from the Library of Congress office in Islamabad

for the CONSALD meeting in March 2004

1. Introduction

2. Current Status
  • Impact of social and political environment upon office operations
  • Relations with Department of State, staff morale & staff/building security
  • Expand CAP operations to Afghanistan, study C. Asia & new participants
  • Automate operations, train staff to meet standards, including cross training
3. Cost / Benefit Study
  • One year study to determine best management practices for Islamabad
  • Reduce redundant operations (manual files, tip-in records as examples)
  • Binding implications & decrease lag time of acquiring copies
  • Access to MARC records via LC and utilities (tip-in sheets)
  • Level and access to IBC/Descriptive and OCLC Serial cataloging
  • Expand acquisitions, including NGO & unpriced material focus
  • Worse case scenario and financial liability
4. Financial Status
  • High cost recovery charges
  • Impact of delay or lack of payment for CAP participation
  • 20% advance notice procedure
  • 1st Quarter IODA report 2 distributed & status of report 5
  • Access to serial database & shipping database for accountability
  • Comply to 'Prompt payment act'
5. CAP input
  • Ad-hoc advisory committee (membership)
  • User survey (question formation)
  • Email and other forms of communication
  • List serves and address locators
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