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By Philip McEldowney and Nawang Thokmey
Fall 2001

New Asian Library and Tibetan Studies Coordinator
Tibetan Kanjur and Tanjur || New videos and music

The University Library is planning for a new Asian library and to hire a new position of Tibetan Studies Coordinator of the Tibetan Informational Community. The Asian library, to be called the Stanley and Lucie Wienstein Buddhist and Asian Studies Library, is planned to be within Alderman library in what is now the Barrett Room. It is a result of at least two needs developed during recent years. Professors Germano and Groner and other Asian faculty and students have met with library administrators in past years expressing the need for a separate library reading and research area, where members of Asian classes might collaborate in studying together and where researchers might readily consult Asian reference and other materials. The other library need is to house the extensive Weinstein Buddhist collection of 10,658 books, which Stanley and Lucie Wienstein will be donating to the University. [For Press Release click here] The library has also established the new position of Tibetan Studies Coordinator and is interviewing candidates during this Fall. The coordinator will work with other Coordinators and the Director of Information Communities to develop and manage digital and other materials in their areas of specialty. The Tibetan Coordinator will especially work closely in further developing the University's Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library.

Tibetan Kanjur and Tanjur at the University of Virginia Library.
So far the University of Virginia's Library in its Tibetan collection has the following editions of the Kanjur (bka' 'gyur) and Tanjur (bstan 'gyur). The Kanjur are translations mostly from Sanskrit into Tibetan of the instructions and precepts of the various collections of literary works, both sacred and general, along with scriptural commentaries by Indian and Tibetan scholars. In three different formats, there are 1693 volumes of these 13 collections: 5 collections in Dpe Cha format (1139 volumes), 4 in book format (424 volumes), and 4 in microfiche format (530 volumes). The details are listed below.

Have a look at newly-acquired South Asian movies and music, in the Clemons library's video collection or Cabell Hall's Music library. Two videos are Muzzafar Ali's "Umrao Jaan" (originally 1981. Call number: VIDEO .DVD02235) and Mehboob's "Bharat Mata" or "Mother India" (1957, VIDEO .VHS12133); this second one is on Clemons Reserve and will be viewed by one of Valerie Ritter's classes this semester. Her class will also listen to the Hindi and Rajasthani devotional music of Mirabai and other religious leaders on newly acquired CDs. Two of them feature the Rajasthani folk singers Padmaram and Mahesharam, titled "Meera" (2000, CD 09295 and "Mystic Love" (1998, CD 09305). In early October 2001 22 more South Asian CDs were received and added to the Music Library, including two classical voice recordings by Veena Sahasrabuddhe, 8 Punjabi and Rajasthani folk music, and 12 popular Hindi music CDs.

Please contact us - Nawang Thokmey or Philip McEldowney - if you have any Library questions or requests.

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    Detailed list of Tibetan Kanjur and Tanjur at the University of Virginia

    Dpe Cha (lose leave) form:
    1. Sde dge kanjur and tanjur (bka' 'gyur & bstan 'gyur)

    • Kanjur-sde dge mtshal par bka' 'gyur, v.1-103
    • Tanjur-sde dge bstan 'gyur, v.1-203
    2. Lhasa kanjur
    • Kanjur, v.1-100
    3. Tanjur gser bres ma
    • Tanjur, v.1-224
    4. Tog Palace (Ladakh) manuscript of the Tibetan Kanjur, v.1-109
    5. Narthang Tanjur- v.1-80,
    6. Bon po Tanjur-v.1-320

    Book form:
    7. Peking edition Kanjur and Tanjur

    • Kanjur, v.1-45
    • Tanjur, v.1-105
    8. Nyingma edition Kanjur and Tanjur
    • Kanjur, v.1-36
    • Tanjur, v.1-81
    9. Urga version Kanjur, v.1-105
    10. Tokyo Tanjur (sde dge) dbu ma, sems tsam, and tshad ma, v.1-52.

    11. Phu-brag kanjur, v.1-120
    12. Narthang kanjur, v.1-100
    13. Lhasa kanjur, v.1-101
    14. Cone tanjur, v.1-209

Please contact us - Nawang Thokmey or Philip McEldowney - if you have any Library questions or requests.

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