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APRIL 1995
3 Letter from the editor
4 The taste of the age Sham Lal
5 Ethics for the new millenium. An interview with Hans Kung Dileep Padgaonkar
6 The culture of prosperity. A conversation with Francis Fukuyama Nathan Gardels
9 Indian Communism: Opposition, Collaboration and Institutionalisation by Ross Mallick Mohit Sen
10 Looking Through Glass by Mukul Kesavan S. Prasannarajan
12 Redefining Indian tradition Sitakanta Mahapatra
13 States, Nations, Sovereigns: Sri Lanka, India and the Emil Eelam movement by Sumantra Bose Swapan Dasgupta
14 The Feuding Families of Village Gangauli by Rahi Masoom Raza, translated from Hindi by Gillian Wright Shahid Amin
15 D. School: Reflections on the Delhi School of Economics edited by Dharma Kumar & Dilip Mookherjee Arvind N. Das
17 The riddle of Umberto Eco Bernard Willis
20 The Narrator by Makarand Paranjape Nikesh Sinhap
22 Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema by Ashish Rajadhyaksha and Paul Willemen Partha Chatterjee
23 Bhimsen Joshi: A Biography by Mohan Nadkarni Jayati Ghosh
24 Born to Work by Neera Burra Debashish Munshi
25 The Roller Birds of Rampur by Indi Rana Srijana Das
26 Yatra 3 and Yatra 4 Alok Rai
27 A chapter closes: tracing the history of a bookshop Ramesh Sharma
28 Azhar: An authorised biography by Harsha Bhogle Barry O'Brien
29 Food: An Oxford Anthology Dileep Padgaonkar
31 New and forthcoming titles
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JUNE 1995
4 Informed terrorism. An interview with Alvin Toffler Nathan Gardels
6 Critical Events: An Anthropological Perspective on Contemporary India by Veena Das Harsh Sethi
8 Red Earth and Pouring Rain by Vikram Chandra Eunice de Souza
9 Life & Lies of Bertolt Brecht by John Fuegi Sham Lal
10 Here's Someone I'd Like You to Meet: Tales of Innocents, Musicians and Bureaucrats by Sheila Dhar T. N. Madan
Mukul Kesavan
12 Event, Metaphor, Memory: Chauri Chaura, 1922-1992 by Shahid Amin Arvind N. Das
14 Capital games. A conversation with Guy Sorman Dileep Padgaonkar
15 The Age of Extremes: A History of the World by Eric Hobsbawm Tony Judt
18 Sense and Sensibility. An overview of Japanese literature Brij Tankha
19 A Personal Matter by Oe Kenzaburo Christopher C.
20 Bombay: The Cities Within by Sharada Dwivedi and Rahul Mehrotra Darryl D'Monte
22 Republic of imagination. A review of contemporary European literature S. Prasannarajan
24 Managing Monsters: Six Myths of our Time by Marina Warner Keith Fernandes
25 Sacred Virgin: Travels Along the Narmada by Royina Grewal Debashish Munshi
26 Crisis of identity. Reviews of recently-published books on Goa Frederick Noronha
28 Defining tolerance for the future Ravinder Kumar
30 Swami Sahajanand on Agricultural Labour and the Rural Poor, an edited translation of Khet Mazdoor with the original Hindi text and an introduction, notes and glossary by Walter Hauser Arun Kamal
31 Artistic amplitude. An introduction to the short stories of Bhau Padhye Dilip Chitre
32 Low life. A collection of poems C. P. Surendran
33 The Oxford Anthology of Modern Indian Poetry edited by Vinay Dharwadker and A. K. Ramanujan Jerry Pinto
34 Two sides of a disc. A review of two biographies of Lata Mangeshkar Partha Chatterjee
36 Strands apart. The story of a bookshop Bindiya Mathur
37 Maintaining the difference Urvashi Butalia
39 New and forthcoming titles
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JULY 1995
4 Life, land and language. An essay on Indo-Anglian writing O.V. Vijayan
6 Whither Marxism? Edited by Bernd Magnus and Stephen Cullenberg Sham Lal
