Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh Books
March 1996

University of Virginia Library


AUTHOR Khan, Shaukat Hyat, 1915- TITLE The nation that lost its soul : memoirs of a freedom fighter EDITION 1st ed. PUBLISHED Lahore : Jang Publishers, 1995. AUTHOR Taqiuddin. TITLE Pakistan ki siyasi jama`aten aur tahriken PUBLISHED Lahaur : Fikshan Ha'us, 1995.

Sri Lanka--

TITLE Sri Lanka towards nation building PUBLISHED Colombo : Shramaya, <1993?> AUTHOR Jayatilleka, Dayan. TITLE Sri Lanka : the travails of a cemocracy, unfinished war, protracted crisis. PUBLISHED New Delhi: Internetional Centre for Ethnic Studies in association with Vikas Pub. House, 1996. AUTHOR Perera, Sasanka. TITLE Living with torturers and other essays of intervention : Sri Lanka society, culture, and politics in perspective PUBLISHED Colombo : International Centre for Ethnic Studies, c1995. AUTHOR Fonseka, Manel. TITLE Twenty one years of CRM : an annotated list of documents of the Civil Rights Movement of Sri Lanka, 1971-1992 PUBLISHED Colombo, Sri Lanka : The Movement, c1993. AUTHOR Bastiampillai, Bertram. TITLE Devolution in a multi ethnic society. PUBLISHED Columbo, Sri Lanka: Marga Institute, 1995. AUTHOR Wanasinghe, Shelton. TITLE Activating the administrative reform process in Sri Lanka PUBLISHED Colombo, Sri Lanka : Institute of Policy Studies, 1994. AUTHOR Amerasinghe, E. F. G. TITLE The Employers' Federation of Ceylon, 1929-1994 PUBLISHED : Employers' Federation of Ceylon, 1994. AUTHOR Fernando, Tyronne. TITLE A long way to the stars PUBLISHED Colombo : State Print. Co., 1994. AUTHOR Subasinghe, J. W. TITLE A note on the need for the establishment of a judicial administrative service commission and a judicial administrative service PUBLISHED , 1994. AUTHOR Uragoda, C. G. TITLE Wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka : a history of Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka, 1894-1994 PUBLISHED Colombo : Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka, 1994.


AUTHOR Bigelow, Elaine. TITLE Bangladesh : the guide EDITION New rev. ed. PUBLISHED Dhaka : AB Publishers, 1995. AUTHOR Barenstein, Jorge. TITLE Overcoming fuzzy governance in Bangladesh : policy implementation in least developed countries PUBLISHED Dhaka : University Press, 1994.

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