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Ganeri - Artha | Thakur - Himalayan art | Musharraf - Memoir | O'Connor - St. Stephen's College | Narayan - Women heroes | Mayaram - Subaltern Studies XII | Rycroft - (Santal) rebellion | Sharma - India's ancient past | Kimura - State of Inida | Nurul Hasan - Medieval India | Malcolm - Robert Lord Clive | Talbot - Partition . Amritsar | Puniyani - Power and violence | Hasan - Nehrus | Srivastava - JP centenar special | Mangal Pandey DVD | Schwartzberg - Atlas | Luce - modern India | Brara - village commons | Mukherjee - agriculture . Punjab | Raju and Corbridge - georgraphies | Ghosh - Commmunication technology | Visualizing Indian Women | Oberoi - refugees | Gould - the India lobby | Vora - Region | Williams - legal legacies | JP memorial lectures | Dhagamwar - Law . tribal | Renold - Banaras Hindu University | (Cartoons) from the Oudh Punch | Korom - village of painters | Tagore - Relationships | Premcanda - Sevasadan | Nandy - Fingerprinting . cinema | Karnad - Plays | Kothari - Wildlife | Thapar - Last Tiger | Jim Corbett Omnibus

    Listed in Library of Congress Call Number order
  1. Call number: B105.M4; B132.S4+; Dewey: 121.680954. Jonardon Ganeri,. Artha : meaning. New Delhi ; Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195671996 (hbk.); 9780195671995; National Library: 013209965 LCCN: 2006-345752

  2. Call number: BQ1647; BQ1647 (BQ1)+. Laxman S. Thakur,. Visualizing a Buddhist sutra : text and figure in Himalayan art. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 019567314X; 9780195673142 LCCN: 2005-386890

  3. Call number: DS389.22 .M87 A3 2006. Pervez Musharraf,. In the line of fire : a memoir. New York : Free Press, 2006. ISBN: 0743283449

  4. Call number: DS414 .C63 2005. Daniel O'Connor and St. Stephen's College (Delhi,India),. Interesting times in India: a short decade at St. Stephen's College. New Delhi; New York, New York : Penguin Books, 2005. ISBN: 014303345X
    Contents: Autobiographical reminiscences of a faculty member of the St. Stephen's College, Delhi and his impressions of the college life and times in Delhi

  5. Call number: DS422.C3; Dewey: 305.5/68809542. Badri Narayan,. Women heroes and Dalit assertion in north India : culture, identity, and politics. Thousand Oaks, Calif : SAGE Publications, 2006. ISBN: 0761935371 (pbk.); 9780761935377; LCCN: 2006-29295
    Contents: Introduction -- New narratives of Dalit politics -- Formation of political orality and the role of Dalit print -- Visuals, cultural performances, and myths -- Identity politics and new historical resources : Dalit location in 1857 history -- Jhalkaribai and the Koris of Bundelkhand -- Pasis, Dalits, and Udadevi -- Women heroes, goddesses, and the politics of image making -- Conclusion.

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  7. Call number: DS432.M84; DS432.M84+. Shail Mayaram, M. S. S. Pandian and Ajay Skaria,. Subaltern Studies XII; Muslims, Dalits, and the fabrications of history. New Delhi : Permanent Black and Ravi Dayal Publisher : Distributed by Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd, 2005. ISBN: 8178241153 LCCN: 2005-389817
    Contents: Representing the Musalman : then and now, now and then / Shahid Amin -- Refiguring the fanatic : Malabar 1836-1922 / M.T. Ansari -- A practice of prejudice: Gandhi's politics of friendship / Faisal Fatehali Devji -- The anomaly of Kabir : caste and canonicity in Indian modernity / Milind Wakankar -- Death of a Kotwal : injury and the politics of recognition / Anupama Rao -- Framing custom, directing practices : authority, property, and matriliny under colonial law in nineteenth-century Malabar / Praveena Kodoth -- A poetics of resistance : investigating the rhetoric of the bardic historians of Rajasthan / Rashmi Dube Bhatnagar, Reenu Dube and Reena Dube -- The work of imagination : temporalily and nationahood in colonial Bengal / Prathama Banerjee.

  8. Call number: DS432.S2; DS432.S2+. Daniel J. Rycroft,. Representing rebellion : visual aspects of counter-insurgency in colonial India. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195675894; 9780195675894 LCCN: 2006-345288
    Contents: Contribution of Santal, South Asian people in the freedom struggle against British rule in India; covers the period, 1845-1856; study based on pictorial representations.

