New? South Asia Internet Resources, Jan. 1997

These are some links or resources which I just found in the last month or so, which seem be useful, interesting, and informative.

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Links to links
India Resources (Thursby, Florida)
SARAI South Asia Resource Access on the Internet (Columbia U.)

News Sources -- Some of these only give the current day / week, and even selected from those; a few have archives, but may not go back very far. This is information as of checking on 9th Jan 1997.

  • Telegraph
    Archives Coming?
  • Indian Express
    Archives perhaps go back 3 months. On 9 Jan. 1997, I could access back to 4 Oct. 1996, but no further back, on their calendars (which went even further back to July 1996).
  • The Times of India
    Archives go back to 10 December 1996 (as checked on 9 Jan 1997)
  • MP Chronicle (Madhya Pradesh)
    These Archives were 'under construction,' but clicking on a specific section gave me the 21 Nov 1996's page only.
  • India Today I have not located archives or past issues; only selected articles from current issue.

    Manushi Women's journal. The Manushi site lists the table of contents for the 1996 issues below, with some full-text items or articles.

    Govt of India page which includes
    Indian Political Structure which includes Indian Union - Council of Ministers with photos of each. Also the 1996 Election Archives

    There are other Govt of India sites such as The Indian Parliament home page. It includes the Parliamentary Debates -searchable- for the 10th Lok Sabha and the 11th Lok Sabha.
    It also lists the Members of the Eleventh Lok Sabha
    by State
    such as Bihar ,
    with a picture, on her own page, for Bikramganj - Singh Kanti (JD )
    OR for Uttar Pradesh . and for Mirzapur - Devi Phoolan (SP )
    OR Mainpuri - Yadav Mulayam Singh (SP )
    OR Partywise such as for the Janata Dal

    D.K. Agencies - Booksearch
    South Asia Books

    Recipes and Calendar
    Finally, some Indian Recipes at the MCI's Hello India site? OR recipes of Indian Cuisine from IndiaWorld?
    And you can see a calendar of festive and special Indian and American events for 1997 at the India Currents magazine site.

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    Dated 09 January 1997, Philip McEldowney