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2007 January
Bibliography of South Asia Library Materials

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which focuses on Gobalisation and on Art in South Asia

Raghuramaraju - Debates in Indian philosophy || Lutgendorf - Hanuman's tale || Zelliot - Untouchable saints || Roy - Islam in history || Puri - Engaged Buddhism || Niyogi - Reorienting Orientalism || Ludden - Making India Hindu || Inden - Text and practice || Nandy - Talking India || Reeves- The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora || Pande - India's interaction with Southeast Asia || Chandra - Essays on medieval Indian history || Ali - Mughal India || Sarila - India's partition || Devasahayam - JP in jail || Hasan - The Nehrus || Macfarlane and Bayly - Daughters of the empire || Yajñika - shaping of modern Gujarat || Sahai - Politics of patronage || Frenz - British rule in Malabar || Tanwar - partition of Punjab 1947 || Bond - Roads to Mussoorie || Alatas - Alternative discourses || Mathur - Managing resettlement || Jefferys - Confronting saffron demography || Jomo K. S. - Globalization || Ahluwalia - The South Asian ... growth || Behera - Globalising rural development || Seneviratne - Buddhism || Chakrabarty - Communal identity in India || Mary E. John - Contested transformations || Sabharwal - Ethnicity ... Indian city || Varma - Kama Sutra || Thapar-Björkert - Women in the Indian national movement || Uberoi - gender ... popular culture || Behera - Gender, conflict and migration || Robinson - Muslim survivors || Mehta - modern India || L. Rudolph - Experiencing the state || Jayal - Local governance in India || Arya and Roy - Poverty, gender and migration || Ramappa - Competition law || Amrit Rai - Premchand || Husain - stories of partition || Limbale - The outcaste || Tendulkar - Five plays || Bhalla - Partition dialogues || Raza - British women writers and India || Bond - Tales of the open road

Call number: LC: B5131. A. Raghuramaraju, Debates in Indian philosophy : classical, colonial, and contemporary. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195671511; 9780195671513 LCCN: 2006-561017
Contents: With special reference to modern period.

Call number: LC: BL1225.H3; Dewey: 294.5/2113. Philip Lutgendorf, Hanuman's tale : the messages of a divine monkey. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007. ISBN: 0195309219 (alk. paper); 9780195309218 (alk. paper); 0195309227 (pbk. : alk. paper); 9780195309225 (pbk. : alk. paper); 9780195309218; 9780195309225 LCCN: 2006-45391

Call number: LC: BL2015.S3. Eleanor Zelliot and Rohini Mokashi-Punekar, Untouchable saints : an Indian phenomenon. New Delhi : Manohar, 2005. ISBN: 8173046441; 9788173046445 LCCN: 2006-554472
Contents: Contributed articles.
Contents: Introduction - Eleanor Zelliot and Rohini Mokashi-Punekar p. 9; The Life and Lyrics of Tiruppan Alvar - Vasudha Narayanan p. 55; In Love with the Body of God - Steven P. Hopkins p. 83; The Story of Nandanar - Karen Pechilis Prentiss p. 95; Nandanar - Lynn Vincentnathan p. 109; On the Threshold - Rohini Mokashi-Punekar p. 123; Banka Mahar and Karmamela - Rohini Mokashi-Punekar p. 143; The Story of Karmamela's Birth - Eleanor Zelliot p. 149; Soyrabai and Nirmala - Eleanor Zelliot p. 157; The Search for Chokhamela - Eleanor Zelliot p. 169; Representations of Chokhamela in Marathi Film and Drama - Anil Sapkal p. 175; God in a Copper Pot - V. L. Manjul p. 185; Chokhamela and His Revilers - Mahipati p. 189; The Poems of Ravidas - Translated by Anne Murphy p. 197; The Saintly Chamar - James G. Lochtefeld p. 201; The Legends of Raidas in Word and Song - Joseph Schaller p. 221; Stories of Ravidas - Anantadas p. 231; Rohidas the Shoemaker - Mahipati p. 245; Ravidas in the Contemporary World - Chandrabhan Prasad and Mahesh Dahiwale p. 249; Bhakti Voices on Untouchability p. 257; Glossary p. 265; Contributors p. 271; Bibliography p. 275; Index p. 281-285.

