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India: Caught on the net
Amrit Agarwal
Times of India, 29 Jan 1999

With the advent of Year 2000 a drastic change has come over the Indian scenario. The government agencies have also woken up to this fact though late but now they are also making their presence felt on the Web.

The first of these was the Department of Electronics (Government of India), which started ERNET (Education and Research Network), which is the premier Internet service provided by and Public or Private ISP (Internet Service Provider) in India.

It can be reached at

It was soon followed by VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited), Government of India, which started its excellent Internet service in Delhi and has the largest network of Internet servers in India. VSNL initially provided an Internet account with email facility but now it has increased its facilities to a short naming facility and also 1 Mb of free web space. it maintains an excellent customer support site which can be reached at These government agencies sparked off the Internet revolution which was further promoted by NIC (National Informatics Centre) which hosts the website of 90% of the government agencies. It can be reached at

The Central Government of India has it website at while the Delhi Government is at You can read about the National Taskforce on IT& Software Development at

The Parliament has its website at with the Lok Sabha's page at and the Rajya Sabha's at .Read the Constitution of India at

The websites of some other importent government organisations are:

  • A dynamic site providing comprehensive coverage on matters of Indian Defence and Indian Space;
  • Election Commission of India: Official, exhaustive site for election results, Electoral System in India, etc.
  • India Information brought to you by External Affairs Ministry
  • Kar Vivad Samadhan scheme : Avail of the Govt. of India's Samadhan scheme. Get full details at this site.
  • Government of India Tourist office : A multilingual tourism website not only for the European tourist.
  • Indian Railway: The official web site of the Indian Railway

    An excellent list of all important Indian Government websites is maintained at

    Many political parties have also started to use the internet as a platform to propogate their ideologies and win support in and outside India. The ruling BJP has an extensive site at while Congress can be reached at

    The Shiv Sena tigers have carved a den for themselves at and the Akalidal operates on the net at

    The media, has also caught on the Internet fever with All India Radio opening its online channel, All India Internet Radio at and its official website at Doordarshan is not fa' behind at Sony Entertainment Television has its Indian website at while ZeeTelevision, the world's most popular satellite television network for South Asian languages, houses at

    The popular newspapers Times of India shows at while Hindustan Times is at

    The Gramophone company of India provides information and audio clips from evergreen Hindi classics as well as new releases at The infaomusly famous gossip magazine Filmfare is now bubbling with the latest cliches at NFDC (National Film Development Corporation of India) besides making quality movies has managed to make a quality website at

    And now a parting note - Be Indian, Use Indian , that is to say use the Great Indian Search engines like or to browse and if you are really falling short of time visit at least for Indian sites and if you make a site do register on them.

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