  9. Call number: DS451 .S545 2005. Ram Sharan Sharma,. India's ancient past. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2005. ISBN: 9780195667141; 019566714X

  10. Call number: DS451; DS451+. Masaaki Kimura and Akio Tanabe,. The state in India : past and present. New Delhi ;; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195672771; 9780195672770; LCCN: 2006-345287
    Contents: Covers the period prior to 997 A.D. to 20th century; transcript of papers presented at an international workshop held in Kyoto from 2 to 5 December 1999.; Section 1. Formation and concept of the state. State and kingship in the period of the Sixteen Mahajanapadas in Ancient North India / Genichi Yamazaki ; The integrative model of the state formation in early medieval India : some historiographic remarks / Hermann Kulke ; The social background of state formation in India / Masaaki Kimura -- Section 2. Forms and process of the state. Dosa (sin)-prayascitta (penance) : the predominating ideology in the medieval Deccan / Hiroyuki Kotani ; The coin of the realm : (un)making polities in late pre-colonial South-Asia / Sanjay Subrahmanyam ; The mirasi system as social grammar : state, local society, and raiyat in eighteenth-nineteenth century South India / Tsukasa Mizushima ; Early modernity and colonial transformation : rethinking the role of the king in eighteenth and nineteenth century Orissa, India / Akio Tanabe ; The ethnographic state / Nicholas B. Dirks -- Section 3. Ideas and problematics of the state. The secularity of the state / Peter van der Veer ; Hindu priests under secular government : a case study of the Nataraja Temple at Chidambaram, South India / Masakazu Tanaka ; Democratic culture and images of the state : India's unending ambivalence / Ashis Nandy ; The Indian state in the evolving international order / Matin Zuberi.

  11. Call number: DS452 .N87 2005. S. Nurul Hasan and Satish Chandra,. Religion, state, and society in medieval India: collected works of S. Nurul Hasan. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2005. ISBN: 9780195667653; 0195667654;

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  13. Call number: DS471 .M24 2005a v.1. John Malcolm Sir,. The life of Robert Lord Clive : Collected from the family papers communicated by the Earl of Powis. Boston, MA : Adamant Media Corporation, 2005. ISBN: 1402190395 (pbk)

  14. Call number: DS480.842; DS480.842+. Ian Talbot and Darshan Singh Tatla,. Epicentre of violence : partition voices and memories from Amritsar. Delhi : Permanent Black, 2006. ISBN: 8178241315 LCCN: 2006-346325
    Contents: Interviews of firt-hand accounts of those caught in the turmoil of partition from Amritsar.

  15. Call number: DS480.853; Dewey: 3 20.954/09/0511. Ram Puniyani,. Religion, power & violence : expression of politics in contemporary times. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks : Sage, 2005. ISBN: 0761933387 (pbk.); 8178294745 (India - pbk.); National Library: 013118621; LCCN: 2005-5282
    Contents: Religion : opium of the masses or-- / Ram Puniyani -- Globalisation and communalism : locating contemporary political discourse in the context of liberalisation / V. Krishna Ananth -- Terrorism and imperialism : two sides of the same coin / Thomas Sebastian -- Islam, terrorism, and the new world order / Jawaid Quddus -- Syncretism and communal harmony in Bengal / J.J. Roy Burman -- RSS and the raj / Shamsul Islam -- Hindutva and Indian diaspora / Jawaid Quddus -- Hindutva and weaker sections : conflict between dominance and resistance / Prakash Louis -- Mobilisation for Hindutva / Manjari Katju -- Fundamentalism, communalism, and gender justice / Vibhuti Patel -- Hindutva agenda and dalits / Anand Teltumbde -- The Supreme Court, media, and UCC debate / Flavia Agnes -- Educational backwardness among the Muslims in India : a case of misrepresentation? / Ranu Jain -- Violence against the cross / Sarto Esteves -- Gujarat-Hindu Rashtra Laboratory / Uday Mehta -- After Gujarat-- : making sense of reports on the post-Godhra violence and its aftermath / Rowena Robinson and D. Parthasarathy.

  16. Call number: DS481 .A1 H37 2006. Mushirul Hasan,. The Nehrus : personal histories. London : Mercury Books, 2006. ISBN: 1845600193 :

  17. Call number: DS481.N3; DS481.A2-ZN (DS7:.xA4 1947)+. Srivastava, Nagendra Mohana Prasada,. JP centenary special, 1957 JP and Shri Babu allegations : counter-allegations. Patna : NMPS, 2003. ISBN: LCCN: 2005-323533
    Contents: Correspondence between Jayaprakash Narayan, 1902-1979, Indian statesman with Shri Krishna Sinha, 1887-1961, first chief minister of Bihar, on the political favoritism in a decade after 1947 earlier published in Searchlight, newspaper from Patna.