Call number: LC: BP63.A37; Dewey: 297.0954. Asim Roy, Islam in history and politics : perspectives from South Asia. New Delhi ;; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195680162; 9780195680164; National Library: 013522159; LCCN: 2006-561498
Contents: Religious change and the self in Muslim South Asia since 1800 / Francis Robinson -- The composite culture and its historiography / Javee Alam -- Impact of Islamic revival and reform in colonial Bengal and Bengal Muslim identity: a revisit / Asim Roy -- Islamic responses to the fall of Srirangapatta and the death of Tipu Sultan (1799) / Kate Brittlebank -- South Asian Muslims and the plague 1896-c 1914 / I.J. Catanach -- Islam and the 'moral economy': the Alwar Revolt of 1932 / Ian Copland -- Coexistence and communalism: the shrine of Pirana in Gujarat / Dominique-Sila Khan and Sawahir Moir -- Sikhs and Muslims in the Punjab / W.H. McLeod -- Ethnicity, Islam, and national identity in Pakistan / Adeel Khan -- Islamization and democratization in Pakistan: implications for women and religious minorities / Samina Yasmeen -- Salience of Islam in South Asian politics: Pakistan and Bangladesh / Asim Roy. Table of contents only

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Call number: LC: BQ7935.B777. Bharati Puri, Engaged Buddhism : the Dalai Lama's worldview. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 9780195673319; 019567331X; 9780195673319 LCCN: 2006-561495
Contents: Introduction: Engaged Buddhist ethic -- 1. Bodhisattva and satyagrahi -- 2. Universal responsibility in the Dalai Lama's worldview -- 3. 'A clean environment is a human right like any other' -- 4. The Dalai Lama on religion and humanism -- Conclusion.

Call number: LC: DS61.85; Dewey: 303.48/21821054. Chandreyee Niyogi, Reorienting Orientalism. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif. ;; London : SAGE Publications, 2006. ISBN: 8178295903 (India : hbk); 0761934472 (US : hbk); LCCN: 2006-1065
Contents: Iskandar, Alexander : Oriental geography and romantic poetry / Kitty Scoular Datta -- 'Oriental gothic' : the medieval past in the colonial encounter / Ananya Jahanara Kabir -- The limits of Orientalism : classical Indian dance and the discourse of heritage / Pallabi Chakravorty -- 'Truth is, at the moment, here' : Adrienne Rich and the ghazal / Sonali Barua -- Two Occidental heroines through Oriental eyes / Prodosh Bhattacharya -- Orientalism and its other(s) : re-reading Marx on india / Chandreyee Niyogi -- Reading 'the poverty of India' : a critical engagement with the Saidian interpretation of Orientalism / Sudeshna Banerjee -- Imaging the nature of the Orient : some contradictions behind colonial forest policies in India / Subhasis Biswas -- Can we cross the chasm? : agency and Orientalist discourse in the colonial Tamil context / Perundevi Srinivasan -- The 'octopodal idea' : Vincent Smith, Oxford University Press and the histories of India / Rimi B. Chatterjee -- Undreamt by tyrants and orthodoxies : Edward Said, Orientalism and the politics of cyberspace -- David Ewick. Table of contents

Call number: LC: DS422.C64; Dewey: 320.954/09/049. David E. Ludden, Making India Hindu : religion, community, and the politics of democracy in India. Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2005. ISBN: 0195672488; 0195682750 (pbk.); 9780195682755; National Library: 013146688; 013148882 LCCN: 2005-298217
Contents: Introduction. Ayodhya : a window on the world / David Ludden -- The iconography of Rama's chariot / Richard H. Davis -- Mass movement or elite conspiracy? : the puzzle of Hindu nationalism / Amrita Basu -- Communal mobilization and changing majority in Uttar Pradesh / Zoya Hasan -- Mass media : images, mobilization, and communalism / Victoria L. Farmer -- Music, the media, and communal relations in north India, past and present / Peter Manuel -- Soldier monks and militant sadhus / William R. Pinch -- Imagining Hindurashtra : the Hindu and the Muslim in Bankim Chandra's writings / Tanika Sarkar -- The myth of unity : colonial and national narratives / Mushirul Hasan -- Contesting in public : colonial legacies and contemporary communalism / Sandria B. Freitag -- Communalism and modernity / Richard G. Fox -- Writing violence / Peter van der Veer -- Indian nationalism and the politics of Hindutva / Sumit Sarkar. Publisher description

Call number: LC: DS423; Dewey: 954. Ronald B. Inden, Text and practice : essays on South Asian history. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195668952; 9780195668957; National Library: 013099317 LCCN: 2006-345751
Contents: Articles on cultural history of India.

