, now in the custody of the Bonded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) were not allowed to be interviewed by the team. **************** 950530 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Senator Zahid held ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, May 29: Senator Zahid Akhtar of Mohajir Qaumi Movement was arrested by the Intelligence Bureau and the Federal Investigation Agency at the Quaid-i-Azam International Airport on Monday night. Senator Akhtar was arrested as soon as he landed at the airport from Islamabad and was taken to an unknown destination. Earlier in the morning in Islamabad, he dodged the Intelligence Bureau when it tried to arrest him. **************** 950531 ------------------------------------------------------------------- India pushing US towards missile race: Leghari ------------------------------------------------------------------- Bureau Report ISLAMABAD, May 30: President Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari on Tuesday accused India of pushing Pakistan towards an expensive and non- productive missile race but said Islamabad was in a position to counter this Indian threat. Leghari said Pakistan was very disconcerted at India's missile programme as the missile race started by New Delhi was not only very expensive but also non-productive. "The Prithvi missile can reach any Pakistani city and India can hardly use this missile against any other country," he told foreign reporters. "Pakistan has several means to counter the Indian threat and we will use whatever means are necessary," he said without elaborating upon the tools with which Pakistan would counter the programme. Pakistan has said many times that it has the capability to develop a nuclear weapon but has made a conscious decision not to do so. Islamabad has also been accused by the United States of possessing Chinese-made M-11 ballistic missiles, a charge denied by Islamabad. **************** 950526 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Two army personnel kidnapped, killed ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, May 25: Two army men and two police constables were kidnapped, tortured and killed in different parts of the city on Thursday. Their bodies were blind-folded with hands and legs tied. During the last five months, over 70 personnel of army, rangers and police died in targeted killings in the city. A 26-year-old soldier of Army's Air Defence Regiment who was on a month's vacation with his family in Baldia Town was kidnapped sometime on Thursday and later his bullet-riddled body was thrown in the same area. He was identified as Mohammad Suleman, son of Mohammad Sarwar. Another soldier Abdul Wahid Bhatti was kidnapped from Landhi and was murdered in similar manner. Wahid Bhatti who was posted in the infantry regiment of the army in Quetta and had come to Karachi to meet his family. **************** 950530 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 killed in city violence ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, May 29: Eight more people, including a People's Party worker and a policeman, were killed on Monday, raising the month's death toll in violence to 130. Arif alias Panga was allegedly involved in over 70 cases, including the murders of 11 personnel of police, rangers and the army. He carried a reward of Rs 500,000 on his head. Arif who was described by the police as a free-lance killer, was killed and his four other companions were arrested after an encounter with the Korangi police. Police claimed that Arif had snatched a Suzuki Hi-Roof (CJ-6464) from Irshad and asked him to give Rs 20,000 for the release of his vehicle. A police party, which was informed about the incident, came under fire when it reached Chamra Chowk of Korangi. Police claimed that Arif, who was wounded in the encounter, was taken to a nearby private clinic, where he breathed his last. Four of his other companions-Ihtesham Mukhtar, Kashif and Ghulam Sarwar-who were present at the clinic were also arrested. Shafaat Ali, 55, was also killed when he was hit by a stray bullet in his house during the encounter. **************** 950530 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Tortured MQM men brought to court blindfolded ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Ghulam Hasnain KARACHI, May 29: The premises housing the Special Court for the Suppression of Terrorist Activities resounded with the wails of women on Monday as a police armoured personnel carrier brought four blind-folded workers of the Mohajir Qaumi Movement and dragged them to the court when their injuries hampered their walk. One of the four had a drilled left buttock, the other had a fractured right leg, the third had injured left leg and hips and the fourth had torture marks all over his body with infection in the eyes. Their bodies were smeared with a thick layer of dirt with matted hair as during 25 days of detention they were not allowed to take bath. Lawyers were shocked when the police flouting all decorum produced the four blind-folded and handcuffed men in the court of Kazi Mohammad Akbar. The presiding officer ordered the police to remove the folds after the MQM lawyers objected and described it as a "contempt of court". The four, in their 20s, were arrested on May 6 from their houses in the jurisdiction of New Karachi police station, but the police claimed they were arrested three days back, on May 27, after an encounter. Police accused them of committing dacoities and claimed that they had seized an AK-47 rifle, two pistols, a revolver and bullets from their possession. During the 25-day detention, the suspects were