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  19. Call number: VIDEO .DVD06356 pt.1. Himman Dhamija,. Mangal Pandey [videorecording] : the rising. India : Yash Raj Films, 2005.
    Contents: Performer: Aamir Khan, Toby Stephens, Rani Mukerji, Coral Beed, Amisha Patel.; Credits: Music by A. R. Rahman ; lyrics Javed Akhtar; cinematographer Himman Dhamija ; director of photography, Himman Dhamija ; editor, Sreekar Prasad.; Summary: Based on real historical events, it tells the tale of friends, lovers, and enemies; exploiters and exploited; and the growth and awareness of a man and a nation.; Contents: Disc 1. Feature (148 min.) -- Disc 2. Special features.

  20. Call number: INTERNET G2261.S1; Dewey: 911.54. Joseph E. Schwartzberg. Historical Atlas of South Asia. Oxf. U. P. (N. Y.) : Digital South Asia Library, 1993; 2006.

  21. Call number: HC435.3; Dewey: 330.954053. Edward Luce,. In spite of the gods : the strange rise of modern India. London : Little, Brown, 2006. ISBN: 0316729817 (pbk.); National Library: 013464305
    Contents: Global and medieval : India's schizophrenic economy -- The Burra Sahibs : the long tentacles of India's state -- Battles of the righteous : the rise of India's lower castes -- The imaginary horse : the continuing threat of Hindu nationalism -- Long live the sycophants! : The Congress Party's continuing love affairs with the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty -- Many crescents : South Asia's divided Muslims -- A triangular dance : why India's relations with the United States and China will shape the world in the 21st century -- New India, old India : the many-layered character of Indian modernity -- Hers to lose : India's huge opportunities and challenges in the 21st century.

  22. Call number: HD1289.I52; HD1289.A-ZI.x2A-.x2ZR (H73)+. Rita Brara,. Shifting landscapes : the making and remaking of village commons in India. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195673018; 9780195673012 LCCN: 2006-345291

  23. Call number: HD1339.I4 M85 2005. Mridula Mukherjee,. Colonializing agriculture: the myth of Punjab exceptionalism. New Delhi; Thousand Oaks : Sage Publications, 2005. ISBN: 0761934049; 0761934057 (pbk.); 8178295431 (India); 817829544X (India pbk.)

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  25. Call number: HM861; Dewey: 304.2/09540904. Saraswati Raju, M. Satish Kumar and Stuart Corbridge,. Colonial and post-colonial geographies of India. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif : Sage Publications, 2006. ISBN: 0761934367; LCCN: 2005-36196
    Contents: Idioms, symbolism and divisions : beyond the black and white towns in Madras, 1652-1850 / M. Satish Kumar -- Home, community and nationality : Anglo-Indian women in India before and after Independence / Alison Blunt -- Militant cartographies and traumatic spaces : Ayodhya, Bhuj and the contested geographies of Hindutva / Stuart Corbridge and Edward Simpson -- Territoriality, Kashmir and the evolving geopolitics of India-Pakistan relations / Robert W. Bradnock -- From global to local : gendered discourses, skills and embedded urban labour market in India / Saraswati Raju -- Women's social transformation, NGOs and globalization in urban India / Vandana Desai -- Social labour and the geography of work in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu / Sharad Chari - Infotech industries and regional disparities in India / Martina Fromhold-Eisebith -- Post-colonial developmentalities : from the Delhi Improvement Trust to the Delhi Development Authority / Stephen Legg -- Post-modernism, post-Fordism and flexibilized metropolis : dialectical images of Mumbai / Swapna Banerjee-Guha -- Urbane geographies : schooling, jobs and the quest for civility in rural north India / Craig Jeffrey, Patricia Jeffery and Roger Jeffery -- Decentralization and participation in urban India : women community workers in a small town of West Bengal / Annapurna Shaw -- India's evolving political ecologies / Glyn Williams and Emma Mawdsley -- Carbon colonies : from local use value to global exchange in climate forestry / Paul Robbins -- In the aftermath of critique : the journey after Sangtin Yatra / Richa Singh and Richa Nagar.

