South Asia
Journals and Books
received in Alderman 3 December 1998

1) THE INDIAN HISTORICAL REVIEW. v. 23, nos. 1-2 (Jly 1996 & Jan 1997). Including P.N. Sahay's 19 pages of "Select Bibliography on Indian Freedom Struggle"

2) THE INDIAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL HISTORY REVIEW. v. 35, no. 2 (Ap-Je 1998). Including David Baker's review of Nandini Sundar's book on Bastar History titled "Subalterns and Sovereigns". Full Table of Contents at

3) SOCIAL SCIENTIST. v. 25, no. 5-6 (May-Je 1997). Including Suvira Jaiswal's article on "Caste: Ideology and context" and book reviews of "Ecological Imperialism" and KK Sharma's "Peasant Struggle in Bihar." See TOC at

4) GUIDE TO INDIAN PERIODICAL LITERATURE. v. 35, no. 1. Jan-march 1998.

5) CONTRIBUTIONS TO INDIAN SOCIOLOGY. New Series, v. 31, no. 1-2, 1997. Including Meena Khandelwal's "Ungendered atma, masculine virility and feminine compassion: Ambiguities in renunciant discourses on gender," p. 79-107. Including reviews of books by Veena Das, M.N. Srinivas, Amita Baviskar, T.N. Madan (ed. Muslim communities), Harold Gould, Gadgil and Guha (Ecology), van Woerkens (Thugs), and Pathak (Contested domains).

6) BOOK REVIEW. v. 21, 1997. Including to double length (60+ p) issues celebrating 50 years; also Brinda Bose on Subaltern Studies IX (Je p. 5; comments on Ajay Skaria's piece); Romila Thapar, Andre Beteille, etc. for the double August issue; S. Gopal, Dilip Menon (reviewing Sarkar's WRITING again) in the double September issue; and Suni Dasgupta (Oct p. 5; reviewing Tharoor's INDIA). See Bose's review of Subaltern IX at

Received - May 2 through July 11 1998. Or 11 issues.

May 9, 1998
**1998 Elections in West Bengal : A Major Setback for Left Front --Ranajit Das Gupta, p. 1113-1118.

May 23-239 1998
6 articles on "Nuclear nationalism: a fatal attraction"
**State Repression and People's Resistance: Assessing Social Transformation in Bihar -- Prakash Louis, 1228-1230.
**Globalisation and Culture --Adam Hochschild, 1235-1241.
**Marxist-Thompsonian Social History (Review of Sarkar's Writing SH) --Achin Vanaik, 1242-1244

May 30 1998
**Limits of Colonial Science (Review of Deepak Kumar's Science and the Raj) --Tirthankar Roy, 1319-1320

June 13 1998
**Time for Introspection: Portents of Bathe --Subash Gatade, 1442-1443
**If Wishes were horses: Jehanabad and Dhanbad Struggles in Bihar --Krishna Chaitanya, 1482-1484

July 11 1998
**Obituary: Ashin Das Gupta (1932-1998) --Rudrangshu Mukherjee, 1807
**New Political Trends in Uttar Pradesh: The BJP and the Lok Sabha Elections, 1998 --Sudha Pai, 1841-1845

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