Call number: LC: DS423. Ashis Nandy and Ramin Jahanbegloo, Talking India. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195678982; 9780195678987 LCCN: 2006-561502

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Call number: LC: DS 432.5. Brij V. Lal, Peter Reeves, and Rajesh Rai, The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora. Singapore : Editions Didier Millet in association with National University of Singapore, 2006. ISBN: 9814155659 (cased); 9789814155656 Note: Table of contents only

Call number: LC: DS450.S645. Govind Chandra Pande, Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy, and Culture and Centre for Studies in Civilizations (Delhi, India), India's interaction with Southeast Asia. New Delhi : Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy, and Culture : Centre for Studies in Civlizations : Distributed by Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 2006. ISBN: 8187586249 LCCN: 2006-413102
Contents: Historiography, ethnography and archaeology -- Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia -- Gleanings from political and cultural relations with India -- Temple art -- Religion.; Contributed articles.

Call number: LC: DS452; Dewey: 954.029. Satish Chandra, Essays on medieval Indian history. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2003. ISBN: 0195663365; 9780195663365 LCCN: 2003-276981; Publisher description

Call number: LC: DS461; Dewey: 954.025. M. Athar Ali, Mughal India : studies in polity, ideas, society, and culture. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195648609; 9780195648607 LCCN: 2006-345765 Publisher description

Call number: LC: DS480.842; DS480.842+. Narendra Singh Sarila, The shadow of the great game : the untold story of India's partition. New Delhi : HarperCollins Publishers India a joint venture with India Today Group, 2005. ISBN: 8172235690 LCCN: 2006-346692

Call number: LC: DS480.852; Dewey: 954.051092. M. G. Devasahayam, JP in jail : an uncensored account. New Delhi : Lotus Collection, 2006. ISBN: 8174364293; National Library: 013432398 LCCN: 2006-346620

Call number: LC: DS481.A1. Mushirul Hasan and Priya Kapoor, The Nehrus : personal histories. London : Mercury Books, 2006. ISBN: 1845600193 :; 9781845600198

Call number: LC: DS481.M23; HQ1742.5.M23. Iris Macfarlane and Susan Bayly, Daughters of the empire : a memoir of life and times in the British Raj. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195678125; 9780195678123 LCCN: 2006-345276

Call number: LC: DS485.G875; DS485.G875 (DS-DX2)+. Acyuta Yajñika and Suchitra Suchitra, The shaping of modern Gujarat : plurality, Hindutva, and beyond. New Delhi ; New York, New York : Penguin Books, 2005. ISBN: 0144000385; 9780144000388; 9780144000388 LCCN: 2006-310934
Contents: On 20th century Gujarat and role of Hindu politics; a study.

Call number: LC: DS485.J6. Nandita Prasad Sahai, Politics of patronage and protest : the state, society, and artisans in early modern Rajasthan. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195678966; 9780195678963; LCCN: 2006-561500 Table of contents only

Call number: LC: DS485.M35; Dewey: 954.830311. Margret Frenz, From contact to conquest : transition to British rule in Malabar, 1790-1805. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2003. ISBN: 0195663217; LCCN: 2003-277800 Table of contents only TARGET="_blank">

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Call number: LC: DS485.P87. Raghuvendra Tanwar, Reporting the partition of Punjab, 1947 : press, public, and other opinions. New Delhi : Manohar : Distributed in South Asia by Foundation Books, 2006. ISBN: 8173046743 LCCN: 2006-554340

