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Gond Religion and its Influence upon Gond Institutions
by Herman M. Reynolds, around 1938-1940

Location: contained within the Henry Hughes Presler Collection
in the Special Collections
of the University of Virginia Library
MSS 11208: Box #53

Author: Reynolds, Herman M.
Title: Gond religion and its influence upon Gond institutions

A dissertation offered for a degree to Yale University, Department of Religion or Anthropology
Estimated to have been written around 1938-1940.
xvi, 309 pages, illustrated with black and white photos, biblio, chart in pocket at back.

The following is handwritten in ink on the inside cover:

"Donated to the University of Virginia
in memory of
Herman M. Reynolds and Mildred Prichett Reynolds
by their children
Joyce Reynolds Coupal
Virginia M. Reynolds Nolan
Dr. Roger P. Reynolds

They were missionaries to India 1927-1959"

Bound; type-written text.
Title on outside front cover and on spine.
No title page.

  • Preface, ii-iii

  • Summary of finding, iv
  • Origin - Appendix I, iva
  • Table of Contents, v-viii
  • List of Illustrations, ix-x
  • Introduction, xi-xvi
  • Text, 1-273
  • Appendix I. The Origin of the Gond, 274-301
  • Appendix II. Physical Measurements of One Hundred Gonds of the Pendra State, CP, India, 1937, Chart in pocket at back for detailed measurements, 302-306
  • Appendix III. Bibliography of the Gonds, 307-309

The Preface includes a thanks to Yale University, Dr. J. C. Archer, Religion Department and G. P. Murdock, Anthropology Department.

Within the same Box 53 are the Herman M. Reynolds' book of poetry "Memories of India" of 100 pages with black and white photograhs, and the Mildred Reynolds' book "We lived in Tiger Jungle" of 89 pages with black and white photographs.
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