kept naked in the interrogation centres, tortured to get desired statements and were rarely provided meals. Garment factory worker Mohammad Shahid was hung naked upside down, beaten up with sticks and when his left buttock's skin ruptured, policemen expanded it with pointed sticks. One of his ribs was also fractured while his body bore several marks of injuries. On Monday he and three other party workers showed their injuries to presiding officer Kazi Mohammad Akbar. He ordered the jail authorities to conduct medical checkups of all the four and send a report to him. "They forced us to stand during the daytime. In the nights they hung me upside down and gave a severe beating. They provide us with water but meals are scarce. Sometimes we don't get any food at all. Sometimes they give us only one meal. I was kept blind-folded and was also shifted to an unknown interrogation centre where I was kept for six days," said Shahid who was unable to sit comfortably on a wooden bench due to a three-by-three inch wound. He was unable to say if he was also interrogated by rangers. Mamoon Rashid, who has been a newspaper hawker for the last 15 years and is the secretary of New Karachi Hawkers Association, had marks of injuries all over his body. "I feel pain in my entire body. They put us to all sorts of torture. We were picked up from our houses and were interrogated for 25 days," he said. Rashid also developed an eye infection. A few days back, a policeman provided him an eye ointment-Betnesol-N-to help reduce the pain. But Rashid, who was unaware of the type of ointment, used it not only just for his eyes but on all the injuries on his body. Another MQM worker, Abdul Razzak, 20, was sitting in the court with his fractured right leg covered with plaster. "We were kept naked during the entire period of interrogation. They asked us about the underground MQM leaders. We were also taken to the Special Security Cell of the Inspector General of Sindh Police, where we were tortured and asked the same questions all over again," he said. Jamil Ahmed, 24, had injuries in the legs and hips. "We don't know who interrogated us as we were blind-folded. They beat us mercilessly to obtain information about the underground party leaders and workers," he said. In the afternoon when the four were brought to the court, several other under-trial prisoners severely objected to the police attitude towards the injured. An exchange of hot words and a scuffle also took place. The MQM leaders and workers also exchanged hot words with the police. "Police badly treated the four. They were dragged inside the court when they couldn't walk and fell on the road. It was torturous They were crying," said Nazir Leghari of Hala, an under-trial prisoner in the Shah Bandar case. After the hearing, in which the presiding officer also issued a show- cause to Inspector Niaz Tunio for producing the suspects late, the four were taken to jail in the APC. The women relatives of the four kept crying while the four were made to board the APC without any help. "Why are they doing this to our children? Why have they tortured them? Look at their condition. These policemen are killers of our children. We won't forget this," a woman remarked. The chief of MQM Legal Aid Committee, Qazi Khalid, told Dawn that on Sunday Magistrate Shujaat ordered to send the four to judicial custody. But the police instead of taking them to prison, again took them to the police station. On Monday, the New Karachi police brought the four to the special court and told it that the magistrate had refused to issue any orders. A contempt of court application was also filed by the MQM. **************** 950531 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 suspended for torture of MQM men ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, May 30: The government on Tuesday suspended seven policemen who brought the four workers of Mohajir Qaumi Movement blindfolded, and ordered a judicial enquiry into the allegations of torture during interrogation. A handout of the provincial home department said the government had taken serious notice of the reported incident as it was not its policy to blindfold or torture any person arrested by the police. Those who were put under suspension were identified as Assistant Sub- Inspector Iqbal Chohan and constables Sardar Imam Bux, Riaz Ahmed, Aijaz, Sattar Mehmood, Mutiullah and Zulfiqar. Inspector Niaz Hussain Tunio the station house officer of the New Karachi police station, who headed the police party at the court, was sent to Police Lines (Central). The government has also appointed Sub-Divisional Magistrate Jamshed Quarters, Tariq Niazi, the inquiry officer. He has been asked to submit a report within four weeks. His terms of reference are: to enquire into the allegations of torture, reasons for bringing suspects to court blindfold, and fixing the responsibility. Meanwhile, another government handout said Chief Minister Syed Abdullah Shah had directed the home department to order a judicial inquiry into the alleged incident of torture of MQM workers. "Sindh chief minister who was in Islamabad, having read these reports, made immediate enquiries with the relevant senior officials. "He was informed that Press reports regarding the alleged torture of accused persons who were involved in a number of heinous crimes, including the murder of a member of the KMC advisory council, Sami Dehlvi, were exaggerated and not based on full facts. "The chief minister was further informed that it was incorrect that any hole was drilled into the body of any accused. [ News incomplete ]
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