  26. Call number: HN690.Z9; Dewey: 303.48/33095409045. Avik Ghosh,. Communication technology and human development : recent experiences in the Indian social sector. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif. ;; London : Sage Publications, 2006. ISBN: 8178295849 (India : hbk.); 8178295857 (India : pbk.); 0761934383 (U.S. : hbk.); 0761934391 (U.S. : pbk.); LCCN: 2005-33243
    Contents: Historical perspective -- Communication and its role in development -- Search for an alternative development paradigm -- Alternative to broadcasting : some international experiences -- Networks and movements -- Communication and development : a new approach -- Recent experiences in India -- Use of communication for literacy and empowerment -- Population : bringing about behaviour change -- Reaching development to the rural poor -- Conclusions : communication challenges in India.

  27. Call number: HQ1743. Malavika Karlekar and Centre for Women's Development Studies (New Delhi, India),. Visualizing Indian women, 1875-1947. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195677315 LCCN: 2006-273292

  28. Call number: HV640.4.S64. Pia A. Oberoi,. Exile and belonging : refugees and state policy in South Asia. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195678931; 9780195678932 LCCN: 2006-345746
    Contents: The Indian subcontinent and the international refugee regime -- Population movements at partition -- Tibetan refugees in India -- Refugees from East Pakistan -- Afghan refugees in Pakistan -- Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh -- Sri Lankan Tamil internally displaced persons and refugees in India.; On refugees policies in different South Asian countries and punishment laws; a study.

  29. Call number: JK1118; Dewey: 324/.408991411073. Harold A. Gould,. Sikhs, swamis, students, and spies : the India lobby in the United States, 1900-1946. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif : Sage Publications, 2006. ISBN: 0761934464 (hard back); 9780761934462; LCCN: 2006-23058
    Contents: Introduction: The Drew Pearson affair -- The Yankee traders -- The early pioneers -- The politicisation of Punjabi immigration -- Intensification of community awareness -- Ghadr -- From Taraknath Das to Lajpat Rai -- Let the lobbying begin! -- The propaganda wars -- Deep Throat and the Washington merry-go-round -- The final challenge -- Aftermath.

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  31. Call number: JQ220.R43. Rajendra Vora and Anne Feldhaus,. Region, culture, and politics in India. Delhi; New Delhi : Manohar; Distributed in South Asia by Foundation Books, 2006. ISBN: 8173046646; LCCN: 2006-346163
    Contents: Contributed essays.

  32. Call number: KNS479 .W54 2006. Rina Verma Williams,. Postcolonial politics and personal laws : colonial legal legacies and the Indian state. New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2006.

  33. Call number: KNS2095. Makkal Civil Urimaik Kalakam (India),. JP memorial lectures. Delhi : People's Union for Civil Liberties, 2005. ISBN: LCCN: 2005-310407
    Contents: Chiefly on civil rights and Indian politics.

  34. Call number: KNS469.5; Dewey: 323.154/09. Vasudha Dhagamwar,. Role and image of law in India : the tribal experience. New Delhi ;; Thousand Oaks, Calif : Sage Publications, 2006. ISBN: 0761933948 (hbk.); 8178295385 (hbk. : India); National Library: 013210579; LCCN: 2005-30863
    Contents: Tribes in ancient and medieval India -- The Saura Pahadiyas of the Jungleterry : an overview -- Military operations of the East India Company against the Saura Pahadiyas -- The Jungleterry under civil administration -- British conquest of the Bhils of Khandesh -- The Santal settlers of the Jungleterry -- Settlements and surveys in Santal Parganas -- Faguram Bhatti's poem -- Tenancy and public interest litigation in Akkalkua -- Indefinitely under trial : the case of the four Pahadiyas -- The custom and practice of Bitlaha -- 'Prisoner at the bar, are you rich or poor?' -- Behaviour, attitudes, and perceptions : the three worlds of the Bhils, Santals, and Pahadiyas.

  35. Call number: LG75. Leah Renold,. A Hindu education : early years of the Banaras Hindu University. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005. ISBN: 0195674839; 9780195674835 LCCN: 2005-386880

  36. Call number: INTERNET NC1718.Archibald Constable and Oudh Punch. A selection from the illustrations which have appeared in the Oudh Punch from 1877 to 1881. Lucknow, Oudh Punch Office; Digital South Asia Library : 1881; 2005. ISBN: LCCN: 17-3402

  37. Call number: NK1048 .W4 K67 2006. Frank J. Korom,. Village of painters : narrative scrolls from West Bengal. Santa Fe : Museum of New Mexico Press, 2006.
    Contents: Prelude -- An evolving genre -- Who are the Patua? -- Naya and its environs -- The scrolls : types, technique, and style -- Modern life and change -- Plates : sacred selections and profane portraits.