Call number: LC: DS 486 .M78. Ruskin Bond, Roads to Mussoorie. New Delhi : Rupa & Co, 2005. ISBN: LCCN: 2005-389293
Contents: Anecdotes of the English author about his travels to Mussoorie, India.
Table of Contents. Introduction: Backward p. ix; Breakfast Time p. 1; On the Delhi Road p. 6; Cold Beer at Chutmalpur p. 15; The Kipling Road p. 23; At the End of the Road p. 34; Sacred Shrines Along the Way p. 48; Trees by My Window p. 61; 'Let's Go to the Pictures!' p. 66; Some Hill-Station Ghosts p. 76; The Year of the Kissing and Other Good Times p. 86; Running for Cover p. 99; Party Time in Mussoorie p. 113; Forward! p. 122.
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Call number: LC: H53.A78; Dewey: 300.95. Syed Farid Alatas, Alternative discourses in Asian social science : responses to Eurocentrism. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks : Sage Publications, 2006. ISBN: 0761934405 (hard back); 8178295865 (India-HB); LCCN: 2006-661
Contents: The central problem of the social sciences in Asia: critique, diagnosis and prescription -- Theorizing the state of the social sciences -- The structure of academic dependency and the global division of labour in the social sciences -- The definition and variety of alternative discourses in Asia -- Nativist or autonomous social science: a clash of orientations -- Towards an adequate conceptualization of relevance and irrelevance in the social sciences -- Alternative discourses and power -- Rethinking the teaching of the social sciences -- The prospects and future of alternative discourses in Asia. Table of contents

Call number: LC: HB2099; Dewey: 325. Hari Mohan Mathur, Managing resettlement in India : approaches, issues, experiences. New Delhi ;; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195678133; 9780195678130; 9780195678130; LCCN: 2006-273124
Contents: Introduction and overview /; Hari Mohan Mathur --; Approches to resettlement management --; Resettlement management: denying or confronting risks /; Michael M. Cernea --; Involuntary resettlement in World Bank-financed projects: reducing impoverishment risks for the affected people /; Ismail Serageldin --; New livelihoods for old: restoring incomes lost due to involuntary resettlement /; Hari Mohan Mathur --; Policy and legal framework --; The resettlement and rehabilitation policy of India /; N.C. Saxena --; The Karnataka resettlement of project displaced persons act, 1987: a critical perspective /; M.K. Ramesh, Francis A. Joseph --; The land acquisition laws in India: an overview with some suggestions for amendment /; Sukumar Das --; Planning and management issues --; Large dam resettlement: planning and implementation issues /; Maninder Gill --; Urban development and involuntary resettlement /; Hari Mohan Mathur --; Gender focus in resettlement planning /; Malika Basu --; Government-NGO collaboration in resettlement and rehabilitation: a NGO view /; Achyut Das --; Monitoring resettlement operations /; Gordon Appleby --; Project implementation experiences --; Hyderabad water supply and sanitation project: lessons learned /; David Marsden, Shymal Sarkar --; Managing social issues in extractive industry: issues and lessons from India coal sector environmental and social mitigation project /; Mohammed Hasan --; The Upper Krishna Project: recent improvements, but resettlement still elusive /; S.M. Jaamdar. Table of contents only

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Call number: LC: HB3639. Patricia Jeffery and Roger Jeffery, Confronting saffron demography : religion, fertility, and women's status in India. Gurgaon : Three Essays Collective, 2006. ISBN: 8188789380; 8188789402 (pbk.) LCCN: 2006-347894

Call number: LC: HC51. Jomo K. S., Globalization under hegemony : the changing world economy. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195673859; 9780195673852
Contents: Introduction / Jomo K.S. -- The free lunch : transfers from the tropical colonies and their role in capital formation in Britain during the Industrial Revolution / Utsa Patnaik -- Globalization and development in the long twentieth century / Deepak Nayyar -- Globalization now and again / Richard Kozul-Wright -- Capital flows in the twentieth century : from Pax Britannica to Pax Americana / Benjamin R. Hopenhayn and Alejandro Vanoli -- The commodity terms of trade and their strategic implications for development / José Antonio Ocampo and María Angela Parra -- International flows of un-free labour / Sabyasachi Bhattacharya -- The developmental state under imperialism / Amiya Kumar Bagchi -- Trade and industrial policies during the age of imperialism / Ha-Joon Chang

Call number: LC: HC430.6; Dewey: 338.954. Isher Judge Ahluwalia and John Williamson, The South Asian experience with growth. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2003. ISBN: 0195658663 LCCN: 2003-279306
Contents: Introduction / Isher Judge Ahluwalia, John Williamson -- Sources of growth in South Asian countries / Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, Faisal Bari -- Political economy of growth and reforms in South Asia / Saman Kelegama, Kirit S. Parikh -- Markets and long-term economic growth in South Asia, 1950-97 / Suresh D. Tendulkar, Binayak Sen. Publisher description

