Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation
Draft Agenda of the CONSALD Meeting
Annual Conference on South Asia
Memorial Library #126 Madison Wis
Thursday, 19 October 2006, 2:00-6 p.m.
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    1. Introductions
    2. Minutes or other business from spring 2005 meeting in Berkeley
    3. ALA/ALCTS Task Force on Non-English Access and CONSALD's role - David Nelson
    4. Update on the Bibliography of Asian Studies - David Magier
    5. CSAL archives survey project - David Magier
    6. Distributed Resources a la LARRP? - Mary Rader
    7. MetaLib implementation at Wisconsin; discussion on federated/broadcast searching in our libraries - Mary Rader
    8. Other web resources -
    • the Swartzberg maps
    • Heidelberg, such as Savifa and other German sites - James Simon
    • Full text resources with South Asia contents - Merry Burlingham
    • The Survey, what do "South Asian" librarians do, and besides South Asian librarianship - Merry Burlingham
    9. Constitutional changes -- discussion and vote
    10. Other business
    11. Round Robin

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12:00-1:45 pm SACAP lunch and meeting in Room 126 11:45-1:30. Islamabad and New Delhi Offices

2:00-6 pm CONSALD meeting (above)

6:30 pm Dinner: Kabul Restaurant 541 State Street Kabul. Dinner includes appetizers, soup/salad, individual veg/non-veg entrees, dessert, coffee/tea/soda (alcoholic beverages extra), tax and tip.

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Asian Libraries and Documentation

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Islamabad CONSALD Agenda
  • Staffing
  • Acquisitions : Islamabad and Afghanistan
    • Trends
    • Acquisition trips
    • Circulars
    • NAL rejoining after one year hiatus
    • Vendor training
    • Cooperating with New Delhi
  • Serials
    • Claiming
  • Microfilming
    • Retrospective Afghanistan Newspapers
    • Pamphlet Collection
  • New Emails for Serials and Acquisitions
  • Changing your profile
  • LC consultation trip to Library at the Afghanistan National Assembly

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SACAP meeting � Report from New Delhi
  1. Updates on copyright and intellectual property:
    • a. acquisition and supply of documentaries, feature films, sound recordings.
    • b. permission to film newspapers for LC
    • c. CRL-MIPP fund and activity in FY2007
  2. New Delhi acquisitions:
    • d. Trends
    • e. �The New India� and its implications for collection development
    • f. Only one copy available of many govt and other non-commercial publications
    • g. Acquisitions trips
    • h. Dealer training/evaluations
  3. Serials � claims to be sent to New Delhi, not Washington
  4. Billing
  5. New Delhi staffing status
  6. Brief reports on sub offices:
    • i. Burma
    • j. Bangladesh
    • k. Nepal
    • l. Sri Lanka � Sri Lanka acquisitions trip
  7. Frankfurt Book Fair

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