Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation
Draft Agenda of the CONSALD Business Meeting and AAS Events
Association of Asian Studies Conference
Grand Ballroom D North
Hyatt Regency, Chicago
Thursday 31 March 2005 2:00-6:00
  • 1) Approval of minutes from October 2004 and Treasurer's Report (5 minutes)
  • 2) Round Robin (45 minutes)
  • 3) Project updates and new intiatives:
           a) British Library's Endangered Archives Programme - A. Malik (10 minutes)
           b) Khwaja Collection - J. Nye (10 minutes)
           c) South Asia Union Catalogue update-J. Nye (10 minutes)
           d) Discussion of adding TOC for particular sets, especially in the "off-site" storage environment - David Magier (10 minutes)
           e) Discussion about Course Management software, such as Blackboard - M. Burlingham (10 minutes)
           f) Discussion about developing useful guides for microfilms, such as for Proquest's Rare Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts, pricing of sets
          - Ken Harvey, Catherine Lee, Ray Lum (10 minutes, starting at 3:30 pm)
  • 4) CONSALD Business:
           a) Discussion regarding the possibilities for a CONSALD archive - M. Burlingham (15 minutes)
           b) Possible amendment to the CONSALD Constitution: do we need to be members of AAS to be
             members of CONSALD?-P. McEldowney (15 minutes)
           c) Voting: (15 minutes)
                 1) amendment to the CONSALD Constitution
                 2) election of new executive committee officers (Many thanks to the nominating committee: Tim Bryson,
                  Merry Burlingham and Don Johnson)
                  *Candidates: Bronwen Bledsoe, Monica Ghosh, Adnan Malik
  • -BREAK- (15 minutes)

  • 5) Announcement of new officers
  • 6) LC presentations (1 to 1-1/2 hours)

Other Events:
  • Thursday, 31 March 2005, 5:30 pm. Reception. We should adjourn in time for people to attend the AAS South Asia Council/AIIS reception (starts at 5:30 in Truffles at the Hyatt)
  • Thursday, 31 March 2005, 7:30 pm. CONSALD Dinner at 7:30 at the India Garden restaurant (247 East Ontario Street, 2nd Floor); cost $20/person.
    Click here for Map to India Garden

  • Friday morning, 1 April 2005 8:30 am -12:30 pm RLG Forum, University of Chicago, Regenstein Library, Room A-11
    See agenda

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