  38. Call number: PK1723; Dewey: 891.4/43. Rabindranath Chaudhuri Tagore Sukanta and Sankha Chaudhuri Ghosha Supriya,. Relationships. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195676548; 9780195676549 LCCN: 2006-345293

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  40. Call number: PK2098.S7; Dewey: 891.4335. Premacanda,. Sevasadan. New Delhi ; Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005. ISBN: 0195668995 (hbk.); 9780195668995; National Library: 013146969 LCCN: 2005-386491

  41. Call number: PN1993.5.I8. Vinay Lal and Ashis Nandy. Fingerprinting popular culture : the mythic and the iconic in Indian cinema. New Delhi ; Toronto : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195679180 (hbk.); 9780195679182 LCCN: 2006-345744
    Contents: Popular cinema, India, and fantasy / Probal Dasgupta -- Structure and form in Indian popular film narrative / M.K. Raghavendra -- All kinds of Hindi : the evolving language of Hindi cinema / Harish Trivedi -- The comic collapse of authority : an essay on the fears of the public spectator / D.R. Nagaraj -- The voice of the nation and the five-year plan hero : speculations on gender, space, and popular culture / Sanjay Srivastava -- The mapping of Guru Dutt's comedic vision / Darius Cooper.; Contributed articles.

  42. Call number: PR9499.3.K288; Dewey: 894.81427. Girish Raghunath Karnad,. Collected plays. Delhi ; Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2005. ISBN: 0195673107 (v. 1); 0195673115 (v. 2); 9780195673104; 9780195673111; National Library: 013079716
    Contents: v. 1. Tughlaq - Hayavadana - Bali: The Sacrifice - Naga-Mandala (play with a cobra) -- v. 2. Tale-danda - The fire and the rain - The dreams of Tipu Sultan - Two monologues: Flowers : Broken Images.

  43. Call number: QH183; Dewey: 590.954; NAL: QH183. Ashok S. Kothari, B. F. Chhapgar and Bombay Natural History Society,. Treasures of Indian wildlife. Mumbai, India : Bombay Natural History Society, 2005. ISBN: 0195677285 LCCN: 2006-273587
    Contents: Banian tree, the pride of Hindostan / James Forbes -- The Manpoora tiger : about a tiger hunt in Rajpootanah / "Royal Tiger" -- Baug! Baug! Baug! / Sir John Day -- Gond fable of Singbaba -- The oppression of man / S. Eardley-Wilmot -- A forest fire / S. Eardley-Wilmot -- Tigers of Salsette Island / James Forbes -- Goruckpore Terai, where tigers were "plentiful as blackberries" : before the march of civilization made inroads on their domains / "Fleetwood" -- Wounded tigers, panthers, and bears / Reginald Gilbert -- The Indian wild boar as grazier / A.K. Nelson -- Khedda : elephant trapping / "Master Edward" -- Lion hunt in Hurriana / "Quondam" -- The past and present distribution of the lion in India / N.B. Kinnear -- An adventure with a cobra de Capella / "Miles" -- The poisonous snakes of the Bombay Presidency / H.M. Phipson -- A giant squid attacking a ship -- Wildlife around Cambay and Ahmedabad : during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when tigers used to enter the city limits of Ahmedabad and lions were found near Cambay / James Campbell -- Sport and natural history around Deesa in northern Gujarat / Capt. C.G. Nurse -- Vanishing wildlife of Panchmahals / James Campbell -- Trees and plants of Rewa Kantha / James Campbell -- Khandesh, a stronghold of wild beast / James Campbell -- Wildlife of Jalpaiguri District / John F. Gruning -- A visit to Narcondam / B.B. Osmastron -- Gleanings [from the Society's Journal].; Selections from the Society's Library's books, journals, and gazeteers, and from its Journal.

  44. Call number: QL737.C23. Valmik Thapar,. The last Tiger : struggling for survival. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0195680006; 9780195680003 LCCN: 2006-345294

  45. Call number: SK17.C6; Dewey: 954 XX(4403507.1). Jim Corbett, J. im Corbett and Man-eaters of Kumaon, et al,. The Jim Corbett omnibus. New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2004. ISBN: 0195627628 LCCN: 2006-345441
    Contents: Man-eaters of Kumaon -- The temple tiger and more man-eaters of Kumaon -- The man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag.

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