Call number: LC: HN49.C6; Dewey: 307.1/412. M. C. Behera, Globalising rural development : competing paradigms and emerging realities. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif. ;; London : Sage, 2006. ISBN: 817829625X (India : hb); 8178296268 (India : pb); 0761934782 (US : hb); 0761934790 (US : pb); LCCN: 2006-7311
Contents: The state and rural development / Robert Chambers -- State restructuring and rural development in South Africa / Maano Ramutsindela -- Rural development in the era of globalisation / Farida Akhter -- Rural development issues in Nigeria in the era of globalisation / S. Tunji Titilola and Femi Ogundele -- Enwrapped by Thai development / Nathan Porath -- Nongovernmental organisations in rural development / Damodar Suar, Laxmi Bilash Hota and Himadri Sinha -- The NGO debate in 'development' / Mokbul Morshed Ahmad -- Sustainable livelihood and rural development in South Asia / Binayak Rajbhandari -- Systems of local self-administration after agricultural transformation / Lutz Laschewski -- Repertoires and strategies in European (neo-) endogenous rural development / Christopher Ray -- LEADER, a new social order, and the Central- and East-European countries / Imre Kovách -- Indigenous self-development in practice / Christian Erni -- Engendering participatory development in the analysis of household food security / Eliud Wandabwa Wakwabubi -- Critically evaluating rural women's participation and empowermen / June Lennie -- Level of empowerment of rural women / Pradip K. Bhowmick -- Social forestry, poverty reduction and rural development in Bangladesh / Niaz Ahmed Khan -- Poverty alleviation programmes in rural India / Sibranjan Misra. Table of contents only

Call number: LC: HN670.8.Z9; HN670.8.Z9A-.Z9ZS62 (H8)+. H. L. Seneviratne and International Centre for Ethnic Studies., Buddhism, identity, and conflict. Colombo : International Centre for Ethnic Studies, 2004. ISBN: LCCN: 2005-386368

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Call number: LC: HN683.5. Bidyut Chakrabarty, Communal identity in India : its construction and articulation in the twentieth century. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003. ISBN: 0195663306 LCCN: 2003-271547
Contents: Extracts from The collected works of Mahatma Gandhi / M.K. Gandhi -- Presidential address of M.A. Jinnah, Lahore, March 1940 / M.A Jinnah -- Excerpts from Hindutva / V.D Savarkar -- Fluidity or compartments: Hindus, Muslims and partition / Bidyut Chakrabarty -- Discourses on national identity / Bhikhu Parekh -- Race, caste, and ethnic identity / Andre Breteille -- Ethno-linguistic issues in the Indian federal context / A.R Kamat -- Politics of diversity: religious communities and multiple patriarchies / Kumkum Sangari -- Community formation and communal conflict: Namasudra-Muslim Riotin Jessore-Khulna / Sekhar Bandyopadhyay -- Insiders and outsiders in India: primordial collectivism and cultural pluralism in nation-building / T.K Oommen -- Hinduism as Delhi rule: Periyar and the National Question / Gail Omvedt -- Jat Sikhs: a question of identity / Ravinder Kaur -- Fluid Boundaries: Christian communities in India / Rowena Robinson. Publisher description

Call number: LC: HN683.5. Mary E. John, Praveen K. Jha, Surinder S. Jodhka, Jawaharlal Nehru University and School of Social Sciences, Contested transformations : changing economies and identities in contemporary India. New Delhi : Tulika Books, 2006. ISBN: 8189487078; 9788189487072; LCCN: 2006-554922
Contents: Contributed articles presented at a seminar moderated by School of Social Sciences, J.N.U., New Delhi in April 2003.; Table of contents only

Call number: LC: HN690.B383. Gopa Sabharwal, Ethnicity and class : social divisions in an Indian city. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195678303; 9780195678307 LCCN: 2006-561019
Contents: Study with reference to Belgaum, Karnataka.

