Summer 2000
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A few things during this summer of 2000 [from Philip McEldowney]--

Someone said this is a pretty good Internet SERACH ENGINE. What do you think of it?

Also, check out

March-April 2000 BIBLIO


BIBLIO: The Table of Contents of the recently-received BIBLIOs,

  • March-April and
  • May-June
    are up on the web under the Biblio site, and the actual issue is in Alderman's 3rd floor Periodicals Room.
    May-June 2000 BIBLIO

    So too, recent issues of the INDIAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL HISTORY REVIEW (Oct-Dec 1999) and SOCIAL SCIENTIST (Sept-Oct 1999)

    Indian Economic and Social History Review


    Two very, very simple search engines have been set up to help you find things. 1) One for the 1990s Tables of Contents of Biblio, IESHR, Seminar, and Social Scientist; and 2) one for the 1990s weekly Pakistan newspaper, DAWN. Try them out at

    Search TOC of 1990s South Asia journals

    ONDAATJE's new novel (on Sri Lanka), Anil's Ghost, is getting quite a bit of media attention these days, including a Charlie Rose 1/2 hour interview with the author last week; two reviews, and the full-text of the first Chatper linked from this NYTimes page

    And an Outlook review at the bottom of this page -

    MUSHIRUL HASAN's interesting 17 May 2000 piece on the Jamia Millia Islamia in the Indian Express is at

    For more of his interesting writings and thoughts, go to the above site, and fill in the search box with "Mushirul Hasan" OR check out this list (and close it).


    I might also mention that I've digitized and added Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of my 1980 dissertation on the history of the CENTRAL PROVINCES to the web at

    1971 short history of the Pindaris And for an online full-text web page of my 1971 article on the Pindaris, see

    It was first published in 1971 by editor Henry Presler in his India Cultures Quarterly.

    Self-Archiving your own writings

    Have you ever wanted control over your own writings and research, or to find someone else's drafts or research or articles, online? Physics scholars set up an electronic archive for their pre-print and print research articles in the early 1990s and have successfully added, searched, and exchanged this type of scholarly information since then.

    Soon, you also can easily self-archive your scholarly writings, through initiatives like EPrints and Open Archives. More about this later.

    If you are interested in an article titled " Free at Last: The Future of Peer-Reviewed Journals", click here.

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    First written: 12 July 2000