8 Swami Sahajanand and the Peasants of Jharkhand, an edited translation of Jharkhand ke Kisan with the original Hindi text and introduction, notes and glossary by Walter Hauser Arvind N. Das
10 All time is unredeemable. An analysis of the work of Adda Bozeman Dileep Padgaonkar
12 A Son of the Circus by John IrvingMeenakshi Mukherjee
14 The responsibility of intellectualsVaclav Havel
16 Choice, Welfare and Development: A Festschrift in Honour of Amartya K. Sen edited by Kaushik Basu, Prasanta Pattanaik and K. Suzumura Srivatsa Krishna
17 Enlightened history. An essay on the universalisation of history Bipan Chandra
20 Reversed Realities: Gender Hierarchies in Development Thought by Naila Kabeer Vimala Ramachandra
21 Bengal Divided: Hindu Communalism and Partition, 1932-1947 by Joya Chatterji Rudrangshu Mukherjee
22 After Deng. Two of China's leading dissidents-in-exile and a senior functionary of the country's establishment offer divergent views on the future of the Middle Kingdom Liu Binyan,
Fang Lizhi
and Zhu Rongji
24 Essays in Indian History: Towards a Marxist Perception by Irfan Habib Harbans Mukhia
25 Silent Spaces and Other Stories of Architecture by Gautam Bhatia Himanshu Burte
26 Chandralekha -- Woman Dance Resistance by Rustom Bharucha S. Kalidas
28 Beyond the Stars -- The Memoirs of Sergei Eisenstein edited by Richard Taylor Partha Chatterjee
29 Trapped and Other Stories by Sigrun Srivastav, The Wonder Tales of Upendra Kishore Ray translated by Sondwip Mukherjee Subhadra Sen Gupta
30 Raising a toast. An over. view of books written on wine. Sridhar Balan
31 Gooch -- My Autobiography by Graham Gooch and Frank Keating V. Krishnaswamy
32 A reaction against 'modernism'. A literary notebook published in 1938. Douglas Goldring
33 Pune's pride. The story of a bookshop Abhay Vaidya
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4 The Moor's Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie Eunice de Souza
6 India on edge. An essay on the state of the nation Dileep Padgaonkar
8 A carnival of consumerism. An overview of recent books on consumerist culture Sham Lal
10 Shrouded in mystery. A journey through the magic world of detective fiction Dom Moraes
12 Darwin's Dangerous Idea by Daniel C. Dennett Rajgopal Nidamboor
14 End of the hunting season. A survey of the post-Colt War scene Shimon Peres
16 Lenin: A New Biography by Dmitri Volkogonov Arup Banerji
18 Splendour and miseries. A look at the contradictions in present-day Burma Hugh Honour
22 Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez S. Prasannarajan
24 Bombay: Metaphor for Modern India, Bombay: Mosaic of Modern Culture edited by Sujata Patel and Alice Thorner Darryl D'Monte
26 Elephant Days and Nights: Ten Years with the Asian Elephant by R. Sukumar Mahesh Rangarajan
28 Looking for the Aryans by R.S. Sharma; Dalit Visions by Gail Omvedt; India in a Changing World by Achin Vanaik Arvind N. Das
29 Frames of the Mind: Reflections on Indian Cinema edited by Aruna Vasudev Murzban M. Jal
30 Stories of the future. A look at science fiction writing in India Jaunt V. Narlikar
31 A forgotten novelist. A study of the works of S. Menon Marath T.R. Kini
32 Other people's dreams. A collection of poems Jeet Thayil
34 The Collected Poems of A.K Ramanujan R. Raj Rao
35 Word's worth. A potpourri of literary snippets Prodyut Bora
36 Bridge and books. The story of a bookshop Rehina Pereira
37 The problem with progress. A nostalgia piece from the pages of The Illustrated London News of April, 1923 G.K. Chesterton
39 New and forthcoming titles
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