Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation
Draft Agenda of the CONSALD Meeting
Annual Conference on South Asia
Memorial Library #126 Madison Wis
Thursday, 11 October 2007, 2:00-6 p.m.
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    1. Call to �order�, approval of minutes, treasurer�s report (Tim and Andrea)
    2. Round Robin: brief (2 minutes) self-(re)introductions and updates, if any, from your program since last meeting, e.g., major new faculty or initiatives (all)
    3. Refresher course on CONSALD structure, election process, listserv (Tim)
    4. CONSALD website proposal (Bronwen) Please review current website and read attached proposal.
    5. DSAL, DDSA, and SAUC update. (Jim from U of Chicago with Abhijit Bhattacharya from CSSSC, Kolkata, and Chowdary Lakamsani from Hyderabad)
    6. Cooperative Collections (Mary Rader)
    7. Vernacular scripts update: Please read attached summary (a Word document) and bring your questions/comments.
    8. Review of new electronic resources for South Asian Studies (volunteers?)

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11.45am to 1.30 pm SACAP lunch and meeting in Room 126 Memorial Library, reports and information from the New Delhi and Islamabad Offices

2:00-6 pm CONSALD meeting (above)

6:30 pm Dinner: Carol has invited us over to her house and will be making the necessary arrangements. She and Laila will take orders, collect money, and transport the food. Details to follow. All of us and especially the exec committee owe her much gratitude for taking on this difficult task.

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Back to the top SACAP Agenda (from Carol M, 2 September 2007)

Both Laila and I will be there to discuss current developments in the India and Pakistan offices. A representative from Washington will be present to address Washington-related topics. We look forward to sharing information and news from the offices and Washington and invite your input as we develop an agenda. If you have topics of general interest please let us know. We will be forwarding an agenda in mid-September.

We will be available to meet you during the conference. Please forward topics specific to your institution with a proposed meeting time (Friday or Saturday). We look forward to seeing you in October.

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Website proposal from James Simon (27 September 2007):

We work from the assumption that CONSALD is primarily geared towards librarians rather than scholars - on the current site, we point to a few resources scholars would use, but it is not the main aim of the site. It mainly serves as a site for our group to share information with each other or other interested librarians.

Here are some preliminary ideas on structure. (* indicates new resources).


  • Membership & Directory
  • Executive Committee
  • Constitution
  • * History [I don't know whether an official history does (or should) exist]
  • * How to join CONSALD [Instructions on joining/participating]
  • Subscribe to listserv * [List archives?]

II. News & Bulletins

  • Minutes of Meetings
  • * Reports [presentations from meetings, trip reports, conference presentations, etc.]
  • SALNAQ * [Any thought to a digital archive of older issues? Mary R. reports she has back issues available]

III. Collection Development Resources

  • * Resources for South Asia Librarianship [Links to articles, bibliographies, selection tools] SACAP Site (LC-New Delhi)
  • * Subject profiles [Area for institutions to share SACAP profile info]
  • * Vendor lists [Vendor contacts, catalogs]

IV. Affiliated Organizations

  • South Asia Libraries pages
  • Regional Consortia
  • SAMP / CRL
  • DSAL
  • AAS

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