Call number: LC: HQ 470 .S3. Pavan K. Varma, Kama Sutra: the Art of Making Love to a Woman. New Delhi, India : Lustre Press, Roli Books, 2007. ISBN: 817436448X

Call number: LC: HQ1742; Dewey: 324.082095409/043. Suruchi Thapar-Björkert, Women in the Indian national movement : unseen faces and unheard voices, 1930-42. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif. ;; London : SAGE Publications, 2006. ISBN: 8178295458 (India : Hbk.); 8178295466 (India : pbk.); 0761934065 (US : Hbk.); 0761934073 (US : pbk.); LCCN: 2005-24514
Contents: Theoretical engagements and disengagements -- Political environment in India -- Private values and public lives : the domestication of public participation -- The colonial prison -- Politicisation of the domestic sphere -- Re-negotiating the boundaries of identity and domesticity. Table of contents only

Call number: LC: HQ1742. Patricia Uberoi, Freedom and destiny : gender, family, and popular culture in India. New Delhi ;; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 9780195679915; 0195679911; 9780195679915; LCCN: 2006-561496 Table of contents only

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Call number: LC: HV640.4.S67; Dewey: 305.9/06914. Navnita Chadha Behera, Gender, conflict and migration. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif. ;; London : SAGE Publications, 2006. ISBN: 0761934545 (hbk.); 0761934553 (pbk.); 8178296047 (India : hbk.); 8178296055 (India : pbk.); LCCN: 2005-36059
Contents: Muktir Gaan, the raped woman and migrant identities of the Bangladesh war /; Nayanika Mookherjee --; Speaking violence : Pakistani women's narratives of partition /; Furrukh A. Khan --; Violence and home : Afghan women's experience of displacement /; Saba Gul Khattak --; Migration/dislocation : a gendered perspective /; Urvashi Butalia --; Women after partition : remembering the lost world in a life without future /; Anasua Basu Raychaudhury --; Between Tamil and Muslim : women mediating multiple identities in a new war /; Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake --; Contesting 'infantalisation' of forced migrant women /; Rita Manchanda --; Gender, borders and transversality : the emerging women's movement in the Burma-Thailand borderlands /; Mary O'Kane --; Can the women flee? - gender-based persecution, forced migration and asylum law in South Asia /; Oishik Sircar --; Gender-based persecution : the case of South Asian asylum applicants in the UK /; Anthony Good. Table of contents

Call number: LC: HV6250.3.I42; Dewey: 303.6/088/2970954. Rowena Robinson, Tremors of violence : Muslim survivors of ethnic strife in western India. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif. ;; London : Sage Publications, 2005. ISBN: 0761934081 (pbk.); LCCN: 2005-21040 Table of contents

Call number: LC: JA84.I4; Dewey: 320.50954. Vrajendra Raj Mehta, Thomas Pantham and Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy, and Culture, Political ideas in modern India : thematic explorations. New Delhi ;; Thousands Oaks, Calif. ;; London : Sage Publications, 2006. ISBN: 0761934200 (hbk.); 8178295636 (hbk. : India); LCCN: 2005-32931 Table of contents

Call number: LC: JC11; Dewey: 320.1. Lloyd I. Rudolph and John Kurt Jacobsen, Experiencing the state. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195672437; 9780195672435; National Library: 013282548; LCCN: 2006-561020
Contents: Contributed research papers.; Introduction : Framing the inquiry : historicizing the modern state / Lloyd I. Rudolph and John Kurt Jacobsen -- High modernist social engineering : the case of the Tennessee Valley Authority / James C. Scott -- The cost of living : the Narmada Dam and the Indian state / Arundhati Roy -- Understanding the collapse of the Soviet Union / Hyung-Min-Joo -- How political scientists experienced India's development state / Paul R. Brass -- Experiencing reunification : an East German village after the fall of the wall / Helmuth Berking -- The dynamics of bureaucratic rule in Pakistan : a personal view / Tasneem Ahmed Siddiqui -- Face to face with the Indian state : a grass roots view / Philip Oldenburg -- Experiencing care : psychotherapy and NHS mental health reform in Britain / Nicholas Temple -- In cahoots? Cinema, cynicism, and citizenship / John Kurt Jacobsen -- Forest of logos : empire of signs / Patricia Bickers -- Gandhi's trial and India's colonial state / Sudipta Kaviraj -- Experiencing repressive states in America and the Koreas / Bruce Cumings -- Conclusion : Sovereignty unbound : Experiencing the state after 9/11 / Lloyd I. Rudolph and John Kurt Jacobsen. Table of contents only

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Call number: LC: JS7010. Niraja Gopal Jayal, Amit Prakash, Pradeep K. Sharma, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Centre for the Study of Law and Governance., Local governance in India : decentralization and beyond. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195678370; 9780195678376 LCCN: 2006-561023
Contents: Contributed research papers presented at a workshop organised by Centre for the Study of Law and Governance at Jawaharlal Nehru University in collaboration with the UNDP and UN-Habitat in April 2002.

