Bibliography of Asian Studies


CONSALD meeting, San Diego, March 4, 2004
Aruna Kuruganti, PhD, Associate Editor, South Asia

    I. BAS upgrades and updates
    a. All records have been uploaded through November 2003.
    b. A total of about 600,000 records are now online in the BAS.
    c. The SERIAL BROWSE function has been repaired, and the summary holdings dates for each title are now automatically generated and working correctly.
    d. The BOOKBAG feature has been repaired and is working correctly. (Still some possible glitches when accessed via some proxy servers.)
II. South Asia production in the BAS (* = newly added to Fast Track)
*Alpjan: Quarterly Jour. of Minorities (New Delhi)
  Annals of Oriental Research of the University of Madras
  Bengal Past & Present (Calcutta)
  Contemporary South Asia (Oxfordshire)
  Contributions to Indian Sociology (Delhi)
*Contributions to Nepalese Studies (Kirtipur)
*Himal (Kathmandu)
  Indian Anthropologist (Delhi)
  Indian Economic & Social History Review (Delhi)
  Indian History Review (New Delhi)
  Indian International Centre Quarterly (Delhi)
*Indian Jour. of Buddhist Studies (Varanasi)
*Indian Jour. of Gender Studies (New Delhi)
  Indian Jour. of Linguistics (Calcutta)
*Indian Jour. of Secularism (Mumbai)
*Indian Jour. of Social Research (Meerut)
  Indische Philosophie (Wiesbaden)
  Indo-Iranian Jour. (The Hague)
*Int'l Jour. of Dravidian Linguistics - IJDL (Trivandrum)
*International Studies (Delhi)
*Jour. of Bhutan Studies (Thimpu)
*Jour. of Development & Admin, Studies (Kathmandu)
  Jour. of Indian Philosophy (Dordrecht)
*Jour. of Indo-Judaic Studies (Saskatoon)
*Jour. of Nepalese Studies (Kathmandu)
  Jour. of Tamil Studies (Madras)
  Jour. of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (Dacca)
*Jour. of the Indian Anthropological Society (Calcutta)
*Jour. of the Indian School of Political Economy (Pune)
*Jour. of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies (Dacca)
  Jour. of the K. R. Cama Oriental Institute (Bombay)
*Jour. of the Nepal Research Centre (Wiesbaden)
  Jour. of the Pakistan Historical Society (Karachi)
  Man in India (Ranchi)
  Manushi (New Delhi)
*Nepalese Political Science & Politics (Kathmandu)
*Pakistan Administration (Lahore)
*Pakistan Development Review (Islamabad)
  Pakistan Economic & Social Review (Lahore)
*Pakistan Horizon (Karachi)
*Pakistan Jour. of History & Culture(Islamabad)
  Puratattva (Varanasi)
  Quarterly Jour. of the Mythic Society (Mysore)
  Quarterly Review of Historical Studies (Calcutta)
*SINHAS (Studies in Nepali History&Society) (Kathmandu)
*South Asia (Nedlands)
*South Asia Jour. (New Delhi)
  South Asia Research (London)
*South Asian Jour. (Lahore)
*South Asian Popular Culture (Oxfordshire)
*South Asian Survey (New Delhi)
*Sri Lanka Jour. of the Humanities (Peradeniya)
  Sri Lanka Jour. of Social Sciences (Colombo)
*Studies in History (New Delhi)
*Theatre India (New Delhi)

III. Proposed Titles to Add to Fast Track (* = new to BAS)
   Comparative Studies of S. Asia, Afr. & MidEast (Durham)
  Indian Linguistics (Pune)
*Jour. of Nepalese Lit., Art & Culture (Kathmandu)
  Jour. of Indian Council of Philosophical Rsrch. (New Delhi)
  Jour. of the Indian Society of Oriental Art (Calcutta)
  Jour. of the Oriental Institute (Baroda)
*Music Academy (Madras)
*Muslim India (New Delhi)
*Social Scientist (New Delhi)

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