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Beyond Books, Spring 2002
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Full-text online. Organizations and vendors continue to gradually make more full-text materials available online. The Digital South Asia Library (DSAL) has added almost all of the issues of two journals available under its expanding web site: the Social Scientist (from 1972-), and the Journal of Arts and Sciences (from 1982-). The Biblio (India) had made available full-text and graphics of many of its recent articles under its web site, Biblio-India. (Web addresses are also listed at the end)
Digital South Asia
Social Scientist
Journal of Arts and Sciences
Indexes online. More index databases or expansion of databases has become available. The Bibliography of Asian Studies updated and added (on 4 April 2002) about 40,000 new citations to its database, so, for example, citations to the SEMINAR magazine have been updated from up to 1995 to up to 2000, and MANUSHI up to 2001. The South Asia Cooperative Acquisitions Program (SACAP or Library of Congress - Delhi) has set up a web site, giving access for participating members of that Program (through authenticated IP address) to a wide-range of databases and services, such as its serials titles, its microfilmed titles of newspapers and pamphlets, and its circulars.
Bibliography of Asian Studies
SACAP = South Asia
Cooperative Acquisitions Program
Census of India 2001. Don't forget good old print books. Our library continues to receive the volumes of the Census of India 2001. One of the nice little volumes from this series is the Provisional Population Totals, Paper 1 of 2001 volume: for the first time, this volume includes color graphics and photos, plus some very useful tables of a variety of statistics, and maps updating added districts and new states in India. It's call number is HA 4581.5 2001, and its searchable title is listed as Census of India, 2001. Series 1, India. Paper.
2001 Census of India results
Films, Videos, and Music. Clemons Library has the popular Indian film, Lagaan, on DVD, and the Music Library has the CD of the music, plus lots of other CDs which have been added in the last 3 months.
Library Video of Lagaan
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Digital South Asia Library:
Social Scientist, 1972-
Journal of Arts and Ideas, 1982-


Bibliography of Asian Studies:

SACAP's Journal databases on the web: Serials Check-in and Management System:
SACAP newspapers (searchable):
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Census of India, 2001. Series 1, India. Paper. (Provisional Population Totals)
Call Number HA 4581.5 2001

Lagaan: Once upon a Time in India (The DVD and the music CD)
VIDEO .DVD02304 (on Clemons Library Reserve)
CD 09802 in the Music Library

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