Call number: LC: JV6347; Dewey: 331.4086/24. Sadhna Arya and Anupama Roy, Poverty, gender and migration. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif : SAGE Publications, 2006. ISBN: 0761934588 (hbk.); 0761934596 (pbk.); 817829608X (hbk. : India); 8178296098 (pbk. : India); LCCN: 2005-34718
Contents: When poor women migrate : unraveling issues and concerns / Sadhna Arya and Anupama Roy -- Bringing home the money : migration and poverty in gender politics in Sri Lanka / Sepali Kottegoda -- Leaving home : Filipino women surviving migration / Maureen C. Pagaduan -- Poverty, globalisation and gendered labour migration in Nepal / Jagannath Adhikari -- Migration, gender, poverty : family as the missing link? / Arjan de Haan -- Power, culture and resources in gendered seasonal migration from Santal Parganas / Nitya Rao -- Adivasis, gender and migrations : re-situating women of Jharkhand / Shashank Shekhar Sinha -- Just surviving or finding space to thrive? : the complexity of internal migration of women in Bangladesh / Janet Seeley, Sheila Ryan, Iqbal Alam Khan and Munshi Israil Hossain -- Migrating for work : rewriting gender relations / Ravinder Kaur -- Sex work, poverty and migration in Eastern India / Geetanjali Gangoli -- Solicitation, migration and day wage labour : gender, sexuality and negotiating work in the city / Svati P Shah. Table of contents

Call number: LC: KNS977; LAW+. T. Ramappa, Competition law in India : policy, issues, and development. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 019567815X; 9780195678154 LCCN: 2006-561013

Call number: LC: PK2098.S7; Dewey: 891.4335. Amrit Rai, Premchand : his life and times. New Delhi ; Toronto : Oxford University Press, 2002. ISBN: 0195660625; 9780195660623 LCCN: 2006-345440

Call number: LC: PK2200.I57; Dewey: 891.439371. Intizar Husain (translations by Alok Bhalla and Vishwamitter Adil), A chronicle of the peacocks : stories of partition, exile and lost memories. Delhi : New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195671740; 9780195671742; 9780195671742; National Library: 012991296 LCCN: 2005-386835

Call number: LC: PK2418.L564; Dewey: 591.46371. Saranakumara Limbale, The outcaste. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2003. ISBN: 0195665481

Call number: LC: PK2418.T4. Vijay Dhondopant Tendulkar, Five plays. Bombay ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1992. ISBN: 0195631676
Contents: Kamala. --Silence! The court is in session. (Shantata! Court chalu ahe). -- Sakharam Binder. --The Vultures. (Gidhade). --Encounter in Umbugland. (Dambadwipcha Mukabala).

Call number: LC: PK5416+; PK5416. Alok Bhalla, Partition dialogues : memories of a lost home. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195677420; 9780195677423; 9780195677423 LCCN: 2006-345764
Contents: Interviews with seven Indian and Pakistan novelists on depiction of Indian Partition, 1947 in their fictional works.

Call number: LC: PR9489.4. Rosemary Raza, In their own words : British women writers and India, 1740-1857. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195677080; 9780195677089 LCCN: 2006-345754
Contents: On Anglo-Indian literature in 18th and 19th century and depiction of the Indian life in them; a study.

Call number: LC: PR9499.3.B65 (P-PZ40:.xZ46 2006)+. Ruskin Bond, Tales of the open road. New Delhi ; USA : Penguin Books India, 2006. ISBN: 0144000725; 9780144000722; 9780144000722 LCCN: 2006-346768
Contents: Introduction p. vii; The Open Road p. 1; Plain Tales p. 49; At Home in the Hills p. 119; Into the Mountains p. 155-202.

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